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    Picture of day  nbsp Happy Christmas
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    Happy Holiday!
    Dashcam Rocket In The Sky 506474174110627211
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    Rocket in the Sky
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    No Need To Twist It Back On Again
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    No need to twist it back on again.
    Guess Who Is In Charge
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    Balls of steel
    How to Make Ned Flanders  Hot Chocolate From The Simpsons
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    What you need to create Flanders’ hot chocolate:-2 parts of whole milk-1 part of heavy cream-1 part of evaporated milk-Half a cup of Ghirardelli cocoa powder–Guittard 70% dark baking...
    Dashcam Rocket In The Sky
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    Star Spangled Banner Cymbal Fail
    A Tribute to the Best Movies of 2017
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    Celebration of movies from the year.
    Lucas the Spider Playtime
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    In the latest mini episode of the animated short series, "Lucas the Spider," by Zootopia animator Joshua Slice, Lucas the Spider."One person's bathroom sink is another one's playground."
    Mickey Mouse in The Perfect Dream
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    In Disney's latest animated Mickey Mouse short, Mickey struggles to get back to sleep so he can finish his perfect dream.
    Sharpening a  1 knife with  300 Whetstone
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    Sharpening a $ 1 knife with $ 300 Whetstone
    Keep Your Eyes On The Pen
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    Steven Bridges
    Primitive Technology Pottery and Stove
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    "I made some pottery from the clay in the new area to see how well it performed. A large bank of clay was exposed by the side of the creek. I dug it out using a digging stick and took it...
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    Kylo Ren Reviews Star Wars The Last Jedi
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    In the latest Star Wars parody from New York-based comedy group, Auralnauts, Kylo Ren, the angsty villain from the Star Wars sequel trilogy, shares his thoughts on the events that took...
    The Harvard of Santa Schools
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    What goes into becoming Saint Nick? It takes more than just a red suit and white beard to don the title of Santa Claus. Every year, those that want to perfect the art of being Santa...
    Simon s Cat s Guide to New Year s Resolution
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    "It's that time of year when New Year Resolutions are decided! Watch our Guide To film to see how Simon's Cat helps Simon with his. (Or not). What are your resolutions for the new year?"
    The Best Fails of 2017 Part Two
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    "Enjoy part 2 of the best fails of the year."
    Famous Film and TV Scenes Remade With Animojis
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    "We thought it would be fun to put animoji faces from the iPhone X onto our favorite TV shows. "
    Baby Hippo Fiona Celebrates Her First Christmas
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    The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden in Ohio shared this adorable footage of their famous baby hippopotamus, Fiona, celebrating her first Christmas."Baby hippo Fiona is approaching her...
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