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    "Is sitting too much killing you?"
    Cool animated infographics show how things work
    This is a GIF showing How a Handgun Works: 1911 .45. Artis Jacob O'Neal runs Animagraffs, site where he reveals the inner workings of objects like handguns, speakers, car or jet engines with great detail.
    "The model 1911 handgun is named for the year it was formally adopted by the U.S. Army – and while it was replaced as an official service weapon in 1985, it’s still massively popular. Various manufacturers have created their own take on the 1911, but its basic function and operation remains in place over 100 years after its inception."
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    This Guy Has A Huge Tattoo With Over 200 Simpsons Characters On His

    This is Michael Baxter, 52, from Bacchus Marsh, Australia. His huge back tattoo of Simpsons characters means he might just make the Guinness World Record for most cartoon character tattoos. Michael Baxter, a prison officer from Australia.  The 52-year-old says he has spent $10,000 and 130 hours to cover his back with 203 Simpsons characters. The design, by artist Jade Baxter-Smith, has taken 130 hours in total.
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    Things You Do that Really Piss Me Off
    Things You Do that Really Piss Me Off, available at here.
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    Star Wars cookie cutters
    For $8 these Star Wars cookie cutters come ready to bake our favorite characters.
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    Man Tests First Dual ShoulderDown Cyborg Arms

    Meet Les Baugh. Les had both arms amputated at the shoulder after a freak electrical accident 40 years ago. Now he's the first person to successfully use the bilateral shoulder-down modular prosthetic limbs developed by the doctors and scientists at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. Each arms operates with a full 3-degrees of freedom and over 30-degrees of motion, and are controlled intuitively simply by thinking of moving a specific part. From watching the video, the technology obviously has a ways to go, but it's definitely a big step in the right direction. One of the scientists interviewed even references in five to ten years from now, he expects to be developing robotic prosthetics so advanced people will actually be cutting their own limbs off to get them
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    The world's simplest electric train is made with a made with a magnet, some copper wire and a dry cell.
    Jenny thinks her adorable little mollusk voice is a natural fit to sing the Fleetwood Mac tune.
    Bookmarks a Comic by Grant Snider
    'Bookmarks' is a comic by Grant Snider.
    The Bull
    (Image: Manhattan Metaphore, Paul Downey, CC-BY)
    This week, John takes a closer look at some popular holiday traditions.
    static loop of kinetic energy, redefining location
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