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    How to Make the Giant Chocolate Cake From
    Video   /  
    Andrew demonstrates how to make a huge blood and sweat infused (gross) chocolate fudge cake inspired by Danny DeVito's 1996 children's fantasy comedy film, Matilda. "Matilda, Danny...
    Casually Explained Group Projects
    Video   /  
    "The Selective Group Memory Paradox: Every individual believes they're the only one who did any work."
    Miniature Camping
    Video   /  
    "Walking With Giants," Jay goes on a mini camping trip where he makes tiny, nibble-sized smores.
    Devon Larratt vs Game of Thrones The Mountain
    Video   /  
    See The Mountain from Game of Thrones go up against WAL Heavyweight Champion Devon Larratt (an ESPN professional arm wrestler half his weight).
    The Importance of Flattery
    Video   /  
    We’re used to thinking rather badly of flattery; but in fact, it’s one of the moves that can help people to develop and grow into better versions of themselves.
    A Couple of Clever Elephants Learn That They Need to Work Together In Order to Solve a
    Video   /  
    These amazing elephants are put through their paces to challenge their cognitive ability when dealing with a complex level of cooperation, more often associated with human beings.
    High School Seniors Throw A Waterfall Of Paper Down A Stairway To Celebrate The End Of
    Video   /  
    This is a video captured at Basha High School in Chandler, Arizona, of seniors participating in the school tradition of throwing every paper you've collected over the past four years down...
    Maria Bamford Very Animated People
    Video   /  
    Comedian Maria Bamford (Netflix's Lady Dynamite) has an epiphany about relationships in this episode of Very Animated People.
    Japanese Company Makes Samurai Armor for Cats and
    Pet   /  
    This is the samurai pet armor crafted and sold by Samurai Age of Japan. Standard samurai suits cost between 4,040 yen ($125) and 16,416 yen ($146) depending on the size of your little...
    Baby Driver Official TeKillYah Trailer
    Film   /  
    Sony Pictures has released a new trailer for the upcoming Baby Driver movie which will be spinning onto theatre screens worldwide June 28th, 2017."A talented, young getaway driver (Ansel...
    Sesame Street Hilariously Spoofs Orange Is the New Black With Orange Is the New Snack
    Video   /  
    "Piper Snackman is the new girl at school, and she is just in time to have a snack. A Cookie is the snack of choice, but she has a healthier option in her lunch box. Can she convince her...
    Cute Baby Rhinos Goes for a Walk
    Video   /  
    Taking a baby rhino for a walk in South Africa.
    A Tribute to 40 Years of Hip Hop
    Video   /  
    "Over 150 songs from more than 100 artists representing 40 years of hip hop all crammed into 4 minutes. It’s not a chronological history of hip hop. It’s rappers from different eras...
    Awesome View of Jupiter Captured From NASA s Juno
    Video   /  
    Check out the awesome footage which has been captured of Jupiter from NASA’s Juno Spacecraft is still images and meticulously combined to create the spectacular two-minute video...
    Amazing Multi Dog Tricks
    Video   /  
    Four dogs perform amazing tricks.
    HeMan Raps DMX s Party Up Up In Here
    Video   /  
    Mashup of He-Man rapping along to “Party Up” by DMX. "To explain how my ridiculous brain works, I loved this show when I was a kid, and that DMX album was a certified 90’s classic,...
    American Made Official Trailer
    Film   /  
    Universal Pictures just released the officail trailer for Tom Cruise in American Made, an upcoming 2017 biographical crime drama-thriller that's based on the life of drug smuggler turned...
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