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    Jimmy Kimmel Visits Sesame Street
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    'Sesame Street' is now in it's 47th Season. Jimmy grew up with Sesame Street, it's how he learned to eat cookies. So he decided to invite himself to visit and while he was there he did a...
    Robot beats I am not a Robot Captcha
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    Matt Unsworth shared this amusing video of a googly-eyed Robotic Arm proudly passing a website's "I'm not a robot" Captcha spam prevention test.
    Boeing s New Spacesuit is light and flexible
    Tech   /  
    Boeing has unveiled the new spacesuit. It's roughly 40 percent lighter than previous suits, with layers that should keep astronauts cooler than usual. Wearers also won't feel quite so...
    Wearable Furniture a wearable furniture lets you focus or nap in
    Design   /  
    SharkMan, a modular, wearable object created by Yang Zhao.
    Artist Paints A Stunning Harry Potter Mural Across Her
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    "This look is inspired by a scene from Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone. It took roughly five hours to paint but I could have happily gone for ten hours! "
    Man Builds Fully Functional Overwatch Pulse
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    Youtuber LaserGadgets build this really cool (and functional) pulse pistol from Overwatch, which features two modes: bolts and beam.
    20 Kilograms Of Red Hot Steel vs Frozen Lake
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    "We super sized the red hot nickel ball thing and took whole thing on the frozen lake "
    Siblings Play Truth or Drink
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    "Truth or Drink", a drinking game where players must choose to either answer random personal (sometimes awkward) questions or drink a shot of alcohol.
    Candice Thompson StandUp
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    Comedian Candice Thompson tells jokes about her Peeping Tom and the pressure of growing up in a two-parent household.
    A Colorful  Landing  on Pluto
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    NASA Simulates Landing on the Surface of Pluto Using Images From the New Horizons Mission."What would it be like to actually land on Pluto? This movie was made from more than 100...
    Photographer Turns LEGO Bricks Into Foods and
    Projects   /  
    Back in November 2015, Polish photographer Michał Kulesza decided to start a daily photo project in which he would shoot one creative photo involving LEGO bricks every day. He decided to...
    How to Make a Pixelated Super Mario Bros Pie Using a Large Pastry
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    Pies Are Awesome demonstrates how to make a deliciously pixelated Super Mario Bros. themed pie using a large pastry cutter.
    Skittles Romance  Super Bowl 51 Commercial
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    "Romance" Super Bowl commercial season by Skittles that lets a fresh love "taste the rainbow".
    Baby Rhino Explores the World Around Him
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    It's a whole new world for Taj the explorer. A 10-week-old greater one-horned rhino calf made his debut at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, curiously exploring his new habitat while never...
    Juggling Trick Shots  Other Awesomeness From SkillCon
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    Kuma Films filmed some of the amazing talents of 18 jugglers around the world. " We filmed some trick shots, juggling and more awesomeness in our spare time."
    A Very Free Birthday
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    To celebrate his latest birthday, Kent Yoshimura and his friends went on a tour of businesses that offer free giveaways to customers celebrating birthdays, including Denny's, Red Robin,...
    How to Survive a Lion Attack
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    In this episode of AWE Me's "Epic How To" series, host Joe Bereta humorously explains everything you need to know to improve your chances of surviving an encounter with a lion.
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