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    Mini Dominoes Are 80 Times Smaller, mini dominoes toppled is 2,000, impressive.
    BioLite KettleCharge

    BioLite KettleCharge
    The BioLite KettleCharge($150) uses the water you boil to produce electricity. It works on a wide range of stoves and serves as a perfect personal-scale generator for your everyday devices. Just fill, heat, charge.
    KettleCharge uses a thermoelectric generator to provide power to pretty much whatever you decide to plug into the kettle's on-board USB port. As you bring the water to a boil, electricity is produced and sent to the Power Handle, leaving you with potable water and 10W of usable power. In other words, this thing can even charge a tablet.
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    How to slice a bagel into two congruent, linked halves.
    The Barisieur Alarm Clock doubles as a coffee
    Designed by London-based industrial designer Josh Renouf, the Barisieur is an alarm clock that doubles as a coffee brewer.
    The alarm clock looks like one of those classic rectangular digital alarm clock with a chemistry set on top of it. The base of the Barisieur is American walnut with a digital clock display. There are knobs on the side and a switch for the coffee brewer next to the digital display. A small drawer on the front serves as storage for the sugar and ground coffee beans.
    The Barisieur first gently wakes you up with the sounds of steel ball bearings vibrating the water through induction heating, as well as with the smell of freshly brewed coffee.
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    Delightfully Twisted Porcelain Sculptures by Maria

    Delightfully Twisted Porcelain Sculptures by Maria
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    These weird twisted porcelain figurines by Danish artist Maria Rubinke(her facebook), featuring unfortunate kids with cute faces struggling through all sorts of strange maladies, from splitting headaches to...
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    Owl Skull Masks
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    These are the demon, dragon and owl skull masks hand sculpted, cast and painted by Catherine Gretschel of Etsy shop aishavoya.
    "Hand sculpted, slush cast polyurethane masks perfect for everything from a masquerade party or a LARP to an art piece hanging on the wall"
    More images after more.
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    Flappy Bird is back but only on the Amazon
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    As promised by developer Dong Nguyen, Flappy Bird is back, this time with a two-player option. Dong Nguyen, through his .Gears studio, released Flappy Birds Family today through the Amazon Appstore for Android, but not on Apple's App Store or Google Play yet. The free game is compatible with Amazon's Fire TV platform. The game now supports supports Amazon's Fire TV remote, and its dedicated video game controlle
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    Professional stunt man Ethan Swanson takes a flier off a four-story rooftop in Chicago, Illinois.  Warning: Don't try it!
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    Trunk Charging Cable
    Trunk($20)  is a short, posable charging cable for your smartphone,  you can bend Trunk vertical to charge on the wall, bend it the other way and use GPS in the car.
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    Tattoo man
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    Tattoo man
    L/S of an unusual vehicle travelling through a country lane. It's a scooter tent designed by Victor Rosen.
    The two girls travelling on the scooter are Venia Bottono (a shorthand typist) and riding pillion - actress Julie Alexander. They drive the scooter into a field and take some poles off the back of the bike. These are attached to the frame of the scooter to create the framework for a tent. Narrator observes: "It's so simple even a woman can put it together!"
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