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    EFF NSA Spying Shirts
    Style  |  Apparel  
    I love this NSA logo parody - fight against illegal spying shirt.
    The EFF's new NSA Spying Shirts($65+) by Hugh. "we produced a new graphic to accompany our new case against the government, Jewel v. NSA, challenging the Bush administration's illegal spying program. The graphic is a retooling of the NSA's logo, featuring a glowering eagle using his talons to illegally plug into the nation's telecommunications system. By popular demand, we have made our NSA logo parody available on a t-shirt! It's only available with a membership donation of $65 or more -- money that will be put to work in the fight against illegal spying."
    Style  |  Apparel  
    The W-41's T-shirt(EUR 35-40; about $50) comes with a logo which includes this girls(guys)'s info(your MySpace page, Blog URL) that you can read it via the cellphone's app(you can download from w-41 website). If you see a cute girl with the W-41 T-shirt, you can take the logo photo with your camera phone and read by your phone, if you like this idea? You just buy any clothing available on the W-41 site that has this special logo on it, unique to only you with personal info and literally walk around with your social identity heart on your sleeve. I think it is a good way for you don't want to directly give him(her) phone number, give him a logo photo? cool?
    Steampunk Goggles
    Style  |  Accessories  
    The Steampunk Goggles - Titanium and Brass Photochromatic, Variable-Aperture Goggles looks really cool! By Mike Brown.
    "Some numbers: The leather is actually bolted to the eyepieces, using 48 tiny bolts plus another four for the nosepiece. The leather was chosen for the tanning process which should give it a klife of a few thousand years.
    Ditto the eyepieces, which are machines from titanium and coated with Titanium Nitride. Predicted lifespan: 500 years plus. There are even brass eyelets in the leather eyecups to stop the lenses steaming up.
    Mike put in a few nice extras, too. The sliders in each eyepiece close the leaf-apertures inside, which will cut out light and also sharpen your eyesight, just like a pinhole camera. The lenses themselves react to light and get darker the brighter it is.
    TV Watch by Paul Frank
    Style  |  Watch  
    I love this Paul Frank watch - Robot Dance($60)! It uses the Paul Frank's hands as the hour and music hand, I like this design.
    Proboscian Sippy Mask
    Style  |  Accessories  
    See this mask, Cool! The Proboscian Sippy Mask($TBA) is made of coiled, sewn, polyester horsehair braid. It has a drinking tube up the proboscis because nothing irritates more than having to remove your mask each time you'd like a sip of something tasty at a party. It is sold out now, you may can contact the seller to make one for you.
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    The 2008 Victoria Secret Fantasy Bra
    Style  |  Accessories  
    The 2008 Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra($5,000,000) has been unveiled. Yes, $5,000,000 US! Cost $5,000,000, you can buy this bra with 3,575 black diamonds, 117 certified one carat white round diamonds and 34 rubies and two black diamond drops weighing a total of 100 carats swing down from the bra. Total carat weight,1500ct! It is named Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra, modeled by Adriana Lima. Created by jeweler Martin Katz.
    Madonna Chanel Gun Shoes
    Style  |  Design  
    Madonna wore the new Chanel shoes, complete with pistol-shaped heels at her her "Filth & Wisdom" NYC premiere. The gun shoes from the Chanel Spring 2009 Cruise Collection. The shoes, which come in different styles including black and silver, will retail for $2,200. I like this gun shoes, Cool!
    Ambush Beethoven Rings
    Style  |  Accessories  
    I love these Ambush's Beethoven series rings. This Beeeeethoven series jewelrys inclue rings($200) and pendants($220) with the head of Beethoven and availble in style colors. Cool? Love them? Now you can order them at the Fruition LV.
    Ambush, the Japanese jewelry brand by M-Flo of Japanese group Teriyaki Boyz.
    RGB Rainbow Glasses
    Style  |  Design  
    The RGB Rainbow Glasses's transparent frame are hollow and fill with color ink. If you want to change the glasses's color, you just fill with different ink color. It is just a concept, designed by Luis Porem. A good idea!
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    Fangdana Bandana
    Style  |  Accessories  
    We have seen Mustache Handkerchief and Capital Bandana. Now you have the Fangdana Bandana(GBP 10; about $20) for the coming Halloween. A quick Halloween costume at the last minute! Made from a Cotton / Polyester blend, which is breathable and won't crease up.
    Star Wars R2-D2 Backpack
    Style  |  Bag  
    The Star Wars R2-D2 Backpack($65) for Star Wars fans. This R2 backpack too over or cool!
    i5hot Glove
    Style  |  Accessories  
    We have seen the i5hot Glove free hand disign. Now they are available. The i5hot Gloves(EUR 39; about $83) features have button holes on the thumb and index fingers let you free stay warm and keep in touch for your gadgets. You can also check out a US version - the freehands for $20-$40.

    Rasp Ring
    Style  |  Accessories  
    A funny ring. The Rasp Ring(EUR 59; about $80) made of stainless steel with a partial sapphire rasp coating. The nail file designed as a as a ring, I love it!
    Style  |  Accessories  
    I love it! Shuella is an umbrella made to save your shoes from bad weather. Designed for those times when you go about wearing your best leather shoes and then it starts to rain. They look pretty and stylish. You will never wet your high heels in the rain day. They come in regular shoe sizes and black, pink, yellow green colors.
    Temperature Sweater
    Style  |  Apparel  
    The Sweater with the LED thermometer, a simple and clever design. You will know if put on it. It is not only a design, the Temperature Sweater($TBA) is actually for sale.
    "A snug, fleece sweater sports a radiant yet discreet temperature-display on each sleeve (one in Fº and one in Cº). "
    Auguste Reymond Braille Hi-Touch
    Style  |  Watch  
    Now you can read the time by touch raised hour-markers and special hand. For the blind or visually impaired. The Auguste Reymond's Braille Hi-Touch($TBA) that allow those visual impared with a way to read time with their fingertips via raised hour-markers and special hands. "A hinge at 10 o'clock gives access to a dial with raised hour-markers and special hands for a tactile reading of the time."
    Bulletproof Polo Shirt
    Style  |  Apparel  
    If the bulletproof handkerchief can not protect you, now you can wear a bulletproof Polo. The $12,000 anti-ballistic polo shirt made of ultra-lightweight bulletproof fabric by Colombian designer Miguel Caballero. Caballero called it the "Armani of armor". When you wear it, you will look like wear a regular Polo shirt. The polo-shirt is able to resist bullet-fire ranging from a 9mm pistol to an Uzi submachine gun. Even if the 600 rounds-per-minute Uzi only hits your Polo covered torso, you're gonna end up so bruised you'll look like one of those purple Ribena berries. This bulletproof Polo shirt is a part of his "Black Collection" line. Now available from Harrod's of London. I think the Obama will like it.
    Halloween and Special Effects Contact Lenses
    Style  |  Accessories  
    We have knowed the Fxeyes's awesome contact lenses. Today you will see more awesome contact lenses, Halloween and Special Effects Contact Lenses($TBA). In their website, included over 130 styles. I like the Smiley Contact Lenses.
    Pacman Pie Chart
    Style  |  Apparel  
    A funny T-shirt, the Pacman Pie Chart T-Shirt($24), by Reece Ward.
    I Hate People Tee
    Style  |  Apparel  
    I love this I Hate People Tee($22)! For them who hates people.
    Mega Man Helmet Knitted Hat
    Style  |  Hat  
    This Mega Man Knitted Hat makes me laugh! If you love it? It inspired by the Mega Man, known as Rockman. By Trinity, she knitted for his friend Paul. If you want to knitted one for the future winter, you can check out Trinity's blog which includes detailed step, or check out more.
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    Giles Deacon Does Pac Man
    Style  |  Design  
    I loved a Pac-Man Hoodie ever. This is not the first time, fashion designer Giles Deacon does the 80's Pac Man games in his Spring/Summer 2009 collection. In his Spring/Summer 2009, the models came storming down the runway in odd Pac Man helmets, or the Pac Man embroidered dress (eating a pill) on Jessica Stam. Cool! I love his design.
    However, the styling and production of his Spring Summer 2009 runway show, the floor of which was painted with the familiar graphic imagery of the 80's video game pac man, was anything but conservative. In an homage to Midway's Pac Man video game, every few models to strut down the runway wore large metal headgear which emulated the pac man characters.
    See his entire Spring/Summer '09 Collection, here and check out more.
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    i5hot Glove
    Style  |  Design  
    i5hot glove is a pure cashmere glove made for using touch and press buttons portables like iphone, PDAs, cameras, and to be always IN TOUCH with a secure grip with your handled objects.
    In fact there's no better grip than your skin's grip. When friction counts, you'll be able to put out your index and thumb fingers and click, or tap, or scrab... ehm..
    Flower Pot Ring
    Style  |  Design  
    It caught my eyes! The Flower Pot Ring by allison wells. You can check it out more nature jewellery from here. Don't forget water your flower ring!
    Pixel XX T-shirt
    Style  |  Apparel  
    The Pixel XX T-shirt($32) is cool! But If you have courage to wear it in the street?
    The Average Day by Mr Jones Watch
    Style  |  Watch  
    This Average Day watch(GBP 100; about $200) eschews the conventional division of a day into 24 hours, instead it divides into units of median daily routine. Designed by Crispin Jones. I love this design, this watch is produced as a signed limited edition of 100 pieces, each watch has its edition number engraved on the back of the case.
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    VPILF T-Shirt
    Style  |  Apparel  
    VPILF (Vice President I'd Like to F@ck), some guys will like this T-shirt! [ link ]
    Broken Image T-Shirt
    Style  |  Apparel  
    Still waiting for that shirt image to load? The Broken Image T-Shirt($17) with the broken image as the T-shirt's image. Cool design!
    Obama Force One
    Style  |  Shoe  
    Jim Lasser created the Obama Force One, the left shoe bears the world "A black man runs, and a nation is behind him." The right shoe prints a likeness of Obama. Prints will be sold along with OF1 shoes. It was a part of Jimm Lasser's The Dunk on McCain exhibition at , Portland, Oregon. The opening night included special prints created with the shoe soles for sale.
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