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    Natalie Portman Breaks Down Her Career
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    Natalie Portman discusses her remarkable career, including roles in "The Professional," "Mars Attacks," "Star Wars," "Garden State," "V for Vendetta," "Closer," "A Tale of Love and...
    Game of Thrones Night King Halloween Makeup
    Video   /  
    In this episode of HBO's "#WatchMeBecome" series, makeup artist Meaghan Ashley and her assistant transform college student Matthew Quigley into the Night King, the leader of the White...
    Why You ll Never See Your Eyes Move in a Mirror
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    Your brain does a lot to smooth out your visual experience of the world… including the closest thing we have to time travel.
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    OnePlus 6T updates an indisplay fingerprint
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    OnePlus is updating it flagship smartphone with the all-new OnePlus 6T($549), has an all-screen design and large 6.41in FHD+ OLED display. The phone has Qualcomm’s top-end...
    Two Men Build A Temple
    Video   /  
    Build Stone Roman Temple By Ancient Skills
    A Bad Lip Reading of Major League Baseball
    Video   /  
    The anonymous Los Angeles-based music producer behind the "Bad Lip Reading" comedy series works his hilarious overdubbing magic on clips of the 2017-2018 MLB baseball season.
    If Oculus Rift Existed in the 80s
    Video   /  
    If the Oculus Rift existed in the 1980s...
    How a Dragonfly  s Brain is Designed to Kill
    Video   /  
    Dragonflies can catch prey with near perfect accuracy, the best among all predators. But how does something with so few neurons achieve such prowess? Neuroscientist Greg Gage and his...
    Ellen DeGeneres LastMinute Halloween Costumes for
    Video   /  
    It's that time of year again, and Ellen has a few brand new ideas for Halloween costumes for kids!
    The First Trailer for Netflix s Dogs Documentary
    Film   /  
    Netflix just released the first sneak peek at Dogs, an upcoming six-part documentary series that celebrates the deep emotional bonds between humans and their canine best friends. Dogs...
    John Oliver on State Attorneys General
    Video   /  
    "State AGs have become major partisan players in national politics, so the races to elect them are worth your attention."
    Dog Scratching At Glass Door
    Video   /  
    Dog scratching at glass door
    McLaren reveals their fastest car the 403km h
    SportsCars   /  
    The British sports car company McLaren has revealed a new 1,035 horsepower three-seat hybrid supercar with a price tag of $2.25 million, or £1.75 million. Only 106 McLaren...
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    The History Behind Ctrl Alt Del
    Video   /  
    We’ve only got one life to live, but thanks to three simple keystrokes, at least we can restart our PCs! This is the story of how one clever man created Control-Alt-Delete: a...
    Casio s new GWB5600 with allnew composite resin
    Gadget   /  
    The latest addition to G-Shock's 'Connected' line is a new GWB5600 with an all-new composite resin band. The band's resin links contain stainless steel inside to increase...
    New Zealand Police Release Recruitment Video
    Video   /  
    With over 60 real cops, a few paranormal and movie ones too, we’re here to help
    BASE Jumping Into A Plane MidAir
    Video   /  
    BASE jumping into a plane mid-air.
    Does Time Exist  Andrew Zimmerman Jones
    Video   /  
    The earliest time measurements were observations of cycles of the natural world, using patterns of changes from day to night and season to season to build calendars. More precise...
    Young Designer Creates Cooking Tools For The
    Video   /  
    Troubled by the scars and scabs they received in the kitchen, Singaporean designer Kevin Chiam developed a set of cooking tools for the visually impaired in his final year at the National...
    A Surf Lake Pool In Australia
    Video   /  
    Mad Max Meets Surf
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