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    26 Interesting Facts About the Fourth of July
    Video   /  
    This week, Mike shares some Fourth of July facts to help you celebrate the holiday!
    If Coffee Commercials Were Honest
    Video   /  
    "Only good marketing could get the entire world addicted to brown liquid that raises blood...
    John Cena Drops Some Truth About Patriotism
    Video   /  
    In honor of the Fourth of July, the Ad Council enlisted pro WWE wrestler, John Cena, to help remind...
    A Tribute to Game of Thrones Tyrion Lannister
    Video   /  
    "Tyrion's life is so complicated, complex, and beautiful at the same time. The transformation...
    A Beginner s Guide to England
    Video   /  
    British Exurb1a humorously explains everything a first-time visitor needs to know about England and...
    Seeing How Sex Dolls Are Made is Hauntingly
    Video   /  
    Super Deluxe documented a sex doll shop in the video, creepy !
    Obese Man Changes His Life After Rescuing A Dog At Animal
    Video   /  
    Six years ago, Eric weighed 340 pounds and was diagnosed with high cholesterol, high blood...
    Firework Pancake Art
    Video   /  
    To celerabte the 4th of July, Saint Louis-based artist, Daniel Drake, (aka Dr. Dancake) makes a...
    The Sunday Morning Breakfast Machine
    Video   /  
    The 'Sunday Morning Breakfast Machine' serves up perfectly runny soft-boiled eggs and toast, tea...
    RED vs BLUE
    Video   /  
    Everyone's favorite red and blue rivals battle to the death in the lastest short film by visual...
    VW Camper Bedroom Feel Like Sleeping In A Car
    Other   /  
    Now, you can just bring in an iconic VW camper as your new bedroom. It’s a fiberglass...
    Game Of Thrones House Sigil Cookie Cutters
    Other   /  
    These are the Game Of Thrones house sigil cookie cutters available from ThinkGeek. The $15 set...
    Rihanna s Music Video For The Official Song Of The New Star Trek
    Video   /  
    This is Rihanna's trippy music video for Sledgehammer, the official song of the new Star Trek...
    Ultimate Door Bell Invention
    Video   /  
    After missing one too many packages at his door because he couldn’t hear the quiet bell,...
    How To Dry Your Hair Instantly
    Video   /  
    At first glance, this clip may appear to show someone instantly drying their hair. But if you pay...
    CD Players Are Stable In Zero Gravity When Turned
    Video   /  
    Astronauts in space realized that a simple portable CD player acts as a very cheap gyroscope. When...
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