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    Arthur Theme Song performed by Ziggy Marley Jon Batiste and Chance The
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    When Stephen Colbert takes a daytime nap, anything can happen, even songs! Watch as Stephen's dream-team of Ziggy Marley, Jon Batiste and Chance The Rapper get together to perform a brand...
    GQ Gives Donald Trump a Makeover
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    "Unfortunately, we can’t help with anything Donald Trump says or anything he does. "
    Video   /  
    Italian VFX artist Aldo Jones added dozens of ridiculous sound and visual effects to the first trailer for Marvel's upcoming superhero film, Spider-Man: Homecoming.
    This Easy Rider Returns in This Super Bowl 51 Ad for MercedesBenz Directed by The Coen
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    Riding on the open road with Steppenwolf's "Born to be Wild" playing in your head. How do you make this experience any better? Hint: The legendary Peter Fonda might have an...
    How to Wash Your Dishes
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    Don't worry--washing one dish is so easy there is literally no reason not to do it, you entitled piece of sh*t.
    Comedian Joey CoCo Diaz Breaks Out the Blue Cheese While Eating Spicy
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    Sean Evans interviews the always unfiltered New Jersey-born stand-up comedian Joey "CoCo" Diaz as they attempt to eat ten progressively spicy hot sauce-covered chicken...
    Mouse Trap vs Hot Dog at 147 000 FPS
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    "This is a Hot Dog in a Mouse Trap in Ultra Slow Motion, its a funny but amazing Slow Motion video of sorts because we always wondered how a mouse trap works exactly but it happens...
    How to Open a Tough Jar
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    Quinton is such a wise man!
    Artist Paints Creepy Stomach in a Knot Illusion on Her
    Video   /  
    Knot illusion by Serbian make-up artist Mirjana Kika Milosevic.
    The Amazing Art of Making Traditional Chinese Suo Thread Noodles by
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    In a Chinese village of 300 people, 51-year-old Lin Fagan continues a centuries-old tradition of making noodles by hand. But these aren’t just any noodles—these thread-thin...
    Video Game Design Glitch
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    From Jon Gianelli:One of the games my students were working on had a glitch today. I made the whole class come and watch. We were all crying we were laughing so hard.
    First Person POV Of Guy Accidentally Skiing Off 150Foot
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    This is the first person point of view GoPro footage of skier Devin Stratton accidentally skiing off the side of a 150-foot cliff in the Wasatch Mountain Range in Utah. Devin credits...
    Leah Remini interview on Conan talks about
    Video   /  
    Shelly Miscavige's conspicuous absence from Tom Cruise’s wedding was the catalyst for Leah Remini’s exit from Scientology.
    Frank Ocean Musical Identity
    Video   /  
    A look at Frank Ocean's method of lyrical storytelling.
    Flying to 15 000 ft on a powered lawnchair
    Video   /  
    Tucker Gott wrote:"I was inspired to set a new personal altitude record so I set out to achieve 12,000 feet. 12k took less time than I expected so I ventured on to 15k. I found out...
    The Sport Of Cup Stacking Explained
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    Sport stacking, cup stacking, speed stacking — whatever you call it, this sport is mesmerizing to watch. Vox's Phil Edwards learned the basics about stacking.
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