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    Burton x South Park Collection
    Gadget   /  
    Vermont’s Burton Snowboards brand teamed up with South Park to create a limited-edition board and badass collection of accessories. They’ve included several Parkitect...
    LifeSize TRex Dinosaur made of Balloons
    Video   /  
    Toronto, Canada-based world champion balloon artist Mark Verge makes cool balloons for a living, but none cooler than this life size T-Rex. It consists of over 1400 balloons and took...
    Chesapeake Light Craft CamperTrailer Kit
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    Designed by a boat-builder, the teardrop camper-trailer kit from Chesapeake Light Craft. The "teardrop" trailer is a small camper. "The result is the 5' x 8' (1.5 x 2.4m)...
    Dog Shoves Cat  s Face In Snow
    Video   /  
    Lindsay Roy-Bernatchez witnessed her cat Katniss getting dunked by a German sheppard. “Mon chat et mon chien”
    Flowchart Where Do You Belong In Middle Earth
    Pic   /  
    This is a flowchart you can use to decide where you belong in Middle Earth in case you're vacationing there soon and not sure if The Shire or Mordor is right for you.
    Woman Drives Down Highway With No Front Tire wow
    Video   /  
    This is a video of a woman driving down the highway with no driver's side front tire, scraping the everliving shit out of the rim. Apparently she drove this way for over fifteen miles...
    China From Above
    Video   /  
    China is a vast country with a seemingly endless variety of landscapes. From the modern skylines of Shanghai and Hong Kong to the ancient city walls of Xi'an, the former capital of the...
    Cows Listen to Saxophone Music
    Video   /  
    Jesse and Amos , residents at Catskill Animal Sanctuary, listen to saxophone music played by Sam Greenfield.
    The Cast of Rogue One Picks Their Favorite Star Wars
    Video   /  
    Meet the cast of the upcoming Star Wars film, "Rogue One" including Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Ben Mendelsohn, Donnie Yen, and Alan Tudyk.
    9 Things You Probably Didn t Know About Beavis and ButtHead Do
    Video   /  
    "The 1996 comedy based on the cartoon TV series by the same name turns 20 next week. But, we bet even the biggest Butt-Heads may not know some of these fun facts about these iconic...
    Jennifer Lawrence  Chris Pratt Insult Each Other
    Video   /  
    "I recently told you that you act like Adele sings. I hate Adele." - Passengers stars Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt take it in turns to INSULT EACH OTHER in the Playground...
    Top 10 Best TV Moments of 2016
    Video   /  
    Top 10 Best TV Moments of 2016
    Christmas Tree Hauling
    Video   /  
    Christmas tree hauling by helicopter.
    Cool Projection Dance Now Add A Dancer 11
    Video   /  
    Cool Projection Dance: Now Add A Dancer 11
    A Mesmerising Robot Pen
    Tech   /  
    An AxiDraw V3 Drawing machine!"The AxiDraw is an extremely versatile machine, designed to serve a wide variety of everyday and specialized drawing and writing needs. You can use it for...
    How does your body know what time it is
    Video   /  
    Being able to sense time helps us do everything from waking and sleeping to knowing precisely when to catch a ball that’s hurtling towards us. And we owe all these abilities to an...
    How Far Away Can You Get From Everybody Else
    Video   /  
    How far away can you possibly get from every other human on the planet? The answer is actually quite far, there are a lot of extremely remote places left in the world and some of them...
    Assassin s Creed Official Final Trailer
    Film   /  
    Here's the final sneak peek at Assassin's Creed, the upcoming 2016 action-adventure film Assassin’s Creed. In theaters December 21st. "Through a revolutionary technology that...
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