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    525 horsepower Shelby Baja Raptor
    Suv   /  
    Shelby's got a new version of their Baja Raptor coming out and it's taking full advantage of the improved platform from Ford's high-performance truck.  The...
    Zippelin Inflatable Travel Bag
    Other   /  
    Zippelin is an inflatable, one-of-a-kind travel bag by FREITAG, designed to save you space. It's an 85-liter rolling travel bag that inflates. When not in use, it rolls up &...
    Book Lunch Box
    Office   /  
    A lunch box that looks like a book
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    Adorable Highland Cow Thinks He s a Dog
    Video   /  
    A Highland Cow rejected by the rest of the herd has grown up thinking it is a dog - after its owners raised it inside the family home.
    Conquering My Second Biggest Fear
    Video   /  
    unbeelievably beeautiful
    Watch Trailer for Ridley Scott s 70 s Crime Film All the Money in the
    Film   /  
    Sony Pictures has debuted the first official trailer for Ridley Scott's All the Money in the World, a crime thriller set in the 1970s about a massive kidnapping plot arranged by a...
    Gif walking 111812108517516351
    Pic   /  
    Adam Savage On Why You Can T Boil Potatoes On Mt
    Video   /  
    Adam Savage on why you can’t boil potatoes on Mt. Everest
    Giant Sandwich vs Hydraulic Press
    Video   /  
    Crushing Huge sandwich with Hydraulic Press
    Drunk People Taste Test Drunk Food from Around the
    Video   /  
    "How drunk were we supposed to be? Did I go over the limit?"
    Senior Citizens React to the iPhone X
    Video   /  
    iPhone X and 8 reacted to by Elders!
    Sentence Sneak with Benedict Cumberbatch
    Video   /  
    Benedict Cumberbatch and Jimmy have to work random sentences into their conversation, plus Benedict breaks into song.
    An Animated History of Game of Thrones Seven
    Video   /  
    "Conquest & Rebellion brings you the never-before-seen story of the turbulent events that shaped Westeros for thousands of years before the series start."
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    Dealt Official Trailer
    Video   /  
    The upcoming 2017 documentary, Dealt, tells the incredible story of Richard Turner, a renowned San Antonio, Texas-based magician and card manipulation expert who's completely blind."One...
    People Are Awesome Girls Edition 2017
    Video   /  
    People Are Awesome presents a collection of talented girls and women showing off their incredible skills in gymnastics, soccer, mountain climbing, skateboarding, and more.
    Logging Truck Crossing Bridge Like A Boss
    Video   /  
    Logging truck crossing bridge like a boss in France.
    How Not to Land an Orbital Rocket Booster
    Video   /  
    By SpaceX (Elon Musk)
    Pressurized Water Powered Trike Goes 062MPH In Half A
    Video   /  
    "Many of us had the opportunity to launch small rockets made from soda bottles filled with water and compressed air. Using this very simple principle and with some rainwater, I have...
    Person drives in Reverse on Toronto Highway to make
    Video   /  
    "From our AirBnB balcony we see a car stop in the middle of the highway and starts driving in reverse! We were on the edge of our seats! Epic win or Epic fail here?"
    Squirrel Shoots Slinky at Chipmunk
    Video   /  
    "I about died when I saw this! What happened? I taped 5 slinky's down and filled them with peanut butter. All I was expecting was for a squirrel to pull on it a little. While the squirrel...
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