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    John Oliver on Journalism
    Video   /  
    British comedian and host of HBO's Last Week Tonight, John Oliver, takes a look at how the suffering newspaper industry is affecting journalism.
    How to Remove a Ring Stuck on Finger
    Video   /  
    How to remove a stuck ring. Use dental floss or ribbon to unwind the ring off your finger. Simple life hack to help remove a tight fitting ring.
    Where Do Your Texts Go
    Video   /  
    How the hell does cellphone technology work?
    A Breathtaking Timelapse Of The NeverSetting Arctic
    Video   /  
    Arctic Midnight Sun - 24hour timelapseAs the Earth orbits around the Sun, that tilt makes the North Pole face towards the sun in summer (keeping it in sunlight even as the Earth spins) and away from it in winter (keeping it dark). This means that the Pole gets continuous sunlight (yes, even at midnight) during the summer, but doesn't get any sunlight at all during the winter.
    If Videogames Were 10 More Realistic
    Video   /  
    Dorkly's latest 8-bit animated sketch imagines how things would go if iconic video games from the '80s and '90s, like Super Mario World, Sonic the Hedgehog, Metroid, Mike Tyson's...
    A Pregnant Couple Races to the Hospital in an Area Where Speed is Enforced by an Airborne Traffic
    Video   /  
    "A pregnant couple puts the pedal to the metal on their way to the hospital. Unfortunately for them, they fail to heed an ominous roadside warning: Speed Enforced By Aircraft. "
    Stop Doing PushUps The Wrong Way
    Video   /  
    Stop Doing Push-Ups The Wrong Way
    A Man of Honor A Tribute to Game of Thrones Ned
    Video   /  
    Atlanta, Georgia-based video editor David Garuchava of The Garo Studios follows up his recent Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, and Daenerys Targaryen tributes with a chilling look back at the...
    Star Size Comparison
    Video   /  
    Star Size Comparison
    2016 USA Olympic Swim Team Sings In The Car
    Video   /  
    To celebrate the Summer Olympics kicking off in Rio, the USA Swimming went for a musical car ride.
    Recreating Court Case With Rick And Morty
    Video   /  
    A faithful, word-for-word recreation of one colorful day in the American court system.
    Seth Rogen And Jimmy Fallon Have A Lip Sync
    Video   /  
    Jimmy faces off with Seth Rogen in a hilarious lip sync-off to songs like Kent Jones' "Don't Mind" and Drake's "Hotline Bling."
    Freestyle Break Dancing Battle
    Video   /  
    Bboy Junior -VS- Bboy Neguin
    A Women s Guide To Changing A Tire
    Video   /  
    Ever have a flat tire and there were no men around to help you? "When I was driving from Dallas my tire exploded around 2 am an hour outside of Houston. Luckily, two strange men...
    Disney s Moana Teaser Trailer 2
    Film   /  
    Here's the second trailer for Moana, Disney's upcoming 2016 animated film starring the voices of Dwayne Johnson and Auli’i Cravalho. Moana sails into theaters on November 23rd,...
    Famous movie characters play Pokemon Go
    Video   /  
    Tony Stark, James Bond, Ethan Hunt, Justin Bieber and others risk theirs lives hunting Pokemons to the famous Pokemon theme song in this movie mashup.
    A fully electric 300 mph racing plane
    Video   /  
    Electro flight. Skip to 12:45 for a demonstration of the double propeller powered by two electric motors.
    Easter Eggs and References in Suicide Squad
    Video   /  
    Mr. Sunday Movies points out and explains all of the the Easter eggs, hidden references, and secret cameos in the just-released DC Comics superhero film, Suicide Squad.
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