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    crocheted Spock Ears by Shove Mink

    crocheted Spock Ears by Shove Mink
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    These Crocheted Spock Ears by Shove Mink of Croshame. Awesome! She even included a pattern which she estimates will take half hour to produce. She writes:
    "Well, Christmas has come and gone and you’ve already gotten all the fancy stun guns and tricorders and communicators your heart could desire, so why not try out some of that fabulous Star Trek fashion sense with my pattern for crocheted Spock Ears? These little cuties will show off your nerdly Trekkie fanboy/girl status while also keeping your ears toasty warm! It’s a really quick little project that works up in under a half hour."

    Via laughingsquid, croshame / By Ben on Tue Jan 10 2012
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