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    Dog Struggles to Carry Big Stick Across Bridge
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    Dog can't get stick across bridge, haha.
    The Force A Musical Remix Tribute to Princess
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    "A superchill tribute to Carrie Fisher, the galaxy's favorite princess."
    The Simpsons 2017 Christmas Couch Gag
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    The Simpsons' Christmas Opening Titles Couch Gag
    Getting Fit
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    In the latest sketch from visual effects artist "Buttered Side Down," a determined imbecile attempts to turn his keg into a six-pack in a single day.
    Tesla Model X Car Shows Off Its Christmas Mode Easter Egg Christmas Light
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    With the holiday season upon us, lucky owners of the Tesla Model X have discovered the wonderful Christmas mode built as an Easter Egg right into their cars. This cheery mode consists of...
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    AquaClimb a Custom Poolside Mounted Climbing
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    The AquaClimb is a fun series of custom made poolside mounted climbing walls that act as a safe alternative to diving boards and slides."Energize Your Pool Scene with AquaClimb. A...
    A Moving Mashup of Movie Trailers From 2017 Featuring Over 230
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    Los Angeles freelance trailer editor Clark Zhu created a moving mashup of movie trailers from 2017 featuring over 230 different films.
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    Exoskeletons have been around for decades, both in real life and in science fiction. But the latest wave of exoskeletons are advanced enough that they’re being tested in automobile...
    Virtual Reality Roller Coaster POV
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    Dare Devil Dive Virtual Reality Roller Coaster POV
    YouTube Rewind 2017
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    YouTube Rewind 2017. Celebrating the videos, people, music and memes that made 2017.
    21 Things That Turned 21 in 2017
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    This week, John tells you about 21 things that turned 21 in 2017. Get ready to feel old!
    Kate McKinnon Shows Off Her Perfect Gal Gadot
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    Kate McKinnon shows off her amazing Gal Gadot impression and reveals what it was like to work with her on SNL.In the bonus clip below, watch Gal Gadot eat a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup for...
    Chef Gordon Ramsay Sets a Guinness World Record for the Longest Pasta Sheet Rolled In 60 996925464710313124
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    Chef Ramsay attempts to set the Guinness World Record for the longest sheet of pasta rolled in 60 seconds.
    Columbia Releasing Limited Edition Star Wars Jackets From Hoth
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    Columbia is releasing 3 limited-edition jackets based on those worn in the Hoth scene in The Empire Strikes Back. The Echo Base collection consists of three jackets inspired by Luke, Leia...
    An Honest Trailer for The Santa Clause
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    "WIth the holidays quickly approaching look back at this 90's classic that taught the true meaning of Christmas, revenge towards your ex-wife!"
    Noel Gallagher Goes Undercover on the Internet
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    Noel Gallagher Goes Undercover on Reddit, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram
    Chris Pratt Hilariously Interviews Margot Robbie While Guest Hosting Jimmy Kimmel
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    Margot talks about growing up in Australia, being around lots of venomous snakes, Outback Steakhouse, her first job at 10 years old, her new movie I,Tonya and she has a beer with Guest...
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