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    How to BBQ Like a Dad
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    New Zealand dad Jordan Watson, with help from his cute daughter, Alba, demonstrates the proper way to BBQ sausage like a new dad.
    Ozzy Man Reviews Lady Gaga s Super Bowl 51 Halftime
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    "Me critical analysis of Lady Gaga's halftime super bowl show."
    Pot Sasquatch in The News
    Video   /  
    A person dressed as a ginormous nugget of weed had a great time trolling WWLP meteorologist Jennifer Pagliei during her coverage of the winter storm which plowed through the northeastern...
    Earthquake Liquefaction Example
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    This video, courtesy the Illinois Geological Survey, shows how earthquake liquefaction can affect buildings and buried structures. The concept presented is elementary but will provide you...
    A Wine Glass Contoured To Fit Your Face For Enhanced Flavor And
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    This is a Kickstarter for the $17 (retail: $30) Wine Glass Mask, a wine glass contoured to fit your face for maximum taste and aroma. It is shaped like an oxygen mask!!"The complex...
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    Hilarious Baby Elephant s First Steps
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    With a hop, skip and a SOMERSAULT this adorable footage of an elephant calf taking it’s first steps will melt your heart. The comical moment was caught on camera by safari guide,...
    The First Look at Marvel s Avengers Infinity
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    Marvel Entertainment just released this behind-the-scenes first look at Avengers: Infinity War, the upcoming 2018 sequel to 2015's Avengers: Age of Ultron and the 19th film in the Marvel...
    Mega Man IN 24 922 DOMINOES
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    "The Domino King" used four days and 29,922 dominoes to create this amazing domino tribute to the long-running Mega Man video game series.
    Saturday Night Live Donald Trump on The People s
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    President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) takes on the Ninth Circuit Court judges (Vanessa Bayer, Kyle Mooney, Pete Davidson) on a new episode of The People's Court.
    Droids A Mashup Of Star Wars Droid Footage And The Friends Theme
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    Star Wars, R2-D2, C-3PO, BB8, and K-2SO, star in their own sitcom in this amusing mashup of the Star Wars films and the iconic theme song from the beloved '90s sitcom, Friends.
    The Map Of Mathematics
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    "The entire field of mathematics summarised in a single map! This shows how pure mathematics and applied mathematics relate to each other and all of the sub-topics they are made from."
    Jimmy Kimmel Meets the Man Who Spent 100k on a
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    Someone just paid almost $100,000 on eBay for a Cheeto that looked like the famous gorilla Harambe. We tracked him down here in LA. Jimmy went to his office to visit and see the Cheeto up...
    The Bitten Biscuits Puzzle
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    The Bitten Biscuits Puzzle
    Inside a Cargo Ship during Rough Seas
    Video   /  
    Inside a crew cabin in Cargo Ship Swaying During Rough Seas
    If Purse Ads Were Honest
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    Roger Horton from Hortón's Designer Handbags gives an honest pitch for his overpriced shoulder luggage.
    Every Oscar Winner for Best Visual Effects
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    "For the 1927/28 Academy awards, the award was for engineering effects. There was no award again until 1938 where it was called a special award "for outstanding achievement in...
    Simon s Cat in Dinner Date A Valentine s
    Video   /  
    ‘A culinary cat helps Simon unpack his groceries’
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