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    The Best Fails of the Week 5953727116130124
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    Fail Army presents a collection of the best and funniest fail videos that hit the Internet during the first week of September 2017.
    9 Things You Need To Know About Kittens
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    "Do you think you know everything about kittens? Watch this video to find out!"
    Cooler Heads with Reese Witherspoon
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    Reese Witherspoon and Jimmy compete in a football trivia game where each wrong answer gets a Gatorade cooler full of a mystery substance dumped their heads.
    What Would Happen If You Brought A Piece Of Sun To
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    What Happens If We Bring the Sun to Earth?
    Ryzen Threadripper Water Block
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    A new Ryzen Threadripper Water Block has been unveiled by Phanteks in the form of the Glacier C399a that will be available to purchase later this month priced at $99. Constructed from...
    DIY Mini iPad Pinball Table
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    By John Park’s Workshop. This Mini iPad pinball project uses a couple of arcade buttons connected to the Gemma M0 microcontroller, which can be programmed using CircuitPython as a...
    Squiggly Scallop Shell Lipstick
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    They're allegedly the latest beauty craze. . Created by carefully drawing the shape using a lipstick brush, they make your lips look like a scallop shell. They're the latest beauty crazy!
    Supergirl And The Flash Before Special Effects Were
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    This is a short video of Supergirl and The Flash doing their thing before special effects were added to a scene, then the finished product. It looks ridiculous, haha.
    The Thor Ragnarok Trailer Homemade
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    Thor goes toe-to-toe with The Incredible Hulk in this DIY shot-for-shot remake of the Thor: Ragnarok trailer!
    Ruby Chocolate The First Official Chocolate Type Established Since White Chocolate 80 Years
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    The Barry Callebaut Group, in Zurich, announced on September 5, 2017, that a fourth official category was added to the three current types – dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white...
    Benedict Cumberbatch  Nicholas Hoult in Trailer for The Current
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    The Weinstein Company has finally revealed the first full official trailer for The Current War, the film about the battle between Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla."Starring Benedict...
    Handmade Hand Soap In the Form of Tiny Hands
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    Marie Gardeski of David Birkey created a wonderful set of handmade hand soap(etsy shop) in the form of tiny hands. "Expertly handcrafted by Marie and David, these hand-shaped soaps...
    Henry Rollins Attempts the Hot Ones Spicy Wing
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    "Henry Rollins is a punk-rock icon, a TV host, a spoken-word artist, a TV host, a radio personality, and an LA Weekly columnist. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the high-octane...
    How the Charles Bridge Karl v most was built
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    Its construction started in year 1357.
    How to Properly Pronounce German Car Names
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    An angry german man runs you through how to properly pronounce german car names like Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz etc.
    Guy Installs His Own Headphone Jack In iPhone 7
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    Guy installs his own headphone jack in iPhone 7
    Baseball Player Taylor Davis Can t Take His Eyes Off
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    Taylor Davis Can't Take His Eyes Off You
    Thousands of Water Bugs React to Man s Voice
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    Waterbugs react to shouts, Kaiser Wilderness, California
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