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    Hear The Eerie Alarms In Japan After North Korea s Missile
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    Early Tuesday morning, North Korea launched a missile in the direction of northern Japan. When Japan detected the launch, they activated their airstrike alarm system...
    Things to Do When the Internet is Down
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    Poster: Things to Do When the Internet is Down from pleatedjeans
    A Fully Functional LEGO Wooden Roller Coaster
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    "This is a pure Lego Wooden Roller Coaster inspired by El Toro at Six Flags. Model is made out of little under 90 000 pieces and took nearly 800 hours to build. It is 6,5 meters long 1,2...
    How to Make the The Ultimeatum Sandwich from Regular
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    "Regular Show regularly shows some fantastical and impossible food items - sandwiches that kill you, wings that kill you, skydiving pizza pockets - but few are quite so worthy of...
    If Game of Thrones Took Place in Modern Times
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    Westeros The Series imagines what a modern-day version of HBO's fantasy drama series, Game of Thrones.
    Airplane Trick Shots
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    Dude Perfect, perform a series of awesome trick shots using toy foam airplanes.
    Ken Okuyama s Kode 0 brings classic 70s design to the
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    The car, which is called the 'Kode 0-Zero', will be shown at The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering in Carmel, California. The car is a coachbuilt custom based on a Lamborghini...
    Fitbit releases its first smartwatch the Lonic
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    The Fitbit's first Smartwatch is here, the Lonic($299). Forced to play catch-up with Apple and Android, the Ionic has all the necessary features to compete, like water-resistance,...
    The Story of Porsche From WW2 to the 911
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    Porsche is a German automobile manufacturer specializing in high-performance sports cars, SUVs and sedans. Porsche is headquartered in Stuttgart, and is owned by Volkswagen, which is...
    The Rio Olympics Were Only A Year Ago But The Venues Look Like They ve Been Deserted For
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    Officials in Rio de Janeiro hoped hosting the 2016 Olympics would help make it a first-class city. Instead, many buildings and stadiums made for the games have gone unused since the event...
    TVCrew Helps Rescue Trapped Truck Driver
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    Houston (Tropical Storm Harvey 2017)
    Kaleidoscopic Dominoes Look Cool
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    A kaleidoscope effect using some mirrors and dominoes
    Gay of Thrones Recaps Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 237670569497783712
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    Gay Of Thrones S7 E7: Drag Him & The Scruff (with Maria Bamford)
    Dump Truck Driver Doesn t Realize Dump Bed Is Up Plows Through Highway
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    Carlos Escobedo and his father attempted to warn the driver of a big rig in Texas that his truck bed was dangerously raised up, but sadly the warning did not work out.
    Woman Successfully Hula Hooping 180 Hoops
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    This is a video of hula hooping sorceress Marawa successfully hulaing 180 hoops.
    Beagle Puppy Learns to Howl
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    "My beagle puppy, who's name is Moose, is the cutest little howler. He is almost 8 weeks old."
    Mickey Mouse in Shipped Out
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    In Disney's latest animated Mickey Mouse short, Mickey and Minnie struggle to experience every aspect of their VIP cruise vacation.
    How To Do A Plot Twist
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    Some of the most exciting movies are the ones with crazy plot twists. But what separates a good twist from a bad one? Let's take a look at a few movies and see what separates the epic...
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