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    The Best Fails of the Week 785631063250428748
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    Fail Army presents a roundup of the funniest fail videos that hit the Internet during the second week of April 2017.
    Kids Tell the Story of Easter
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    Jimmy wondered if kids know the real story of Easter so we went out onto Hollywood Blvd where children are enjoying Easter break and asked kids 'What is the meaning of Easter?'
    Disneynature s Dolphins Official Trailer
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    This is the official trailer for Dolphins, an upcoming 2018 Disneynature documentary that follows the adventures of a dolphin named Echo. Dolphins splashes into theaters on Earth Day,...
    Feather Eyebrows
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    Feather eyebrows are eyebrows that have been parted and sculpted to look like feathers. Stella Sironen, a Finnish makeup artist, shares these images on Instagram, she is declaring this is...
    The Nemo Cloudview Hammock
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    Nemo's Cloudview Hammock($170) is designed to give you a wide-open view of your surroundings. Standard hammocks wrap you up in fabric, limiting your view of friends and scenery, the...
    Japanese Vending Machine Shows Coffee being made
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    Japanese coffee vending machine shows its working process live on a LCD screen.
    Video Of 66Year Old Man Seeing Color For The First
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    This is a heartwarming video of a 66-year old grandfather seeing color for the first time thanks to his son and daughters all chipping in to buy him a pair of Enchroma glasses.
    The TriceraTACO Upright Taco Stand
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    This is the $13 TriceraTACO Taco Holder from KidsFunwares. It's an upright taco stand in the form of a triceratops that holds not one, not three, but TWO tacos.
    Vets Treating An Injured Elephant Calf
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    Injured Elephant Calf Treating
    Tadpole Development Time Lapse
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    That is where you end up with countless cells, it is hard to distinguish the individual cells, formation of the neural crest and embryonic eyes and gill and tail development. The last...
    North Korea Ski Trip
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    Sam Smoothy goes to North Korea on a ski trip like no other. This piece is not political. There is no real agenda other than to see what goes on in a country who is recently learning...
    Simon  s Cat Chases an Evasive Bunny Amongst Easter Eggs and a Helpful Garden
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    A playful cat meets his match in this special Easter egg edition of ‘Hop It’.
    Adorable Baby Hippo Fiona Moves to Adult Hippo Pool at the Cincinnati
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    "Fiona has reached an important milestone. She has been introduced to the indoor pools that her mom and dad use. They were drained to a manageable depth for her and will become deeper as...
    What if The Matrix Starred Will Smith
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    What if 'The Matrix' Starred Will Smith?
    Parents Explain Birth Control to Their Kids
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    Parents Explain Birth Control
    Thor s New Haircut
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    In this clever parody of the recently-released teaser trailer for Thor: Ragnarok by Aldo Jones, Thor gets his golden locks trimmed off by from one of cinema's most famous hair stylists.
    Japanese People Try To Speak English To Siri
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    Funny When Japanese Try To Speak English With Siri!
    Star Wars A Tribute to Carrie Fisher
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    A Tribute To Carrie Fisher
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