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    Gif Flashing
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    Two Jetpack Samurai Doing Battle In Midair
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    This is a short video of what appear to be two jetpack samurai doing a little swordplay in midair.
    Man launches himself in selfmade rocket to prove flat Earth
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    A man launched himself in a self-made rocket 1,875 feet above the desert to try and prove his theory that the Earth is flat.
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    RealTime Raytraced Star Wars
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    Unreal Engine + $150,000 GPU
    Simple Explanation Of Pi
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    Radio Host Tests Whether His Wife Screens His
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    For their 10 year wedding anniversary, Fitzy decided to test each of their wedding vows. Today's test: communication skills.
    Conan  Jordan Schlansky Plan Their Trip To Italy
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    Conan surprises fake Italian and real CONAN employee Jordan Schlansky with a trip to Italy.
    The First Trailer for The House with a Clock in Its
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    Universal Pictures just released the first trailer for The House with a Clock in Its Walls, an upcoming 2018 fantasy horror film that's based on John Bellairs' classic children's novel of...
    Human Images Created by a 3D Water Printer Actively Exercise in a Brilliant Ad for Active G
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    In this commercial for G Active electrolyte water by Gatorade, temporary three dimensional human forms made out of the product engage in a variety of implied gym exercises with splashy...
    Elephant stop baby from playing It  s time to
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    The Elephant Nature Park animal sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand shared this cute footage of adult rescued elephant, Dok Mai, convincing a stubborn baby elephant to stop playing and join...
    Astronauts Answer 50 of the Most Googled Space
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    NASA astronauts Jeffrey Hoffman, Chris Hadfield, Jerry Linenger, Leland Melvin, Mae C. Jemison, Mike Massimino and Nicole Stott answer 50 of the most Googled questions about space. Does...
    Boomerang Trick Shots With Logan Broadbent
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    Dude Perfect team up with world champion boomerang thrower Logan Broadbent to preform a series of amazing boomerang trick shots.
    Living on the Most Crowded Island on Earth
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    Two hours off the coast of Colombia is a small island home to over 1,200 people. As the entirety of Santa Cruz del Islote only spans the length of two soccer fields, residents live in...
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    Opening A Hotel Room Door Using Paper Menus
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    Opening hotel room door using paper menus
    Chinese Weather Woman Doesn t Age In 22 Years
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    Chinese Weather Woman Stuns The World By Not Aging For 22 Years
    2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback
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    Toyota has rolled out the all-new 2019 Corolla Hatchback in NYC and the car looks fantastic. The little hatch will come in SE and XSE grades and for the money, both have nice standard...
    Picture of day  nbsp Zebra Flight
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    Made by French digital artist Julien Tabet.
    The Fifth Element Weather Machine 54 000
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    "The Fifth Element is an intergalactic horological weather station enabling accurate weather forecasting even when the power goes down. Four (UFO) elements: clock, barometer,...
    Thermal Video Of Gasoline Fumes
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    This demonstration will hopefully expose you to the dangers of smoking while at the pump.
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