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    HumanBody Alphabet
    Laura Facci is an illustrator and graphic designer from Caracas, Venezuela. She has created  an illustrated alphabet which each letter is based on different elements of human anatomy.
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    Is Cereal Soup?
    Poop Emoji Pillow
    Poop Emoji Pillow, the giant piece of shit, but "currently sold out."
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    Chuao Potato Chip Chocolate Bar
    Potato chips. Chocolate. Yes, you can try Chuao Chocolatier’s new potato chip-flavored chocolate. It’s a sweet and salty treat that’s unusual yet unbelievably good at the same time. It’s available on Amazon for $9.
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    Over the last 3 years, Kien Lam traveled through 15 countries and captured a series of photographs in almost every city I visited, compressing several minutes to over an hour's worth of real time and movement into a few seconds of video. From Burning's Black Rock City to celebrating the Holi Festival of Colors in India, the world is just a damn beautiful place.
    "It was amazing to get some time with Rone, and talk about what he does, how he does it & how he got to where he is today.
    Finding the friction point between beauty and decay is a thread that runs through much of Rone's work. As a street artist best known for his haunting, stylised images of women's faces, he understands better than most that beauty can be fleeting. Seeing his artworks gradually worn away by natural and human elements has taught him to appreciate the unexpected beauty of an image as it begins to blend back into its more prosaic surroundings."
    Jurassic Sweets

    Jurassic Sweets
    Alejo Malia, a creative director in Spain, speculated about what Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavors we could see inspired by the next Jurassic Park movie. Alejo Malia's mouthwatering Jurassic Sweet series, the cupcakeceratops and other delicious dinosaur mash-ups.
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    Apollo 11 tracksuit
    Thoren's $140 (+$65 SH) Apollo 11 sweatsuit is modelled on the A7-L Pressure Suit, and features fantastic levels of gorgeous, 1969-vintage detail.
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    iPhone 6 nbsp Carbon Fiber Case

    iPhone 6 nbsp Carbon Fiber Case
    The iPhone 6 Carbon Fiber Case from LIKECOOLCASE. Made from 100% Carbon Fiber. The case is only 0.85mm and the case weighs 0.42 ounces(12 grams).
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    Lingerie Made from Recycled Christmas Trees
    French fashion designer Sophie Young developed Do You Green, a line of lingerie made from Christmas trees.  Her company chemically processes evergreen trees to create a functional fabric. Then it makes this cloth into bras, panties, camisoles, and more.
    "A French company is showing that it’s possible to turn pine trimmings into a soft fabric that can be used to make panties, bras, or slips. The new fabric was the brainchild of an architect who originally wanted to find another use for tree trimmings that couldn’t be used in construction.
    After the wood is transformed with an enzyme bath, it feels like silk. “It’s soft to the touch,” says designer Sophie Young, founder of Do You Green. “You won’t want to wear anything else after touching it. It’s very smooth and thin."
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    Your horoscope for 2015
    “The position of the stars and planets will not affect your life in any way, shape, or form, whatsoever.” Big PiC.
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