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    Fizz Saver Dispenser
    Home  |  Accessories  
    The Fizz Saver Dispenser($13) is a coool tap for soda. Simply twist dispenser onto the top of a plastic 2-liter bottle, then invert the bottle to dispense drinks into your glass. Fizz will last until the bottle is empty. I like it!
    Alphabet Ice
    Home  |  Accessories  
    I like this idea, the Alphabet Ice($30), you can use your name's letter to know from cups. The Alphabet Ice trap made out of black silicone, pretty much everything can be turned into letters here... The set includes three trays for the entire alphabet.
    The Offering Wall Sculpture
    Home  |  Accessories  
    Let the hands hold your remotes, iPods, cellphone, keys... The Offering Wall Sculpture($30), cast in quality designer resin and hand-painted in a realistic flesh tone, our Toscano exclusive "handily" holds bath towels, soap, candles, jewelry - or even your remote controls.
    DayBed by Manuelsaez
    Home  |  Seating  
    Are you boring of your computer desk? Manuelsaez designed this DayBed workstation. The daybed is a modern lounge chair and ottoman with an ergonomically designed laptop computer support. Designed with total comfort in mind for light home office use, the daybed helps to prevent the discomfort and possible injury associated with long-term use of laptop computers in unhealthy postures, such as at a coffee table or while lounging on a sofa.
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    Eight Hours of Fame Pillowcase
    Home  |  Accessories  
    The Eight Hours of Fame Pillowcase($TBA). Nothing like the TV to make you fall asleep! Reset your head inside the TV image to encourage dreams of fame and fortune!
    Gun Rack Organizer
    Home  |  Store  
    I love this Gun Organizer($100), made of acrylic. Available in black and white colors.
    "Here's an organizer/rack unit designed to be mounted by the door to hold your keys and mail/netflix/etc. Machine gun with a girl swinging on the barrel and a flock of birds flocking in the distance. Key's hang off the birds, gun or girl swinging. Pieces can be arranged for more or less shelf space or to sit closer to the wall.
    Tea Bag Coffin by Jonas Trampedach
    Home  |  Design  
    This design caught my eyes. The Tea Bag Coffin by Jonas Trampedach.
    "Consequently he has developed a solution to the bag dilemma that is as simple as it is ingenious. With the 'Tea bag Coffin', the drinker can tidily bury the bag under the cup and out of the way."
    Rotato Express
    Home  |  Kitchen  
    I hate peeling, see this machine! Rotato Express($30) automatically peels potatoes, fruits and other vegetables in seconds. Puts an end to thick peels and waste. Simply skewer potato on bottom spike and lower the top spike. Then, push the button to start peeling ĘC automatically stops when complete. Skin peels off in one continuous piece. Ultra safe design with no need to hold or touch while peeling. Use four AA batteries.
    Lego Salt Pepper Shaker
    Home  |  Accessories  
    The LEGO brick salt and pepper shakers($5), Cool! But I don't like their colors, is it better they are red, blue colors?
    Ligne Roset Everynight Sofa-Bed
    Home  |  Seating  
    The Ligne Roset Everynight Sofa-Bed($TBA) is a three-part bed(sofa). The seat and back are linked by a mechanism which offers three positions(horizontal / intermediate / upright). A thermo-compressed foam sheet is supplied to protect the seat when unfolded on the ground. As its name "Everynight ", for the good sleep Everynight.
    Home  |  Outdoor  
    The BabyQ designed by Germany based designer Erik Lieberenz. I love this design, it is a mini BBQ. Now you can have a barbecue at your home's table. It is small enough to fit in your bag. "Each half is made from stainless steel, and nests together when not being used. It even comes with a little coal sack to neatly carry your charcoal with you." If you like it, you can contact the designer.
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    Rainman Carafe
    Home  |  Design  
    The Rainman Carafe by Matilda Sunden Ringner. I love this design!
    Igor Pinigin
    Home  |  Lighting  
    The Ukraine-based designer Igor Pinigin has designed some very cool lamps! The picture lamp called Anemona changes its positon by the heavy balls that fill its base. Igor Pinigin also designed an egg light. Check out see more pics.
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    Surreal Minimalism
    Home  |  Seating  
    By Austria-based designer David Pompa. This collection of furniture is called Surreal Minimalism. This chair with very cool chair feet, yes, the really looking feet! These chairs have different metal bases and upholstered seats. Check out see more.
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    Table Tap
    Home  |  Design  
    By Dutch designer Arnout Visser, Cool! Obviously inspired by the tools of laboratories.
    Home  |  Kitchen  
    The Ovetto($TBA) is an egg-shaped cutting board has a practical hole that helps you easily put the cutting food into small containers or cooking pans.
    Double Up
    Home  |  Seating  
    Like a flower, Double Up($TBA) opens up in order to give infinite aesthetic solutions. Cool and beautiful.
    Ludus Sofa
    Home  |  Seating  
    The Ludus Sofa($TBA) incorporates a library shelf, which can serve as a practical storage space for books or all other items you need. I love this design!
    Christmas Cross Light
    Home  |  Lighting  
    The American Family Association is selling the Christmas Cross light($81) for the Christmas Season. "This beautiful Christmas Cross is 5.5 feet tall, with 210 individual ultra bright lights. " It is just a light, I have not word to say it.
    War Bowl
    Home  |  Accessories  
    The War Bowl made by melting model soldiers. There are two versions: the blue Battle of Waterloo, Half British Artillery, half French Infantry and the white 'English Civil War' War Bowl. By Dominic Wilcom. If you want to buy it, you can contact the Thorsten van Elten.
    Godfather Spaghetti Measuring Device
    Home  |  Kitchen  
    The Godfather Spaghetti Measuring Device($50) looks like brass knuckles. The measuring holes for child, one, couple, triplets and many... Designed by David-Louis.
    Skeleton Table
    Home  |  Design  
    Wow, see this Skeleton Table, by Paul Insect. Featuring this skeleton all fours with stilleto heels and Playboy cufflinks, the skull has bunny ear supporting a glass table.
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    Digital Thermometer Frying Pan
    Home  |  Kitchen  
    If you need to know your pan's temperature and what is the too much heat? The Digital Thermometer Frying Pan($50) packed a thermometer with readout in the handle of pan which can show temperature in degrees Fahrenheit and Celcius.
    So, now when the recipe calls for "medium-high heat", and the pan reads "400 degrees F", and your traditional Oaxacan Platanos Asados come out just right, you can mark down in the margins the precise temperature, and get it right every single time. Science - it's all about being able to duplicate results. So is cooking!
    • 20cm (7.8 inch) diameter Dupont-nonstick skillet
    • Thermometer in the pan with readout in the handle
    • Shows temperature in degrees Fahrenheit and Celcius (Sorry, no Kelvin!)
    • Readout removable for easy cleaning
    • Thick-gauge stainless steel exterior for even heat
    • Dishwasher safe (by removing the readout)
    • Works on direct heat (gas, electric, halogen) and induction cooktops
    Fetus Cookie Cutter
    Home  |  Kitchen  
    The Fetus Cookie Cutter($10), Cool?
    At last, EVERYBODY can have "one in the oven" with the deliciously disturbing Fetus Cookie Cutter!
    Infra Red Hairbrush
    Home  |  Appliance  
    The Infra Red Hairbrush(GBP 13; $20) just heats your hair in curls? It features delivers invigorating vibration massage and infrared heat as you brush, increasing blood circulation to the hair follicles. Can also be switched to massage-only or heat-only mode. It with heat-only mode, so it can heat your hair. Powered by 2 AAA batteries.
    Golden Bathtub by Gruppo Treesse
    Home  |  Bath  
    Wow, the golden bathtub. By Gruppo Treesse from the Epoca custom bathtub series. My favorite is this golden claw foot tub, is called Epoca Foglia Oro. Cool?
    S.O.S. Sinking Bowl
    Home  |  Design  
    S.O.S.[sinking bowl] is soup or serials bowl with a sinking plane or ship in the middle. When pour the milk or soup in bowl, it's look like a plane(ship) is sinking into the soup. Designed by studiobo. I have a better idea. Why not design a shark is cruising in the soup!
    Herb Scissors
    Home  |  Kitchen  
    It is difficult to cut your herb in quickly and pretty? This cool tool - Herb Scissors($10) helps you do it!
    "Snip the herbs you need quickly, neatly and right where you want with our Herb Scissors. The unusual blade design features a set of five, sharp 3-in. stainless steel blades that allow you to cut, chop, or mince herbs directly into a pan or over a plate for garnishing."
    Solar Clock
    Home  |  Clock  
    The Solar Clock(GBP 25; about $39) from Suck UK. A great idea, it will save your money to buy the batteries and green. Its internal battery charged by sun and comes with two sets of hands. Designed by Adrian Allen.
    "Supplied with two sets of hands (long & short) to give you the options of wall mounted or free standing. With a smart and simple solar panel on its front it's a far cry from the days of those dodgy calculators you had to crouch under a bright light to use. But as well as being functional this little clock has a clean and unfussy design that lets you stand it up whichever way you want."
    The Chair for Man
    Home  |  Seating  
    Haha, see this chair, fun, it is only designed for men, big pic. Maybe it can be used as the naked man's computer chair.
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