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    Picture Trikala
    Trikala, Thessalia, Greece
    A cappella group Pentatonix offers us the Evolution of Music in four minutes.
    The Hobbit retold in 72 seconds as a LEGO Animated short.
    Burning Matche Art by Stanislav Aristov

    Burning Matche Art by Stanislav Aristov
    Burning Matche Art by Russian artist Stanislav Aristov. He plays with fire by bending the matches into the desired shapes as they burn, and imagine it could become an object of art. More images after more.
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    The SOOT Electropack
    The SOOT Electropack(funding on kickstarter) is a transforming battery backpack that charges handheld devices. The backpack can transform into three distinct size and charge up to four devices at once -- from smart phones to tablets, and wireless speakers to smart watches. The bag comes with a built-in 10,000mAh battery with a pair of USB ports. Good idea.
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    It's called the Excalibur S. "Raytheon is testing a new laser-guided 155mm artillery shell which adds laser-designation to GPS guidance in order to provide more targeting options and better pinpoint targets on-the-move,"
    Unlike expensive missiles, which require sophisticated avionics and propulsion systems, this is a comparatively cheap artillery shell which, instead of following a parabolic course to hit its target, it can change course in mid-flight, effectively flying to its target that can be 25 miles (40 kilometers) away. The video shows the video of it in action, the result looks awesome!
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    What does MDMA actually do to your brain?
    The rules of physics and nature do not apply to Alaska.
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    Furry Cat Clutch Bag
    It’s designed by New Look and sold over at Asos for $38.
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    iPad Air 2
    The new iPad Air($499+) is the second generation iPad Air which is even thinner and introduces an anti-reflective display for 50% less glare. Measuring just 6.1mm thick, a custom A8X 64-bit processor, with a new eight megapixel iSight camera capable of 1080p and slo-mo video, panorama, and burst mode, a new FaceTime HD camera, dual microphones for better audio, an improved, anti-glare Retina display, and a Touch ID-enabled Home button.
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