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    Little Alexis Davidson, 11, decided to take matters into her own hands – tying her tooth to a sling bow and firing it out of her mouth. Slow motion footage, taken by her father Jason Mcdonald, shows Alexis nervously pulling the bow back and letting go as her tooth flies out of her mouth. Good idea!
    The Incredible Transforming Castle Truck
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    Justin, Jola, and their son Piko live in New Zealand in an amazing house built over the back of a truck.  It’s both a completely functional home and a moving work of art. It has two rotating turrets (one holding a composting toilet and another containing a shower and small washing machine). The retractable roof covers a roof-top balcony with a hammock and bathtub. There’s storage space accessible on hidden lazy Susans, solar panels to heat water, a hammock, a rooftop bathtub, and a fruit dryer built into the upper awning.
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    Wingsuit pilot Uli Emanuele successfully completed an insane wingsuit flight through a tiny two-meter wide opening between rock formations in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. Cool
    Blue Caves in Zakynthos island Ionian Greece
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    Blue Caves in Zakynthos island Ionian Greece.
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    It’s taken nine years to get there, but on July 14, 2015 the New Horizons spacecraft will finally fly by its destination. Find out how the historic mission to Pluto happened from the people who helped launch it.
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    A complete summary of five seasons of power struggles between the competing families of Westeros.
    Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Torch Revealed

    Designed by local agency Chelles & Hayashi. DesThe gold plate on top represents the country’s luminescence; a green layer pays tribute to Rio’s hills and valleys, while the final two colors – a light blue and a dark blue – depict the sea and Brazil’s famous Copacabana Promenade. The torch relay will begin in the Brazilian capital in May and will end at Rio’s Maracana stadium in August
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    An interesting behind the scenes look at the best special effects from each season.
    The United M48 Tactical War Hammer
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    Be prepared for the inevitable zombiepocalypse with this impressive tool. Cool!
    The M48 Tactical War Hammer from United Cutlery is the hammer/axe combination! The cast 2Cr13 stainless steel black oxide-coated head can pummel almost anything with ease. The handle features a defensive war hammerhead and a devestating piercing spike, which offers great applications as an effective breaching tool and defensive hammer. The 30% fiberglass handle is nearly indestructible, and the axe head is attached to it with metal bolts. Includes a TPR hammerhead cover and a nylon sheath with Velcro closure.
     – 7 3/4″ cast 2Cr13 stainless steel head
    – Powerful back spike
    – 30% fiberglass & reinforced nylon handle
    – Measures 15 1/2″ overall in length
    – Includes TPR head cover and a nylon sheath with a Velcro closure
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    Nightmare Before Christmas x Mario Bros Wedding
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    This is the mashup wedding cake made by the Little Cherry Cake Company near Manchester, England.   The cake features elements from both The Nightmare Before Christmas and Mario Bros games.Cool cake!
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