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    Ellen and Kristen Wiig Sing ‘Let It Go’
    The Hellboy Hat

    The Hellboy Hat
    Marlena Ledgerwood of Coarsegold, California has created an impressive crotchet Hellboy hat that comes complete with filed off horns and an optional ponytail. It is available to purchase online from her Etsy shop. Cool!
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    Upstairs Shop s grably combs are made from old vinyl
    Upstairs shop has taken old vinyl records and applied them to a comb design called ‘grably’.
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    This Russian motorcyclist throws trash into the windows of litterbugs she comes across.
    Skateboarding in 5001 blue balloons.
    Surge everyone  s favorite  90s soda is back
    Coca-Cola has a little surprise for '90s nostalgics: Surge soda, the company's equivalent to Mountain Dew, is back.
    The global soda giant began selling the "fully loaded citrus soda" on Monday, more than 12 years since the brand was discontinued. The relaunch is part of a combined effort with Amazon.com, the only place where 12-packs of 16-ounce cans are being sold.
    KantaiCon 2014 is an anime convention takes place on the USS Yorktown Aircraft Carrier, as well as a neighboring destroyer and submarine. The ships are located at Patriot's Point in South Carolina.
    Leica M Edition 60
    On the 60th anniversary of its iconic M Rangefinder camera, Leica presents a commemorative limited edition: the Leica M Edition 60. The camera has the latest full-frame 24MP Leica sensor, and essential camera features required for digital photography: shutter speed, aperture, focusing, and ISO. Limited to 600 examples worldwide, it will hit Leica retailers in October.
    Jigsaw Saw Chrome Vs Internet Explorer Prank
    This is the Windows desktop Redditor Croft1342 came back to after having a friend repair his computer. Apparently a single one of the Chrome icons is actually Chrome, and the rest are all Internet Explorer...
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