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    The New Emojis Have a Meeting
    Evrgrn Campfire Rocker
    The Evrgrn Campfire Rocker is  a rocking chair in a compact, portable design that's easy to pack with you. It is a portable rocker that easily folds up into a carrying case so you can take it anywhere. It also features a side stash pocket to place a phone or something.
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    Star Trek TNG Ties
    Star Trek TNG Ties from Thinkgeek.
    "These 100% polyester ST:TNG ties come in three colorways: Command Red, Engineering/Ops Gold, and Sciences Blue. They have a keeper loop on the back to keep your tie looking nice and neat when you lean over to tell Guinan something confidentially over a drink. Now that we think about it, maybe her hats had sound dampening effects. They certainly cut down on the lip reading abilities of those behind her."
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    In a leap for robotic development, the MIT researchers who built a robotic cheetah have now trained it to see and jump over hurdles as it runs — making this the first four-legged robot to run and jump over obstacles autonomously.
    The movie has finally been released and can be watched for free online!
    "Kung Fury is an over-the-top 80’s action comedy that was crowd funded through Kickstarter. It features Kung Fury, a Kung Fu renegade cop who travels back in time to kill his Nemesis, Hitler. The film features nazis, dinosaurs, vikings and cheesy one-liners.  "
    NASA Langley researchers designed and built a battery-powered, 10-engine remotely piloted aircraft. The Greased Lightning GL-10 prototype has a 10-foot wingspan and can take off like a helicopter and fly efficiently like an airplane. In this video, engineers successfully transition the plan from hover to wing-borne flight in tests at Fort A.P. Hill in Virginia.
    This is the USS Enterprise office desk and chair built by Tim Baker creations for Star Trek superfan Jake Geiger as part of the Super-Fan Builds.
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    A Supercomposition of all major hollywood studio intros as one.
    Lenovo s Smart Cast phone projects a keyboard onto your

    Lenovo has unveiled a new smartphone that doubles as a laser projector. The Smart Cast features a built-in projector that can cast images large enough to turn a wall into a movie screen. In this video demo,  Lenovo showed off the Smart Cast being used to play music on virtual piano keys displayed on a tabletop and to slice through the mobile game Fruit Ninja on a wall.  When the rumour mill suggested the iPhone 6 would come with a projection keyboard. But Lenovo has actually gone and done it; Smart Cast is a real product. No word yet on a price or release date for the device.
    American Ultra actually sort of looks like Bourne meets Pineapple Express, an action-comedy that revolves around a stoner (Eisenberg) who discovers that he is actually a sleeper agent trained by the government to be an assassin. Directed by Nima Nourizadeh (Project X) and written by Max Landis (Chronicle). Watch the trailer above and look for the movie to hit theaters on August 21.
    Google today launched a standalone, unlimited photo and video service called Google Photos. Google Photos is a free and unlimited storage. The only limits on this service are that photos are capped at 16 MP and videos at 1080P. A new Photos app is coming to Android, iOS, and Web.
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