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    How to Make the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster Cocktail from Hitchhiker s Guide To The
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    "The Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster is considered by the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy to be the "best drink in existence". While almost impossible to make on planet Earth, I needed to...
    Independence Day A Star Wars Story
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    For their latest movie mashup parody, Norwegian comedy duo, Pistol Shrimps, cleverly combined Star Wars with the 1996 science fiction action film, Independence Day."Captain Steven Hiller...
    The Commuter Official Teaser Trailer Starring Liam
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    Lionsgate has released a teaser teaser trailer for their upcoming new movie The Commuter, that will be premiering in theatre screens early next year from January 12th, 2018 onwards and...
    Should You Eat That Bacon Should You Eat That
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    Should you eat that bacon?  Should you eat that cupcake?
    Print of New York City Built Out of LEGO
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    Brooklyn artist and motion designer J.R. Schmidt of Google Creative Lab created a beautiful art print that imagines New York City built out of LEGO. Prints are available to purchase from...
    Ozzy Man s Commentary on a Knife Cutting
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    "Here's me commentary on a splendid knife cutting championship."
    SelfSealing Fuel Tanks
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    How they work, and a demo at the end.
    Why You Wouldn t Want to Fly On The Soviet
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    While the Concorde is hailed as a triumph of modern engineering, the first supersonic transport to ever fly was actually Soviet-built. The Tupolev TU-144 flew even faster than the...
    What s Actually the Plane of the Future
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    Wendover Productions
    525 horsepower Shelby Baja Raptor
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    Shelby's got a new version of their Baja Raptor coming out and it's taking full advantage of the improved platform from Ford's high-performance truck.  The...
    Zippelin Inflatable Travel Bag
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    Zippelin is an inflatable, one-of-a-kind travel bag by FREITAG, designed to save you space. It's an 85-liter rolling travel bag that inflates. When not in use, it rolls up &...
    Book Lunch Box
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    A lunch box that looks like a book
    Adorable Highland Cow Thinks He s a Dog
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    A Highland Cow rejected by the rest of the herd has grown up thinking it is a dog - after its owners raised it inside the family home.
    Conquering My Second Biggest Fear
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    unbeelievably beeautiful
    Watch Trailer for Ridley Scott s 70 s Crime Film All the Money in the
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    Sony Pictures has debuted the first official trailer for Ridley Scott's All the Money in the World, a crime thriller set in the 1970s about a massive kidnapping plot arranged by a...
    Gif walking 111812108517516351
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    Adam Savage On Why You Can T Boil Potatoes On Mt
    Video   /  
    Adam Savage on why you can’t boil potatoes on Mt. Everest
    Giant Sandwich vs Hydraulic Press
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    Crushing Huge sandwich with Hydraulic Press
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