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    Every Easter Egg and Reference in Guardians of the Galaxy
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    All the Easter Eggs and References from Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2 you can possibly bloody imagine!
    The Largest Library In The World
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    With over 160 million items, the Library of Congress is the largest library in the world. But this impressive collection features more than books. Catalogued within the library’s dozens...
    Only Imperial Stormtroopers Are So Precise
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    Only Imperial Stormtroopers Are So Precise
    Why It s Almost Impossible to Run a TwoHour
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    One of the world's finest distance runners came so close to achieving the greatest feats of athleticism in history: a sub two-hour marathon. To do it, the Eliud Kipchoge should have...
    Competitive Eater LA Beast Earns Guinness World Record for Most Ghost Peppers Eaten in 2
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    The most Bhut Jolokia chilies (Ghost Peppers) eaten in 2 minutes is 121.90 grams (4.30 oz) and was achieved by Kevin Strahle ("LA Beast") (USA) at the Guinness World Records offices in...
    Ozzy Man Recaps the Crazy Sh t That Happened in April
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    "Me commentary on WTF Happened in April, in the month of April Fool's Jokes the line between fake and reality was more blurred than ever. "
    Gamora s Godslayer Guardians Of The Galaxy
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    This week, the guys at Baltimore Knife and Sword take on Gamora's Godslayer from Guardians of the Galaxy!
    The Late Show Rescue Dog Rescue With Jim
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    Stephen and Jim Parsons try to get some puppies adopted by way of the most adorable alternative facts yet.
    The Star Wars The Last Jedi Teaser Trailer Remade in
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    To celebrate Star Wars Day (May the 4th), Italian stop-motion animator and LEGO enthusiast, Antonio Toscano, created a shot-for-shot remake of recently released first teaser trailer for...
    Ellen Adds Dancing to 2017 s Biggest Summer
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    Ellen found a way to make this summer's upcoming films even better... by adding dancing to them, whether it should be there or not!
    The Best Fails of the Week 39563340216637599
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    Fail Army presents a roundup of the best and funniest fail videos that hit the Internet during the first week of May 2017.
    The Firetruck is Here
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    "My son saw a firetruck outside randomly parked outside our house (it was letting some water pressure out of a hydrant, nothing to do with us). This is the result (note - in case you...
    Working Wooden Rollercoaster Model
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    Model maker Adam Throgmorton shows off an incredible model of a wooden roller coaster, it looks awesome, and is fully functional.
    Dash Cam Footage Captures Plane Crash
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    This Accident is happpen around 4:00 pm in mukilteo Speed way.This is taping by drive recorder in car.
    NoPro Regular People Stunts
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    A parody of every GoPro video ever, but with cool shots of regular people doing regular people stunts.
    Millennial Home Buyer
    Video   /  
    A 20-something millennial attempts to buy his first home in this parody rap music video from Vancouver, Canada-based comedy group IFHT Films and CBC Comedy.
    How to Spot a Rip Current
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    Rips are complex, can quickly change shape and location, and at times, are difficult to see. The things to look for are deeper, dark-coloured water; fewer breaking waves; a rippled...
    This Brewery is Selling a Pack of Beer With 1 000
    Other   /  
    These are a couple shots of the 1,000 packs of beer sold by the Nokia Brewery of Finland. The massive case includes a thousand 0.5-liter (~16.9oz) cans of their 5% ABV Keisari Lager and...
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