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    A Man Helps A Skunk
    Video   /  
    Saving a skunk with a Coke can stuck on his head.
    Horses Laugh Hysterically at Bad Driver in Hilarious New Volkswagen
    Video   /  
    In this Volkswagen ad from Germany, which touts Volkswagen's trailer assist feature, a group of horses laugh uncontrollably at a man's inability to park.
    Chicken Pianist Performs Beautiful Sonata
    Video   /  
    French composer and musician Gautier Serre (aka Igorrr) films as his beloved pet chicken, Patrick, performs an original sonata on a miniature piano."The musical timing from Patrick's...
    Miniature Bacon and Eggs
    Video   /  
    Jay Baron from Walking With Giants meticulously prepares a miniature version of the classic bacon and eggs breakfast.
    Michael Jackson s Black Or White on The Floppotron Computer Hardware
    Video   /  
    Paweł Zadrożniak performs a uniquely geeky cover of Michael Jackson's 1991 pop hit, "Black Or White," on the computer hardware orchestra he created, aka "The...
    John Oliver on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton s
    Video   /  
    In this clip from last night's episode of HBO's Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver takes a closer look at the many scandals plaguing 2016 presidential nominees, Hillary Clinton and...
    Reading and Eating
    Design   /  
    Creativeans x Andrew Loh made reading and eating without a table a possibility. Haha.
    The ShutTheFuckUpSong
    Video   /  
    "dedicated to everyone i know. leave me alone."
    Picture of day Massive selfie
    Pic   /  
    By Barbara Kinney.
    Should You Stop Wearing Tampons
    Video   /  
    Is there a better alternative to tampons?
    Bullet Proof Glass Skateboard
    Video   /  
    Zack from Invizaboard did send the guys from Braille Skateboarding a board made of bullet proof glass.
    Guy gives up plastic for a month
    Video   /  
    Lifehunters want to raise awareness, that it is way too much. So a guy tried to live month without any plastic. Interesting experiment!.."How hard is it to live a plastic-free life?...
    Ozzy Man Commentates on Cheeky Crow Instigating a Cat
    Video   /  
    Ozzy Man Reviews, adds hilarious commentary to a classic viral video of a crow provoking a battle between two cats.
    How This Man Got 5 Million Air Miles Is Insane
    Video   /  
    This man has figured out the secrets of airline miles, which means he can fly whenever he wants. But his methods are a bit extreme.
    Her Husband Forgot To Bring Lunch
    Video   /  
    Her husband forgot to bring lunch.
    LEGO Drone Kits That Actually Fly
    Toy   /  
    These are the LEGO UAV kits available from Flybrix. The basic $149 kit includes all the pieces you need to make a flying LEGO quad, hexa or octocopter. The copter can be controlled by a...
    Man Performs Mesmerizing Snake Hand Puppetry LipSync to Trust In Me from Disney s The Jungle
    Video   /  
    Los Angeles-based comedian and musician Mike Phirman uses his hands to perform an amazing snake lip-sync cover of Sterling Holloway's rendition of "Trust In Me" from Disney's...
    Cicret Bracelet DEBUNK
    Video   /  
    Captain Disillusion
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