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    Taipan Shadow Notebook Bag
    Style  |  Bag  
    The Taipan Shadow Notebook Bag($80) has a zippered trolley pass-through, which is a flap that lets you slide the bag over the handle of a rolling suitcase and the strap is made from seatbelt webbing.
    New Era x Star Wars Cap Collection
    Style  |  Hat  

    These New Era x Star Wars Fitted Caps are really Cool, including all of your favorite characters of Star Wars. Available in New Era store Japan.

    Metallic Tyvek Bags
    Style  |  Bag  
    These reuseable Metallic Tyvek bags($20) are perfect for the holiday shopping. Available in silver or gold.
    Message Messenger Bag
    Style  |  Bag  
    With a giant message icon, the Cool Message Messenger Bag by Nathan Leon of 25togo design, from Yanko store for $130.
    "With an email icon on one side and an air mail envelope on the other, this bag is a wearable metaphor for a message"
    Red Cross Shower Cap
    Style  |  Design  
    Red Cross Shower Cap by Propaganda.
    Trolley Luggage by Samsonite and Micro Scooter
    Style  |  Bag  
    Samsonite Trolley Luggage features a built-in folding scooter from Micro Mobility. The Trolley Luggage is perfect for "like myself who, at trade shows like CES, must walk miles (miles!) with packs full of gear just to bring you guys the freshest news." This cool Trolley luggage gives us more funs at the airport.
    Kenton Sorenson Leather Dopp Kit
    Style  |  Bag  
    I like this Kenton Sorenson Dopp Kit($110), unique!
    "This dopp kitt is hand made in Wisconsin using natural leather that will develop an amazing deep golden brown color with regular use. The kit has a simple leather wrap around tie closure that can also be used to keep the kit open while in use.
    Pacman Ring Set
    Style  |  Accessories  
    The Pacman Ring Set($106)  by Etsy saler luckyduct.
    The series consists of four rings- One with a big shiny flat sterling silver pacman soldered to the top, and the following three with black onyx cabochons.
    Note:She need to clean her thumb before taking the pictures.
    The Business Polo
    Style  |  TShirt  
    If you want to a cool Polo Shirt? The cool Business Polo($25) features the Big Richard Logo
    The red logo says: “I’m in charge here.” It says, “I’m passionate about what I’m doing.” It says, “I’m the man, and I know it.” And you are the man.
    Available in red and orange.
    Beware Wet Pixels
    Style  |  TShirt  
    The Beware Wet Pixels T-Shirt by Ryan Hurley.
    The design features a pixelated paint bucket symbol spilling paint down the top. It is named in homage to the late great, Alan Fletcher.
    Black Rhino Kiss Hoodie
    Style  |  Apparel  
    I am impressed by its impossibly long tongue! The Black Rhino Kiss Hoodie($98) by Marc Ecko, so cool.
    "A tribute to Kiss, one of the most recognized American rock bands...and bassist Gene Simmons' who constantly flaunted his impossibly long tongue. Zips all the way up to reveal a fully-made up Gene Simmons demon character with tongue graphic, PVC inserts and elbow patches. Split kangaroo pocket, rib knit sleeve cuffs and hem. Large Kiss logo across the back."
    Hi and your name is
    Style  |  TShirt  
    Hi, and your name is? T-Shirt($6) by Bryan. For the next party!
    Magic Paint Bucket Tie
    Style  |  Accessories  
    Splash a little color onto your fancy outfits with this iconic bit of neckwear. One click and it fills to the edges. These microfiber ties($34/each) are hand-printed with the icon of the Magic Paint Bucket of PS, Cool.
    Japan SelfDefense Force Sunglasses
    Style  |  Accessories  
    This Japan Self-Defense Force Sunglasses($317) are officially endorsed by the Japanese military due to their ultra strong lens! Its lens will not fracture even if it is hit at 171km/h (106mph) by a 0.3" diameter object - that's just how strong it is, and also its lens will not shatter if a 500g piece of iron dropped on it from 1.27m.  It looks cool!
    Human Tooth Ring
    Style  |  Jewelry  
    The Human Tooth Ring by Australian silversmith Polly van der Glas, awesome!
    "All works are handmade in Melbourne, with sterling silver, human hair and human teeth. Human teeth are locally donated and sterilised, and human hair is either locally donated or sourced from India and China.

    Teeth are particularly difficult to come by, so any donations are gratefully accepted.
    Washboard Necktie
    Style  |  Accessories  
    Let's make some funs while at work.
    The Washboard Necktie($20) is unique, made of stainless steel, it measures 18 inches long by 4 inches wide. It can be clipped on to your shirt, and including a pair of thimbles for strumming, Cool tie!
    Black Rhino Jason Hoodie
    Style  |  Apparel  
    For $98, a Jason Hoodie by Marc Ecko. Cool, but who will wear it?
    "Channel the terror of Crystal Lake in this "Jason" hoodie from the Friday the 13th series by Marc Ecko. Bloody full zip-up hoodie with breathing holes and mesh eyeholes for visibility. Four button flap pockets, flocking, leather straps and metal rivets, rib knit sleeve cuffs and hem. "
    Tugo Luggage Cup Holder
    Style  |  Accessories  
    Tugo($10) is a cup holder that attaches right to the handles of your rolling luggage. It keeps your drink suspended between the upright handles of your rolling bagand and lets you keep your coffee close at hand.
    Alien Autopsy

    Alien Autopsy
    Style  |  TShirt  
    The Alien Autopsy T-shirt($18) by Chris Rowson. Really Cool!
    American Apparel Emergency Bag
    Style  |  Accessories  
    The American Apparel Emergency Bag is a water resistant tote and tucks into a self-contained pouch, with three inside pockets. Available in two sizes: medium($24) and large($30). Cool.
    Bread Shoes
    Style  |  Shoe  
    Shoes are made of bread, eatable, Cool shoes, the Bread Shoes(€27), so cute!
    "eatable…dries itself… made from bread...first in fashion… needs no pressing…feels good in dry climate …won’t sag"
    HalfBust Corsets
    Style  |  Apparel  
    This Antiseptic Fashion's Hypsipyle leather corset($600) is smoldering hot and only covers one breast for the adventurous, wow!
    Playable Sonic Fabric Neckties Made from Old Audio
    Style  |  Accessories  
    These Sonic Fabric neckties($90/each) is make from sonic fabric, which is woven from 50% recorded audio cassette tape(used) and 50% colored thread the fabric is actually audible if you run a tape head over it!(Youtube link).
    You will need to rip apart an old Walkman, you free the playhead from the player and then rub it over the fabric, with the headphone you will hear the music of the fabric. It contains the designer’s own music, a soundscape of samples grabbed from the NYC metro system.(watch the video after more!)
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    Davy Crockett Hats
    Style  |  Hat  
    The Davy Crockett Hats($50+) are made with prime quality fur from northern Canada. They feature a full fur exterior and include a genuine fur tail.
    Rock Guitar Shirt
    Style  |  TShirt  
    The thinkgeek's Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt($30) includes its own mini amplifier and special magnetic pick on shirt, you just cranked the volume to 11 and started to rock.
    "it is a real musical instrument that allows you to play your favorite songs and sound great doing it. All major chords are recorded from a real electric guitar, and the included magnetic pick allows you to strum just like you would a real guitar. The included mini amp clips to your belt and gets plenty loud with great sounding amplification circuitry."
    Clot Terror Parka For Halloween

    Clot Terror Parka For Halloween
    Style  |  Apparel  
    The Clot's Terror Parka is for Halloween. It is a shortsleeve hoodie comes with a hidden Clown mask in the hood. A good idea, you can hide your face in a Clown face hoodie for that special evening. if you want to one, you can purchase from Clot's ONLINE STORE or you guess who this person is behind this terror parka for a chance to win one, and leave your name and your email, address at Clot blog, the person's photos jump more.
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    Goldplated Staples

    Goldplated Staples
    Style  |  Accessories  
    The 14 Karat Goldplated Staples by Studio OOOMS.
    Intended primarily as a form of jewelry, these luxury pieces can be applied to clothing (or just about anything) with the help of your average stapler. Of course you can also impress your boss by turning in your next report decked out in gold. He will feel you.
    Balloon Boy T-shirt

    Balloon Boy T-shirt
    Style  |  TShirt  
    Now the Balloon Boy T-shirt($20) is available on here, Cool!
    The R2D2 Hoodie
    Style  |  Apparel  
    This R2D2 Hoodie($92) comes from Etsy seller frosti's shop. Frosti described it "the awesomeness of this hoodie". But now it's only avaiable in XL. If you like this hoodie? I won't purchase it, but maybe someone will like it. For Star Wars fans!
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