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    A Swedish charity created this shocking ad to send out a hair-raising message.
    C3PO And R2D2 Wedding Bands
    These are the R2-D2 and C-3PO wedding bands designed by jeweler Juan Hidalgo. One is made out to look like R2-D2 while the other C-3PO. And we don’t know how much they cost.
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    Air umbrella Keeps You Dry Using Jets Of Air

    Air umbrella is a real“invisible umbrella”, which uses jets of air to create an invisible canopy over the user. Watch the video of it in action. The Air Umbrella weights roughly 850 grams and is equipped with a battery that can power it for around 30 minutes and it is currently up for funding on Kickstarter.
    "Air is everywhere on the earth. The flowing air can change the moving path of the object. The faster the air moves, the greater the energy is. The jet airflow can isolate some objects. So when we make use of the airflow, we can protect ourselves from the rain drops. Then the airflow forms an umbrella without a visible cover. "
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    Gif What is this thing
    A walking machine crocodile?
    The video, called 87 bounces and made by HOTU, is completely absurd and features 24 different movies. Cool!
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    Gif This is what dads are made for
    This is what dads are made for.
    The Penis Shaped Weather Pattern Supercut, Haha.
    He jumped off the Menara Kuala Lumpur Tower in Malaysia, and landing on on top of a 34 story building's pool.
    Taylor Swift's talking about her cat Olivia Benson, but comedy legend john cleese puts his foot in his mouth pretty quickly... and often! The claws are coming out!
    Star Wars Master Yoda Costume Hoodie
    From SuperheroStuff:
    The 60% Cotton 40% Polyester Star Wars Master Yoda Costume Hoodie is modeled after everyone’s favorite Jedi Master Yoda! It is a soft hoodie that has the look of Yoda’s robe! Plus the hood has ears… could you get anymore Yoda than that?! Well I guess it could come equipped with a lightsaber…. It doesn’t … You’ll have to figure that part out on your own. But at least the Star Wars Master Yoda Costume Hoodie will keep you warm and have you practicing the light side of the force. Possibly in public.
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    BMW R80 by Diamond Atelier
    Founded in 2013 by twentysomethings Tom Konecny and Pablo Steigleder, Munich bike builders Diamond Atelier put their first work up for sale, a completely custom BMW R80 from 1992. The 18″ spoked front wheel and floating brake discs were sourced from an R100R, while the forks were lowered three inches and clamped by custom upper triples. Top-flight controls were fitted to Fehling clipon bars, and the headlight is a combination of Yamaha and Honda parts. The tail section was built from scratch, the frame was completely de-tabbed and cleaned up, and new housings were designed for the alternator, starter and shaft drive. Finally, the pale blue finish was hand-mixed, accented with black pinstriping as a nod to BMW’s heritage. More pics after more.
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    Wasting Timeline  comic
    Wasting Timeline” by John Atkinson of Wrong Hands.
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