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    Why Norway Is Full Of Teslas
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    With a market share of nearly 30%, electric vehicles are all over Norway
    Extremely Fast Japanese Sumo Robots
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    Extremely Fast Japanese Sumo Robots
    29 US States With Weird Nicknames for Their
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    This week, John shares some of the bizarre nicknames states have for their residents!
    Video Size Comparison Of The World s Largest Tarantula
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    "The video goliath vs pumpkin patch shows the size difference between some of South Americas Tarantulas. Both are fully grown adult females. The Goliath in this was recently deceased, and...
    Adorable Raccoon Babies Make Human Friend
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    Watch three adorable and playful baby raccoons befriend a man on a fishing trip.
    Kendrick Lamar s Humble Sung in Cartoon Voices
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    Mikey Bolts hilarious covers Kendrick Lamar's latest hit, "HUMBLE.," as Stewie and Peter Griffin from Family Guy, Hank Hill and Dale Gribble from King of the Hill, and Donald Trump.
    Triangular Storage Bags For Pizza Slices
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    ThinkGeek is selling Pizza Bags, a 24 pack of triangular plastic storage bags for keeping your tasty slices of pizza fresh.Here’s some pizza science for you: do you know what the #1...
    An Honest Trailer for the 2017 Power Rangers
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    "From the studio that could really use a new franchise, comes a reboot that asks, "What if we took the Power Rangers....seriously?"
    How Disney s Moana Should Have Ended
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    How Moana Should Have Ended
    Dad Makes Epic Mad Max Parody Trailer With the Custom Mad MaxStyle Cars He Made for His
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    "My wife and I turned a couple of Little Tykes cars into Mad Max Mobiles for our kids."
    A Historically Accurate Music Video for Billy Joel s We Didn t Start the
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    'We Didn't Start The Fire' music video with historically accurate news coverage accompanying all 100+ events mentioned. Been meaning to get to this for my entire life.
    Incredible Light Dance Group Earns a Golden Buzzer on America s Got Talent
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    Light Balance: Dancers Light Up The Stage And Earn The Golden Buzzer - America's Got Talent 2017
    Amy Poehler and Jimmy Fallon Get Outsmarted by Smart Young Girls While Playing Are You Smarter Than a Smart
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    In honor of Amy Poehler's Smart Girls organization, Amy and Jimmy each partner up with a young girl to help them answer trivia questions.
    Test Flight Footage Of Guy s Homemade Manned MultiRotor
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    This is a video of Youtuber amazingdiyprojects taking his homemade manned multi-rotor copter out for a couple test flights. "Regarding wearing MC suite and full face helmet etc. etc. This...
    How to Make Tomate du Saltambique From The West
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    "President Josiah Bartlet, apart from being a charismatic and noble leader of these United States, had a real thing for food. Be it the Butterball turkey hotline or pumpkin soup with...
    Miles Teller Plays a Soldier in First Thank You for Your Service
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    Universal has debuted the trailer for a film called Thank You for Your Service, about Iraq war soldiers who have trouble fitting in once they return home. Sound familiar? It's because...
    Air Conditioning vs Windows Down Best Gas
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    Will you get better gas mileage with your windows down or with the A/C on? It's a question that's fully dependent on the speed at which you're driving at. At lower speeds, it will be more...
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