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    Handiheadset is a Headset That Looks Like Your

    The Handiheadset is a  a headset in the form of a hand making the “call me” sign. Designed by Stephen Moore to “make the world a little more surreal,” the Handiheadset is compatible with most mobile phones and PCs. The Handiheadset is currently up for funding on Kickstarter, where a minimum pledge of t £20 (about $33) will get you one of your very own. Haha!
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    This Aluminum Car Was Built To Run On Abandoned

    This Aluminum Car Was Built To Run On Abandoned

    Nearly 5,000 miles of abandoned railways criss-cross the the landscape in Mexico and Ecuador, left dormant for decades after privatization of the national system suspended passenger service in 1995. Two Guadalajara-born artists wanted to travel the paths of these "modern ruins," so together they designed what just might be the coolest hybrid of all time.
    Artists Ivan Puig and Andrés Padilla Domene (Los Ferronautas) built their striking silver road-rail SEFT-1 vehicle to explore the abandoned passenger railways of Mexico and Ecuador, capturing their journeys in videos, photographs and collected objects.
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    Garfield's diet may actually be the least of Jon's problems.
    Field Hammock
    Studio Toer's new Field Hammock. It is a is the perfect place to watch the world cup.
    "The Field Hammock refers to the human wish to control nature by mastering lawns. It's a culture that goes back centuries. This hammock displays the control humanity got over the fields.
    Floating above ground, on slowly waving grass. Combining the slow movements of a hammock with the relax feeling of lying in the fields. It blends the notion of nature and artificial, inside and outside.
    The field hammock is water- and UV ray-resistant. It's made of multicolored grass-like synthetic polyamide pile fabric. The hammock hangs from durable polyester straps. Two hardwood poles keep the mat in place. It can be easily hang anywhere using two carabiners. And it is hayfever free
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    Monthly plans. One-of-a-kind care packages. Awesome advice
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    Professor X tries to seduce Jean Grey telepathically. Feat. Deanna Russo.
    Banana Wet Floor Caution Sign
    Designed by Taiwan-based Hsieh Chen-yuan and associates. Cool!
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    This week, John discusses strange museums and their contents!
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    Filmed an hour of footage from Parker Paul's window then used the sky as a blue screen to composite all the birds that flew past.
    The first wave of birds are the originals. The rest are cloned from those.
    Music: Donna Summer & Chris Cunningham "I Feel Love"
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    Funnyman, Jim Carrey, was on hand to give a moving commencement address to Maharishi University of Management's class of 2014 in which he revealed how his late father inspired him to follow his dreams.
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    My OCD Music Video
    Kids With Mouths For Eyes
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    These are two images from the 'Innocence In Danger' public service announcement encouraging parents to monitor their children's internet usage because you never know what they might be looking at. Impressive!!
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    30 Years Later Gamers Find New Infinite 1Up Trick in

    For this trick to work, you need to start a two-player game and follow this video.
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