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    A Frankenstein Light Switch
    It’s a plastic cover for your light switch that ends up making it look like a giant Frankenstein style circuit breaker. It comes in single or double switch versions, for $10 or $15. The plate was designed by Thingiverse member Jeff Kerr aka LoboCNC, so if you have access to a 3D printer you can print it yourself.
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    One fisherman actually caught the drone with a perfect cast.
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    Tesla is testing a charger prototype that finds and connects to the car automatically. Cool
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    Teens React To Cecil The Lion Killed
    Vector Smartwatch nbsp Looks Like a Watch
    UK brand Vector have designed a watch that focuses on the essentials; such as weather and fitness information, news alerts, and meeting displays. And the watch offers 30 days of battery life, classic watch stylings and an easy-to-use interface. The touch screen mode is replaced by classic watch faces in digital and analog styles, while the gadget’s features are accessed via the three side buttons and an accompanying app. This is a smartwatch that actually looks like a watch. Two main models will be available: the Luna, a round watch costing $349, and the rectangular Meridian, costing $199.All models are waterproof to a depth of 50 metres and will go on sale this summer.
    "Rob presents his list of 7 videogames so compelling you won't be able to stop playing them until at least 4am. "
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    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie re-unite for the first time in 10 years on-screen in their new drama film "By The Sea". The film is also directed by Angelina Jolie. On theater November 13, 2015.
    Bucardo Apple Watch Pendulum Collection
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    Bucardo introduces an  Apple Watch "Pendulum" Collection. They turned  42mm Apple Watch into a classic, vintage-inspired pocket watch The vintage pocket watch. Their  collection includes two styles: one that allows you to wear your Apple Watch covered, for a more discreet look, and another that leaves the Apple Watch face exposed and adorned with charms. It is currently available to order via Kickstarter. Good idea.
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    This Massive 10 000brick Lego Technic Star Wars
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    Lego superfans Jarren Harkema and Calvin Hartley is designing and creating a Lego Technic replica of the Sandcrawler. It’s an impressive 3-foot long, 28-pound, 10,000-brick behemoth. Harkema and Hartley met at a Lego robotics club and have been friends ever since. They spent over 500 hours creating the mammoth vehicle, and recently revealed it at Chicago’s Brickworld Lego convention. It was nominated for “Best Mechanical Creation.”
    The idea for the Sandcrawler was born in Hartley’s basement “that is “literally devoted to Lego” with tables, plastic tubs and an entire wall with drawers full of building elements. They chose the Sandcrawler because it provided a lot of interesting challenges when it came to the mechanics. The original building team started out with five, but gradually “whittled itself down to just the two of them,” said Harkema.
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    "Get California dreaming with Bella Hadid as she takes us on a road trip up the Pacific Coast Highway to a place where the grass is green and the girls are pretty, in her guide to LA. It’s not all platinum hair and permatans, Los Angeles is the City of Dreams, so leave your inhibitions behind you, soak up some rays and let the youngest Hadid sister show you the golden sands of her home turf."
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    Official Lyric Video for “Feet Up” by Chris Hadfield.
    The Most Popular Web Browser In Each Country Over

    The Most Popular Web Browser In Each Country Over
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    Watch Popular Web Browser from Internet Explorer to Chrome, from 2008 to 2015.
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