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    A TimeLapse Dance of Six Robotic Vacuums Cleaning a Man
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    A time lapse video of 6 robot vacuum cleaners, made by Roomba, Anker, ILife, eufy, they keep the bugs out of the man cave.
    The XFiles Season 11 Trailer
    Film   /  
    "The secret lies in the X-FILES folder. Find out the truth when the X-FILES returns all-new in 2018 on FOX."
    What Does Clinically Proven Actually Mean
    Video   /  
    "You’ve seen it on your shampoo bottle, vitamins, and even your fancy moisturizing cream. But what does the phrase ‘clinically proven’ actually mean?"
    John Oliver on Confederate Symbols
    Video   /  
    "Confederate symbols are still celebrated despite the ugly history they symbolize. John Oliver suggests some representations of southern pride that involve less racism and more Stephen...
    How the Creators of Curious George Escaped the Nazi Invasion of Paris via Borrowed
    Video   /  
    Curious George is the mischievous child that still lives inside us all, a swinging catastrophe with an envious joie de vivre. But everyone’s favorite chimp almost didn’t make it to...
    Brazilian Artist Sculpts a Perfect Miniature Model of Freddie Mercury Striking an Iconic
    Video   /  
    Juliana LePine, a talented Brazilian artist who generously offers instructional videos on her craft, expertly sculpted out of clay, a highly detailed, miniature model of Freddie Mercury.
    Jupiter Joe The Subway Astronomer
    Video   /  
    Most of us spend most of the time looking down at our phones. But Jupiter Joe wants to change that - in NYC, he’s drawing people’s eyes to the sky. And right from the...
    How Snake Venoms Kill
    Video   /  
    How venoms kill
    How to Make Giant Lego Man Costume
    Video   /  
    The Q, demonstrates how to create a giant, fully-functional LEGO minifigure costume out of cardboard for Halloween.
    Saturday Night Live The Chosen One
    Video   /  
    Only Chad (Pete Davidson) can save Etheria.
    Saturday Night Live The Maiden and The Mice
    Video   /  
    Mina (Gal Gadot) is not impressed with her mice's (Kyle Mooney, Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant) dressmaking skills.
    Saturday Night Live Themyscira
    Video   /  
    When two women (Aidy Bryant, Kate McKinnon) stumble upon Themyscira, they're surprised to learn its inhabitants (Gal Gadot, Leslie Jones, Melissa Villaseñor, Heidi Gardner) are not what...
    Guns In Japan
    Video   /  
    "Japan is one of the world's hardest places to legally buy a gun, and it has few gun deaths."
    American Kids Try Snacks From Israel
    Video   /  
    Kids Try Israeli Snacks
    White Walker Game Of Thrones Halloween Makeup
    Video   /  
    How to turn yourself into a terrifying White Walker from Game of Thrones using cotton and liquid latex.
    Tonight Show Charades with Gal Gadot and Miley
    Video   /  
    Jimmy and Gal Gadot battle it out against Miley Cyrus and The Roots' Tariq Trotter in a competitive game of charades.
    Official Trailer for SciFi Thriller Replicas Starring Keanu
    Film   /  
    Entertainment Studios has debuted an official trailer for a sci-fi thriller titled Replicas, starring Keanu Reeves as a mad scientists who tries to figure out how to bring back his family...
    An Englishman Plays Risk
    Video   /  
    Foil Arms and Hog
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