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    A talent show at Pitman High School in Turlock, California. At the one minute mark, a young man who channeled Michael Jackson dancing to “Billie Jean.” and steals the show.
    "One of the films we made to play as pre-show entertainment at hundreds of Live Nation concert venues across the country."
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    Window Travel Pillow
    The Window Travel Pillow($30) is essentially a cushy pillow with suction cups so you can stick it right on the window before leaning into it to catch a few Z’s. It’s pretty versatile, since you can just unzip to transform it into a neck pillow.
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    47 Charming Facts About Children's Books
    This time-lapse video shows the transformation of the site between 2004 and 2014.
    EarthCam writes:
    "A super hardworking team at EarthCam, who I am so proud to work with, spent countless hours keeping the many webcams at the World Trade Center active for 4,617 days... and counting. This unprecedented effort provided our in-house editors with over 1 million images to choose from when creating this two-and-a-half minute video, as well as our other commemorative World Trade Center movies...
    I hope this time-lapse serves as a way to recognize that for the 10 years of construction, there was constant progress made to rebuild these important 16 acres of America
    . "
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    Travel Playpen
    Created by students Idan Noyberg and Gal Bulka as a graduation project at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Israel, the piece aims to provide comfort and privacy for passengers. The elastic fabric strip is placed on the headrests of seats, creating a private space. This way you can read, eat, and sleep without being disturbed by neighbors. Moreover, the side of the B-Tourist contain a pocket for storing small items.
    "Not 1st class — but it helps a little."
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    Everything Wrong With The Wolverine In 11 Minutes.
    Dubai Police Will Use Google Glass
    Police in Dubai have begun using Google Glass as part of an effort to crack down on traffic violations. This week traffic officers are testing the wearable devices, and they intend to use the wearable gadget to identify wanted vehicles and also to issue fines to motorists. The Dubai Police developed two custom applications: one to capture and upload photos of traffic violators, and another to identify wanted cars based on licensed plate numbers.
    "If it passes our testing criteria as well as we see that it is a useful device, then we might decide to launch it and buy more of it," Al Razooqi said. Using the apps developed by his unit, police can capture and upload photos to the department's database by tapping the side of the headset, and can capture license numbers simply by looking at a car's plates. These numbers will be automatically cross-referenced against a central database to flag any wanted cars.
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    Actor Peter Dinklage summarizes ‘Game of Thrones’ in 45 seconds.
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    Makeup artist Elsa Rhae
    Makeup artist Elsa Rhae transforms herself into all kinds of characters... Awesome!
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    Sleeping pig wakes up to the smell of a cookie...
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