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    This is a video of two Japanese artists who have had their faces projection mapped and tracked so they can have different animal and robot faces projected on them while they move around. Cool!
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    SciShow answers the question ‘Why Are We Ticklish?’
    The Art of Ninja by Kuma Films.
    "This is what ninjas do in their spare time."
    Would I Make A Good Superhero
    "Would I Make A Good Superhero?", a poster design by Charley Chartwell.
    "You’re considering a career as a superhero. You’re itching to know what you’ll wear, how you’ll schedule your day, the types of foes you’ll face. Display this chart in your home, office, or fortress to tackle these hard questions before ridding the world of evil."
    Keymouse Combines Keyboard And Mouse In One

    The Keymouse(on Kickstarter) is actually two pieces of hardware that are used together underneath each hand providing a full keyboard and mouse. Watch the video above to more about it.
    "The KeyMouse is designed to improve efficiency for anyone that uses the computer.  Uses include gaming, programming, CAD drawing, order entry, stock trading, web browsing, document editing, graphics design, and much more.
     We’ve put a lot of effort into making sure the KeyMouse is easy to use.  The main QWERTY key area is curved in both directions to allow for easy access to the keys.
    The KeyMouse™ also includes software with lots of cool features to enhance the user experience even further.  The software is fully customizable and can be set up with many different profiles to easily switch between saved key layouts.
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    A music video featuring “Burrito Van,” a fun and catchy song from Parry Gripp. Artwork by Nathan Mazur.
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    Endlessly Falling Luke” by afteritakeashower, is an extended version of Luke Skywalker‘s iconic falling scene following a lightsaber battle with Darth Vader in Star Wars Episode V.
    Compression Suits for Camels
    Compression suits are designed to help muscles align properly for rigorous activity. Athletes wear these form-fitting costumes to get the most out of every movement. Al Shibla, UAE based camel and horse luxury products company Al Shibla creates compression suits for camels. Al Shibla offers a range of camel compression suits to fit different camels, who are sized by the distance from the neck to the hump, the hump to the tail, and the shoulder to hip.
    "Made of soft, thick material that covers the body, the suits improve blood circulation by slightly constricting blood vessels. Worn before and after training, it increases blood and oxygen supply to the muscles, reducing the lactic acid build-up that causes cramping. The animal is covered entirely, except for the head and neck."
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    By AsapSCIENCE.
    Minnesota - It's so cold that... freeze your trampoline.
    Ever wondered what children imagine when they play? Enjoy :)
    MercedesBenz F 015 Concept

    The Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion research vehicle is offering a vision of autonomous driving in the future. The luxury saloon with total connectivity gives a preview of how the self-driving car of the future could become a platform for communication and interaction.
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    This is how they fish piranhas in Brazil!
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