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    All Disney Openings From Last Three Decades
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    This is a video of psychoactive drug researcher Dr. Sidney Cohen interviewing a 1950's housewife  after she takes LSD.
    *Don't do drugs
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    What Happens If All The Bees Die?
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    Recent research sheds light on an ancient Roman mystery: how a monument called Trajan's Column may have been built. This stop-motion animation imagines its construction.
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    Astronaut Luca Parmitano shows how he washes his hairless scalp aboard the International Space Station.
    A Pacman Piercing
    It’s a Pacman piercing, done by Precision Body Piercing in Marquette, MI (their Instagram). Cool!
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    A Giant Yacht Passing Through an Aqueduct Above a Major
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    A photo of the giant Project 808 Symphony yacht by Feadship Yachts traveling through the Gouwe Aquaduct in Gouda, The Netherlands as it passes over the highway A12. . Symphony is the largest yacht Feadship has ever built, measuring 101.5 meters (333 ft) in length.
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    Which Mad Scientist Is The Best
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    A chart, created by Chloe Cole and Tristan Cooper of Dorkly.
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    Time-Lapse Video of Disneyland Park Construction
    A Working Turntable Made Out Of LEGO
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    This beautiful, working LEGO turntable designed by Korean lego enthusiast Hayarobi. It consist of 2,405 pieces and is named ‘The Planet’. It's powered by a LEGO Power Functions Battery Box and uses a LEGO Power Functions M-Motor, leaving the only component which is not made out of LEGO to be the Audio Technica phono cartridge.
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    How To Make An Impressive  24 Carrot  Gold
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    A cool  24 “carrot” cake made by   Paige Russell, uses 24 baby carrots to make the cake. The video shows the entire step-by-step process of making the cake, creating the icing and fondant, to decorating it with 25 sheets of edible gold leaves.
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    How the Internet Works
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    (Extra Fabulous Comics)
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