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    SmartSwim Solar Charger Beach Tote
    Style  |  Bag  
    We have seen the Noon Solar Bags, Now we have a SmartSwim solar charger beach tote($150) for beach using. This tote packed a UV meter panel to allow you to determine the UV Intensity, both for yourself, and for your solar charging needs! One water resistant solar panels 1.5 watt silicon solar cell built into the solar beach tote. It with a NI-MH battery pack to charge your chellphone, GPS, MP3 plaers even IPod with USB iPod. Made with UV and water resistant 600 Denier poly for you use in the beach! I also like their UV Meter smartFabric Bikini which packed a digital LCD display the UV meter.
    Bag Pal
    Style  |  Accessories  
    Place it on any table at in- or outdoor venues and restaurants, to keep your bag off the ground, pristine and safe at hand. The Bag Pal($24) is made of chromed metal with a non-slip rubber disc to hold it in place. It is small, compact, and fits neatly into your bag.
    Air Guitar Hero
    Style  |  Apparel  
    A fake way to play fake guitar!
    Oakley Medusa
    Style  |  Accessories  
    When I first time see the Oakley Medusa($750; right pic), I wonder what the people look like when they wear it? Is it cool? Today I see the Oakley Medusa Ad picture(left pic), I said yes, it is really cool! It is inclued a Oakley Medusa Hat ($500) and the matching Oakley Medusa Goggles ($250).
    Hot Pink Baby
    Style  |  Baby  
    The cute Hot Pink Hat($27). It is adorable. For the funky punky child and their rockin' family. This super soft infant/children's hat is made from acrylic yarn and is hand knitted!
    Heart and Skull T-Shirt
    Style  |  Apparel  
    I like these Cool Heart and Skull T-Shirts by The MONSTER CHOP Shop. My favorite is the Ribcage Heart(leftmost pic).
    Koffski Wallet
    Style  |  Wallet  
    The Koffski Wallet(EUR 350; $525) looks like a a gun holster! It definitely will draw attention. The wallet itself a series of compartments to hold all your stuff. It is made out of Rugato calfskin crafted in small batches in a tannery in Tuscany. It has pockets for a wallet, cell phone, keys, a pen, credit cards, and travel papers. The unique sharp! You also can check it in the Charles&Marie($450).
    Star Trek Ties
    Style  |  Accessories  
    I love these Star Trek Ties( Original Crew, Ship in Space, Original Series Crew, Star Trek Captains; Pic from left to right) from the Tieguys. I browsed their site, Add one Star Wars(Yoda Video) tie that I loved. Just 4 Star Trek Ties add 1 Star Wars Tie.
    Rogue Status Gun Show T-shirt
    Style  |  Apparel  
    Rogue Status's Gun Show T-shirt(GBP 37; about $74). The guns T-shirt. The classic Rogue Status design, The Gun Show T-shirt. Machine gun design screen printed all over. Cool!
    The Milan Silver
    Style  |  Wallet  
    The Milan Money Clamp($100) holds up to 20 bills like a money clip but also has a leather wallet with seven pockets for credit cards. The Milan Silver Money Clamp shown here is a silver-plated aluminum hinged Money Clamp/leather wallet. It also can be used with the wallet or alone.
    Beer Belly Belt
    Style  |  Accessories  
    Forget your bottle opener? Open the beers with your Beer Belly Belt($15)! This heavy web belt measures 54 inches and is trimmable and adjustable. Coo!
    Tube Belts
    Style  |  Accessories  
    Tube Belts($70) made from the recycling inner tubes of the bicycle. Wow! A good idea and green. Because it is very elastic and flexible. They handmade by a Switzerland company. Their products included the tube of street bike in 40mm, race bike in 35mm and downhill bike in 50mm.The tube with the shine stainless steel buckle, became a cool belt! [ Thanks, Steve ]
    Katharine Hamnett YOU ME Hoodie
    Style  |  Apparel  
    You in the front, me in the back. It is art hoodie show you love him?! Katharine Hamnett YOU ME Hoodie(EUR 78; about $115). It is a Katharine Hamnett vintage 80's reissue hoodie. Features super-soft, 100% organic cotton jersey.
    Gucci I-Gucci Watch
    Style  |  Watch  
    I love this style and digital Gucci I-Gucci Watch($1,295). It is sleek. Housed polished stainless steel case and packed a black rubber strap with steel deployment buckle and GG lining, integrated circuit engraving on the caseback. It features digital time with dual time zone and city code indicator; sapphire crystal; water resistant to 3 ATM (100 feet).
    Space Invaders Caps
    Style  |  Hat  
    We have seen the Pacman Caps, This time we will see the Space Invaders Caps(JPY 6,090; about $55). By Taito and New Era, pixelated SPACE INVADERS characters embroidered on 59Fifty fitted ball caps. There are seven styles in the collection including over personal favorite, "GAME OVER".
    Beard Wear
    Style  |  Accessories  
    Beard Wear for anyone who ever wanted to try a beard! It is fun. Made by 100% wool.
    EVA Flip-Flops
    Style  |  Shoe  
    The EVA Flip-Flops($2.5) is made of a piece EVA foam material. It is a clever design. " One element of surprise is that it can be disassembled for storage. This flip flops provides a huge imprint area and has an added durability with its EVA foam material. "
    Vurt Censored Hoodie
    Style  |  Apparel  
    Hands signs all-over front side(included 16 hands signs), middle finger is bleeped out! Vurt Censored Hoodie($50) includes logo-pull zip front, drawstring hood, two hand pockets with ribbed hem & cuff detail.
    BBC Robot Beanie
    Style  |  Hat  
    The BBC Robot Black Beanies(EUR 135). They are cute. If you like them? Available in blue and black colors.
    Monster Hoodies
    Style  |  Apparel  
    The Monster Hoodies(Preorder; Shipping in February 1;2008; $60), weat it play with your naughty kids or just cool! They inclued the green dinosaurus, shark, Neko Gato, Monster Kun. They sported hand-sewn teeth and hand-glued eyes. Cute.
    Chair Clothing
    Style  |  Apparel  
    Mina Wu has created a series of garments that can both be worn and put on a chair. Thus, a person can be turned into a chair, and vice versa. Check more see big pics.
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    Security Briefs
    Style  |  Apparel  
    If you will hide the moneys in your briefs. This Security Briefs($6). It with a pouch at the front, I think I will hide a condom in it. A good idea, I will never forget it. Just a joke! And remind you that remember take out the moneys before you throw it into washing machine.
    Colour Cage Hoodie
    Style  |  Apparel  
    You just wear this Colour Cage Hoodie(EUR 180), you will not forget your markers. It is 100% Cotton hoodie with yellow velcro detail and detachable highlighters and felt tip markers.
    Garmin Forerunner 405
    Style  |  Watch  
    The Garmin Forerunner 405, its baby packed GPS and the ability for users to wirelessly sync with a PC using ANT+Sport technology. The Garmin Forerunner 405($300) can record data regarding speed, distance, heart rate and location as well as info about courses, goals and specific workouts to help them train more efficiently. Users can even send your 405 data to another wirelessly. And if that wasn't cool enough, the computer will sync with the watch as soon as the user enters the room. The Forerunner 405 will be sometime later this year.
    Nooka Creatures Of The Night
    Style  |  Watch  
    Nooka blog announced new line of urban - Creatures Of The Night($250; Jan 2008). The camouflage color nooka. It inspred the "grey/urban animals"¨Cpigeons, rats, mice, bats and cats. It inclued urban jungle grey, balmy army green, crooklyn remix colors. The face is the Nooka Zen-H, stainless steel case back, PU band with butterfly closure, mineral crystal, 5ATM waterproof, and EL backlight.
    New Era x Namco Pacman Caps
    Style  |  Hat  
    If you have a Pacman Maze Cloth, today we add Pacman Caps(JPY 6,090; about $55) for the Pacman game fans. New Era and Namco got together to create these Pacman caps. They bring the yellow Pacman Logo, Cherry and Monster 3 patterns caps.
    Tokidoki LP Watch
    Style  |  Watch  
    The Tokidoki LP Watch($165) record on the turntable face of the watch spins around and around every second that goes by. Time can be shown to the left of the record.
    Neckpiece T-Shirt
    Style  |  Apparel  
    The cool Neckpiece T-Shirt($34)! A girl want to get rid of your T-shirt. Available in White/Lumberjack, White/Shemagh and White/Plaid colorways.
    Tokyoflash Mugen Watch
    Style  |  Watch  
    This Mugen Watch(JPY 6,900; about $60) comes from the famous Tokyoflash. It is really cool! Mugen (meaning "infinity" in Japanese) is the second watch by Futara Studio. Available in black, silver colors with a mirrored blue LCD display it tells the time via a series of spiraling blocks. "Around the outer edges are 60 segments, indicating 1 minute each. They are grouped in 10's so it's easy to tell the time at a glance. The inner spiral of blocks represent 1 hour each." By the way it has good price, I like this.
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    Hello Kitty Contact Lenses
    Style  |  Accessories  
    This photo of a young lady modeling Hello Kitty contact lenses The cute contact lenses, I see the comments, some guys doubt it is made by photoshop. If it can be buyed, it is really cool!
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