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    This Kit Could Help You Survive The First 24h After Society
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    "At any given moment, a catastrophic event can take place. Having the right gear at your finger tips can ensure a positive outcome to a life-threatening crisis."The  First 24 Kit...
    Chris Pratt Cracks Himself Up While Playing Speak Out With Ellen
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    One of the biggest stars in the galaxy showed off his pearly white chompers in a round of Ellen's hilarious game!
    Simon s Cat Care Should You Get A Kitten
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    Are you thinking of adopting a new kitten? Or do you want to know some fun facts about kitten care?
    Guy Successfully Sharpens His Butcher Knife On A Backyard
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    Sharpening Kuma Chef Knife On A Brick
    Living Off the Grid in Paradise 687009600909762302
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    Warrick Mitchell lives deep in one of the world's most remote locations: Fiordland, New Zealand. His home in the country’s oldest national park is nestled in a vast wildness accessible...
    Never Google Your Illness
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    Johnny T of Glove and Boots Wisely Warns His Viewers to Never Look Up an Illness on the Internet
    An Up Close Meeting With a Beautiful RedFaced Bald Uakari Monkey of the
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    "Hairless and red-faced " may not be typical adjectives to describe good health, but healthy bald uakari monkeys possess both of these qualities. These primates are known for their bright...
    Musician Plays Bass With a Whirling Fidget
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    Is it possible to use the fidget spinner to play the bass guitar?Here's the answer...
    Matt Stonie Eats Big Smoke  s 9050 Calorie Drive Thru Order From Grand Theft Auto San
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    For his latest personal food challenge, professional competitive eater Matt "Megatoad" Stonie gave himself one hour to attempt to consume all 9,050 calories of video game character Big...
    How to Make a Xenomorph CryoStasis Tube and a Facehugger From the Alien
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    AWE Me show DIY Prop Shop, host Odin Abbott demonstrated how to build your very own version of the Xenomorph cryo-stasis tube and a facehugger from the Alien films.
    Tonight Show Hashtags  MomQuotes
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    In honor of Mother's Day, Jimmy reads his favorite tweets with the hashtag #MomQuotes.
    Here s What A 280 000 RollsRoyce Was Like In
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    The vehicle you see above is a luxurious, extravagant, highly comfortable Rolls-Royce ... that's worth roughly the same as a Honda Accord.
    An Adorable Alien Xenomorph Plush
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    This is the xenomorph runner 'Alien Toy' crafted and sold by Russian artist Catherine Abanina of Etsy shop Abalaba. It costs $350. Cute alien xenomorph plush!
    Amazon s Newest Echo Show
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    Amazon's new Echo Show ($230)can display the news, take video calls, and integrate with your security system. The Echo Show, their latest Alexa-enabled device that does everything an...
    The Best Movie Shots of All Time
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    "Continuing a 3 year run of deep dive movie analysis, CineFix's Movie List finally gets around to calling it's Best Shots. Before we even started to make this list, we collected close to...
    Moms of HBO Stars Read Quotes From Their Kid s
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    There’s only one line your mom wants to hear today. Happy Mother’s Day from Sarah Jessica Parker, Pete Holmes, Issa Rae, Rob Corddry, Tony Hale, Danny McBride and their moms.
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