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    "Footage from the researchers' laboratory shows a sheet of paper and plastic mounted with batteries and motors that folds itself into a working machine without human intervention and then scuttles out of shot.
    The flat-pack robot uses "shape memory polymers" that contract like muscles when they are heated. The robot takes about four minutes to assemble from scratch and can walk at a speed of around 5cm per second.
    ...the robot could pave the wave for flat-packed machines for use in space or in hazardous environments on Earth where they can be put into confined spaces and left to assemble themselves."
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    First-person video sailing through a gap between two buildings.
    A Homemade Raptor Bicycle
    This is the raptor bicycle (technically a tricycle) built by Norwegian artist Markus Moestue. Cool
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    The Supersonic Nazi Rocket Concept Designed to Bomb Any City in 1
    When WWII ended, American engineers examined a trove of Nazi concepts for rocket-powered weapons and airplanes. One of the most terrifying was Eugen Sänger's antipodal bomber, a manned supersonic plane designed to reach any city on Earth in one hour. Thank heavens it never worked.
     Here's Amy Shira Teitel explaining the terrifying concept:

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    His Wife Has Never Seen Star Wars
    His Wife Has Never Seen Star Wars...
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    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Multiplayer trailer unveiled
    Among the key points:
    - As expected, an EXO suit will overcome the pesky limitations of playing a human being in such games, with the ability to cloak yourself, hover and use a force-field to protect yourself. As a result, you’ll be able to kill from above.
    - Supply drop options will be added to the game, covering both standard weapons and items you can only use once.
    - There’ll be 12 game modes at launch, with new ones including Momentum (in which the team that captured a position last racks up points at an increasing pace) and Uplink (in which you have to carry a satellite drone to an uplink, but the player carrying the drone can’t use weapons.)
    - There’ll be a firing range option to try out weapons and customizations before using them in a game.
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    Miilo by Andreas Bhend

    Miilo designed by Andreas Bhend.
    Miilo is a bicylce for kids that grows from a trainer bike to a bicycle. It grows together with the child and can be used from 2.5 up to 7 years of age. 
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    This weekend, the World Yo-Yo Contest in Prague wrapped up with California native Gentry Stein taking the top prize—and his skills are completely mind blowing. Check out the video!
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    Picture Beautiful lake and house
    Lago del Predil / Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy, close the border to Slovenia
    Which six countries hold half the world  s
    As of this month, the world’s population is now 7.2 billion, according to the United Nations, which celebrates World Population Day today. According to U.N. data, half of the people around the globe (3.6 billion) live in just a half-dozen countries. China has the world’s largest population (1.4 billion), followed by India (1.3 billion). The next most-populous nations – the United States, Indonesia, Brazil and Pakistan – combined have less than 1 billion people.
    Motoped Survival Bike
    The  Motoped Survival Bike($2,000), it’s a downhill-styled, motor-assisted bicycle. Built on a DH frame, with off-the-shelf bike parts, the Motoped used a 50cc Honda engine that delivers up to 120 miles per gallon. Well, it also comes outfitted with a crossbow, one-gallon gas pack, a survival shovel, a tomahawk, a harpoon, a fixed blade saw, a lighting system, carabiners and climbing rope, a flashlight, a multifunction knife/light, two multi-tools, a neck knife, and a bike mount for your smartphone.
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    Gif XRay Gifs

    Gif XRay Gifs
    San Francisco-based designer Cameron Drake created this amazing series of anatomical GIFs.
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