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    iHand a way to hold your iPhone

    iHand a way to hold your iPhone
    Gear  /  Apple
    The new iPhone 4 loses signal when held by a human hand? The iHand($69; the end of July) is designed to designed to easily let you receive and make calls on your iPhone 4 without experiencing any signal drop. Just insert iPhone 4 into iHand’s adjustable fingers, raise it to your ear and start talking.
    "Featuring Apple’s unibody design, iHand is precision-carved from a single piece of European beechwood. So it’s lighter than a standard medical prosthesis, yet 12x stronger. You can grip iHand either of two ways: by placing your fingers around its palm, or by grasping the aluminized Extender that telescopes from the wrist socket."
    Source /   |   Price: $69   |   BUY By Ben on Mon Jul 5 2010
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