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    The Bumblebee GoldPlated Ring
    It is a Transformers-inspired ring, the Bumblebee Ring($300). The ring features Bumblebee’s playful mug right smack in the middle of an adorable sterling silver and gold-plated band. A cool Bumblebee ring.
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    Film footage of Palestine shot by cameramen employed by the Lumiere brothers in 1896 was recently published online thanks to Lobster Films. It shows Palestinians of all faiths - Christians, Jews and Muslims - living side by side, and praying side by side.
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    How To Have Cybersex On The Internet from 1997 instructional VHS.
    Ancestor akua (spirits) embodied by Māmane tree bones. These trees are on Kohala mountain, the first volcano that rose from the seabed to create the Big Island of Hawaii.
    Shot with a 650 nanometer infrared conversion by Lifepixel. Posted in After Effects and FCPX.
    Anatomy of Songs
    “Anatomy of Songs”, a comic by 'Wrong Hands'
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    “A hungry cat goes in search of food and gets his owner into some hot water!”
    Modbook Pro X Turns Your MacBook Pro Into A Tablet for
    Well, how about dropping an additional $2k for a kit to convert the MBP into a tablet? The ModBook Pro X(on kickstarter) takes a regular MBP, disassembles it and reassembles it into tablet form.
    The Modbook Pro X sports a 15.4-inch (diagonal) Apple Retina display with a 2,880 x 1,800 pixel resolution at 220 pixels per inch. Its digitizer pen offers 2,048 pressure levels, pen tilt and rotate functionality, programmable dual side-switches, a digital eraser and replacement nib set. The Modbook Pro X is configurable with up to a 2.8GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor, integrated Intel Iris Pro Graphics with an optional NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M GPU, and up to 32GB of 1600MHz random-access memory.
    If you'd prefer to avoid supplying your own MacBook, you'll also be able to pre-order a complete device from $3,999 and up, depending on the model. Good idea? $4000!
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    Lake House
    Lake house.

    Guardians of the Galaxy TV Spot in Lego by Forrest Whaley and Sean Willets. The original television spot from Marvel below.
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    Jimmy Fallon Rolls With Heidi Klum
    Peaches Sold as Sexy Butts in China
    These peaches are apparently being sold to capitalize on the the upcoming romantic Qixi Festival in China. hey're a novelty present! And should be taken as such. But, they aren't cheap: A box of nine panty fruit is 498 yuan or US$80. Because, well, peaches look like butts! Do you like? More images after more.
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