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    Handmade Hand Soap In the Form of Tiny Hands
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    Marie Gardeski of David Birkey created a wonderful set of handmade hand soap(etsy shop) in the form of tiny hands. "Expertly handcrafted by Marie and David, these hand-shaped soaps...
    Henry Rollins Attempts the Hot Ones Spicy Wing
    Video   /  
    "Henry Rollins is a punk-rock icon, a TV host, a spoken-word artist, a TV host, a radio personality, and an LA Weekly columnist. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the high-octane...
    How the Charles Bridge Karl v most was built
    Video   /  
    Its construction started in year 1357.
    How to Properly Pronounce German Car Names
    Video   /  
    An angry german man runs you through how to properly pronounce german car names like Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz etc.
    Guy Installs His Own Headphone Jack In iPhone 7
    Video   /  
    Guy installs his own headphone jack in iPhone 7
    Baseball Player Taylor Davis Can t Take His Eyes Off
    Video   /  
    Taylor Davis Can't Take His Eyes Off You
    Thousands of Water Bugs React to Man s Voice
    Video   /  
    Waterbugs react to shouts, Kaiser Wilderness, California
    Exes Play Truth or Drink
    Video   /  
    Exes Play Truth or Drink
    Kid Inventors Show Off Their Inventions on The Tonight
    Video   /  
    Jimmy Fallon welcomes Patrick Joiner, Emma Mogus and Leah Thobe to show off their inventions, and counters with some cutting-edge technology of his own.
    Early Man Official Trailer
    Film   /  
    Aardman Animations just released the official trailer for Early Man, an upcoming 2018 British stop-motion animated comedy-adventure film from director Nick Park (Wallace and Gromit,...
    An Incredible Compilation of the Last 22 Presidents Addressing the People of the United
    Video   /  
    Harman Productions has created an incredible compilation of past 22 presidents addressing the people of the United States.
    A Colorful Compilation of Over 50 Graceful Peacock Spiders Dancing to the Disco Classic Stayin
    Video   /  
    "A short compilation of 51 Australian peacock spiders. I filmed these and few additional ones that I didn’t find space for in this clip over the last few years. Thanks to Universal...
    Important Phrases to Use When Visiting Japan 779046433163665026
    Video   /  
    10 Japanese Words To Know
    Father and Son Excitedly React as a Microburst Takes Out Five Trees From Their Tennessee
    Video   /  
    In May 2017, a father and son rather excitedly and profanely reacted as a powerful microburst took out five trees one by one in the yard of their Greenville,Tennessee home.
    Blind Man Using Sight Enhancing Glasses Sees His Bride for First Time During a Redo of His
    Video   /  
    "When a legally blind man named Andrew married his wife 15-years-ago, he couldn't see her face as she walked down the aisle. Watch as we do the impossible: recreate every detail of...
    Terrifying Video Shows Hurricane Irma Blasting St Martin With 185 MPH
    Video   /  
    Live footage of Hurricane Irma destroying Maho Beach Camera located at AAA Rent-A-Car in St Maarten.
    Hodor From Game of Thrones Attempts to Play Family Feud and Botches the Final
    Video   /  
    Hodor from Game of Thrones on Family Feud skit from Jimmy Kimmel Live
    What if GTA was a LEGO Game
    Video   /  
    When Grand Theft Auto meets LEGO: A short movie by the folks from Nukazooka.
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