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    What if NASA had the US Military s Budget
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    In this video we do a little speculating! What could NASA do with the US military's massive 600 billion dollar annual budget?
    The Magic Of Making Sound
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    In Hollywood, everything is magic and make-believe, even sounds. When you watch a film that immerses you completely in its world, you’re probably hearing the work of sound artists....
    SNL Hilariously Spoofs Donald Trump s First Press Conference as
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    President-elect Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) addresses the report about his alleged ties to Russia while holding his first press conference since getting elected.
    How to Wash a Car With a Baby
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    From latest "How to Dad" instructional video, how to wash a car with a baby.
    North Koreans Try American BBQ for the First Time
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    "We also wanted to have them try the best sauces from the most respected regions in the US, so we reached out to LawLers Barbecue (Alabama), 12 Bones (North Carolina), Gates Bar-B-Q...
    Life Accordion to Donald Trump
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    Australia-based video editor Huw Parkinson, President-elect Donald Trump accompanies a speech with some soothing accordion music.
    Shower Beer
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    From a Swedish Microbrewer that clearly understands the finer things in life, comes Shower Beer. It is a small but potent brew designed for drinking in the shower. According to its...
    What Is Actually Happening When A Woman Gets An
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    What Actually Happens When You Have An Abortion?
    Building A Road In Australia
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    Amazing build a road at Australia. A total of 4.9kms were completed over a two day period.
    Amazing Badminton
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    Badminton SF2 - Dubai World Superseries Finals 2016
    100 Years of Beauty 1980s Around the World
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    1980s Beauty Around the World
    2018 Jaguar FType 400 Sport
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    The 2018 Jaguar F-Type 400 Sport Gets 400-HP and a Nifty GoPro App. It's powered by a 3.0L supercharged v6 producing 400 ps (roughly 395 hp). The 400 Sport comes standard with the...
    Boeing Moves Massive Airplane Parts
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    Get in the driver seat: see how our Long Load Crew moves spars & stringers over 30 meters long for our Boeing 777, 767, and 747. The steer car is attached to the back of a long truck...
    Pirate Parts
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    Late at night on a pirate ship. A lonely captain wanders the ship deck while mourning the loss of his fallen crew. However, the night takes an unexpected turn when the pirate finds...
    The LifeSize HCG M56 Smartgun Replica from
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    This is a Aliens M56 smart gun replica, which used by Private Vasquez in the sci-fi blockbuster movie Aliens. The gun is 48″ long, weights 15 pounds, was built using fiberglass,...
    Rick and Morty in Dominos
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    This setup was designed, built and cleaned in only 3 days. With a total of 18,365 Dominoes! By Kentucky-based domino artist "The Domino King".
    Gary Gulman StandUp on The Late Show
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    If you eat ice cream with a fork, comedian Gary Gulman totally gets you. He also knows your dirty dishes are piled so high in the sink that you can't fill up your Brita.
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