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iTie - the Tie Pockets your iPod

By Ben on Tue Apr 28 2009
Style  |  Accessories
A good idea! The iTie($TBA) features a hidden pocket on the back of the tie that you can store your iPod and MP3 Player, Business Cards, Credit Cards and Money...
"Business Cards/Credit Cards/Money
iPod or MP3 Player ¨C Speaker wires can be concealed and worn under the dress shirt with ear pieces coming out of the shirtĄ¯s collar.
Building Access Card/Work IDĄ¯s
Personal items
Chewing Gum/Breath Mints
Or anything else you can think of that will fit! "
They even have a larger version of the iTie pocket for your iPhone and Blackberry, wow, your neck will be very tire, haha...
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