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    Ernest Wright & Sons of Sheffield in England is a manufacturer of handmade scissors. This film by Shaun Bloodworth documents Cliff Denton, one of the last putters (literally a putter togetherer of scissors).
    Types of UFOs
    Types of UFOs
    Dropping ice cubes in water makes for interesting results.
    What Drowning Really Looks Like
    What Drowning REALLY Looks Like
    If you’re heading out to the beach or lake this summer, be sure to know the 10 “quieter” signs of drowning — they’re easy to miss.
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    Where Are the Hardest Places to Live in the US
    The Upshot came to this conclusion by looking at six data points for each county in the United States: education (percentage of residents with at least a bachelor’s degree), median household income, unemployment rate, disability rate, life expectancy and obesity. We then averaged each county’s relative rank in these categories to create an overall ranking.
    "Here are some specific comparisons: Only 7.4 percent of Clay County residents have at least a bachelor’s degree, while 63.2 percent do in Los Alamos. The median household income in Los Alamos County is $106,426, almost five times what the median Clay County household earns. In Clay County, 12.7 percent of residents are unemployed, and 11.7 percent are on disability; the corresponding figures in Los Alamos County are 3.5 percent and 0.3 percent. Los Alamos County’s obesity rate is 22.8 percent, while Clay County’s is 45.5 percent. And Los Alamos County residents live 11 years longer, on average — 82.4 years vs. 71.4 years in Clay County."
    How does yours rank? Mouseover the map at the New York Times to find out.
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    sugru builds the coolest water pistol, a multi-barrel water cannon.
    AirConditioned Cooling Shirt
    Dual integrated fans on the back blow in fresh air.
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    Floating Cap

    From the website:
    "Natural hot springs and steaming pots set in the breathtaking landscapes of Iceland have been the basis of the Arctic country's rich bathing culture. For centuries, Icelanders have enjoyed the healing properties of water, such as the relief of stress and the improvement of the general well-being. The float cap is a novelty in health-related products. "Float" adds a new dimension to the water experience, one of relaxation and total bliss.  Neoprene, polyethylene foam, Lycra. Designed by Unnur Valdís."
    Blue or Black: $90.
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    The Cobra JumPack Battery Pack Can Jump Start Your
    The Cobra Electronics CPP 7500 JumPack($130)  by Cobra Electronics does that. But it also packs enough juice to actually jump start your car as well. Churning out a massive 200Amp starting current, it can deliver up to 400Amp at peak, which is enough to get most dead car batteries up and running in no time. It also comes with a 2.1 Amp USB Port for rapid charging of portable devices. Built-in LED flashlight - super-bright work, strobe and S.O.S. emergency LED light.
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