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    Starbucks Introduces the F kitccino
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    Starbucks has released their latest caffeinated drink called the “Unicorn Frappuccino.” It has pink powder, mango syrup, sour blue drizzle and all sorts of other stuff. But if the...
    Black Sabbath s Iron Man Played On Harps
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    "we give you 2 Girls 3 Harps! “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath is one of our favorite classic heavy metal songs. To get a wide array of sounds, we use fuzz distortion on our electric harp...
    Here s Why the Maserati Ghibli Is a Terrible Way to Spend
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    Doug DeMuro rented this 2015 Maserati Ghibli from Turo to explain why.
    Watch This Woman Shows Us 100 Ways to Get High
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    "In honor of the High Holy Day, 4/20, we asked Ella to get high using 100 different pipes, bongs, other instruments, pieces of produce, and edibles. Filmed over eight hours, we watch her...
    Stephen HateTastes Starbucks Unicorn
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    In the perfect world, unicorns would exist and Starbucks' unicorn frappuccinos would cease to.
    English Bulldog warns girl on TV during horror
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    Khaleesi is a 4-year-old English Bulldog that loves kids and watching TV. So when she sees a little girl in a scary situation during the horror film 'Crimson Peak', she does her best to...
    Incredible UTurn Drift
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    Hayden Paddon Rally Australia 2016
    Van Gogh  s Starry Night Featuring Characters and Scenes from Pop
    Other   /  
    Artist create a series of paintings using iconic style mixed with characters and scenes from modern pop culture inspire Van Gogh paintings. if you like what you see, most of these are...
    Science in America Neil deGrasse Tyson
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    Science in America - Neil deGrasse Tyson
    Where Did We Come From
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    Ready to untangle the branches of the human family tree?
    The Trailer for Sofia Coppola s The Beguiled Premiering at
    Film   /  
    Focus Features has debuted a full-length trailer for Sofia Coppola's latest film, titled The Beguiled, adapted from Thomas Cullinan's Southern Gothic novel. Set during the Civil War, an...
    The First Trailer for Marvel s Cloak  Dagger TV Series Features Romance and Teen
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    Watch the official trailer for "Marvel's Cloak & Dagger," coming to Freeform in 2018.“Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger” is the story of Tandy Bowen (Olivia...
    How to Make a Kraken Piescraper
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    "Meet my new invention: Piescrapers! What is a piescraper? Essentially a pie that is built "up" using a series of engineering and baking tricks to enhance structural...
    Incredible Underwater SherwinWilliams Paint Commercial Made Without the Use of
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    The brilliant teams at McKinney and PSYOP created an incredible TV commercial for Sherwin-Williams to show off their Emerald line of paints. The fascinating underwater ad features robot...
    Why Are You Always Tired
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    Tired of being tired? Here are some helpful tips!
    Important Phrases to Use When Visiting Japan
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    10 Japanese Words To Know
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