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    A Portable Standing Desk You Can Walk Around With
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    The StorkStand changes all that -letting you carry around your desk so you can use it on the back of any chair. Just set the height position, strapping it to the chair's back and then you're ready to go. The desk can hold up to 50 pounds and weighs a little over four pounds, so it's quite portable. It is currently up for funding on Kickstarter.
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    It has been deployed for the first time during the RIMPAC 2014, the multinational maritime war games in and around the Hawaiian Islands.
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    New Airline Seat Patent the most uncomfortable plane seats

    New Airline Seat Patent the most uncomfortable plane seats
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    Last month, Airbus filed a patent for a new kind of airline seat, called a “seating device comprising a forward-foldable backrest.”  A bicycle-like seat to squeeze in more passengers per plane. Its cushions are shaped liked bicycle saddles, and when the seats aren't being used, they fold vertically to save space. The backrest will be a tiny lumbar support. No more tray, which you don’t need because they don’t serve meals on planes anyway.
    Airbus openly acknowledges that packing more passengers on board is going to result in reduced comfort, and that the goal is basically to figure out how far they can go without inciting an airborne revolt.
    "Reduced comfort remains tolerable for the passengers in as much as the flight lasts only one or a few hours," Airbus sagely calculates, before going on to explain why reducing leg room provides diminishing returns:
    "This second solution has also been pursued hitherto," the patent application reads, "and it is difficult to continue to further reduce this distance between the seats because of the increase in the average size of the passengers."
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    Mega Hammock for your entire family
    This massive hammock($375) is big enough for up to three people to relax on. It's made by an FAA-certified parachute rigger and securely hangs from all four corners.
    "You can relax with all your best friends in one place or catch some z’s by yourself. These mega hammocks are available in four colors of ripstop nylon and the webbing is black. The webbing is only visible on the corners of these hammocks because of the way it’s made for added strength. Each hammock is hand crafted by the designer himself, who is an FAA certified parachute rigger"
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    "It's an ad for something, but I don't care, I just want to slip n slide forever in San Francisco now." Cool
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    Jordan's RE2PECT commercial features countless sports fans tipping their hats in respect to New York Yankee star Derek Jeter. Great commercial.
    The game allows people to create new characters and customize Talion as he starts his journey throughout Mordor by using a new system called the Nemesis System which remembers the player’s interactions with specific types of characters they will encounter in the game and adjusts the manner in which these characters will react to the player throughout the game.  Enemies will also develop as Talion interacts with them; for example, an Uruk who was thrown into a fire by Talion might want revenge on him for being burned and disfigured.”
    The new Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor game will be available on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS 4 and PS3, and will be launching October 7th 2014.
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    Coolest Cooler

    The Coolest is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
    The Coolest Cooler, cool box has been designed by Ryan Grepper band has been designed to provide you with everything you need to create a portable party. Including the ability to blend drinks, play music, charge your mobile devices and of course keep your beer, food and drinks ice-cold.
    The cool box is fitted with a 18v Battery powered rechargeable blender, removable waterproof speaker, USB charger, LED lid light, gear straps and bottle opener. As well as handy wheels on one side to make transporting a fully loaded Coolest Cooler easy. Watch the video below to learn more about the Coolest Cooler cool box project and see it in action.
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    Swiss Army knife in a creditcard shape
    Tools   /   Comments
    This small, flat, semi-translucent plastic card contains a sharp blade, an even sharper pair of scissors, a file, a tweezers, a toothpick, and a pen. They all slide into the card, and come free of it for independent use. The whole kit is the size of a credit card, and about three times as thick.
    Victorinox SwissCard ($25)
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    Sudden cold snap to 20 degrees (from 41 to 21), plus strong winds and hail.
    Kool Tool Belt
    Tools   /   Comments
    Kool Tool belt by Bison Designs. The buckle features three wire strippers in varying sizes, large and small flat head screwdrivers, a Phillips head, bottle opener, S.A.E. hex tool, standard and metric ruler, and metric hex tool. The Cr13-steel buckle is secured to black 44mm ribbed webbing.
    This is a short film featuring a series of total strangers undress each other and get in bed.
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