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    Samurai Sword Handle Umbrella
    Home  |  Outdoor  
    Fight the Rain! The Samurai Sword Handle Umbrella($30) with the handle of a samurai sword, I like it! It is a sturdy umbrella featuring push button opening and comes with a Nylon "scabbard" - with adjustable shoulder strap.
    Readers Nest
    Home  |  Store  
    Readers' Nest by WIS Design. I love this design, your books can be a nest, cute and functional. Readers' Nest is a simple but ingenious little shelf for all book lovers. Simply place the book up side down on top of the shelf, and you will easily find the page where you stopped reading. For both regular and pocket books.
    A Loft on the Lachine Canal
    Home  |  Design  
    Architects L. McComber designed this loft for the owners of the 700 square foot loft in Montreal, Canada. They needed to create a room for a newborn baby, so a suspended platform bed made of curved douglas fir plywood and tubular steel was created. I love the design of bed!
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    Sonic Bed
    Home  |  Furniture  
    This bed looks like a big Coffin? The Sonic Bed by Kaffe Matthews. It also includes a loudspeakers and subwoofers, Cool! Under the mattress of Sonic Bed there lies a network of loudspeakers including six very large subwoofers that produce very low frequencies that penetrate the body. The deeply sensuous immersion of Matthews' Sonic Bed offers a trance-like corporeal, audio experience that transcends current visual-aesthetic frameworks. I just want to say, "You can sleep like 'dead'." Click 2 enlarge!
    Book Shelf Lamp
    Home  |  Lighting  
    I have a habit of reading books before sleeping. The Book Shelf Lamp($40) features a base with built-in scrolling bookends keeping your literature neat. "Book Shelf Lamp keeps reading materials and instant light at your fingertips within arms length of your bed or sofa."
    Martin by i-bride
    Home  |  Design  
    The Martin by i-bride design studio. The Martin is a 'Mule' carry your chest! The burden of the animal is the working place, a secretaire, and the animal's structure can be used as an additional storage. I love this design. If you want to see more animal storage? Check out you will see a a bear called Joe was born in Milan in Spring 2007. The imposing volume of the polar bear turns out to be a bookshelf. Produced in 50 numbered collectors's items, Joe the polar bear bookshelf settled in prestigious places including Bernard Arnault's hotel "Cheval Blanc" and the SLS Hotel of Beverly Hills recently decorated by Philippe Starck. You can buy the Joe at here.
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    Hit it Furniture
    Home  |  Furniture  
    Now you can Hit each other ! Hit it by Johannes Hemann, Leslie Hildebrandt & Kai Linke.
    ''Hit it" is a series of furniture, consisting of a table and chairs. They resemble Saloon furniture from western movies, but the difference lies in the material. Hit It allows everyone to feel like a strong cowboy. Saloon fighting will now not only be fun, but safe.
    Grass-on Lamp
    Home  |  Lighting  
    Grass-on Lamp by Itlab. The 'lantern' made of synthetic grass completely recyclable and used low powered lamp. The cube structure of the lamp gives it added versatility, letting it rest on the floor, on a table, or suspended from the ceiling. A pretty and green cube lamp! And a good news, it will be soon in production.
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    Hot Plate
    Home  |  Kitchen  
    +/- Hot Plate by Ami Drach and Dov Ganchrow. Using silk-screened gold and amorphic metal films on ceramic plates, user just simply connect it to an electrical source, the current will run through the pattern(decoration) and keep the food warm.
    Mini Robo Vacuum
    Home  |  Kitchen  
    This Mini Robo Vacuum($20)is a fun kit on your kitchen table, Cool? Powered by 2 AA batteries. Simply press top button and it will begin to suck, pencil shavings, breadcrumbs or other debris and he'll sweep up.
    Home  |  Lighting  
    Maybe you have seen this floating Light Bulb. Today I featured it for likecooler who have not seen it before. See the video!
    "light bulb is a levitating yet powered lightbulb. It will float stably in midair and remain on for years without any physical contact, charging, or batteries. Ironically, with the levitation and wireless power circuitry both on, this entire package still consumes less than half the power of an incandescent bulb.
    This is not a trick or a photoshop manipulation. The bulb and the casing contain hidden circuitry [shown in figures] that uses electromagnetic feedback to levitate the bulb roughly 2.5" from the nearest object, and uses coupled resonant wireless power transfer to beam power from the housing into the bulb itself."
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    Shark Fin Ice Tray
    Home  |  Kitchen  
    I like this Shark Fin Ice Tray(GBP 6 about $8.25; March 2009). I want to add the shark fin ice cube to the drink when I am in the beach!
    Road Kill Carpet
    Home  |  Accessories  
    A Cool Capet! The Road Kill carpet($TBA; Spring 2009) features a car-flattened, bloody fox on the carpet! Made of 100% wool, designed by studio OOOMS. "Do you know the feeling that you do not want to take a look at something, but you still do? The Road Kill carpet is a continues struggle between attraction and repulsion. It's a warm, soft, cuddly carpet that attracts you to take a nap on it. But at the same time its a repulsive image of a car-flattened, bloody fox."
    The Stainless Steel Ofuro
    Home  |  Bath  
    The Stainless Steel Ofuro($20,000) looks like a cooking pot with three non-slip steps. This tub handcrafted in 14-gauge, 304-grade stainless steel with 18% chromium composition. The seat sits 15" from the bottom of the hand-buffed 3" thick, double-walled metal tub and built-in 18 air jets that can be maneuvered with a touch of button to spray high speed streams on your body to massage and relax your body.
    Cleanroom Chair Cabinet Chair
    Home  |  Furniture  
    Cleanroom Chair & Cabinet Chair by Ontwerpers. I love it! You can use your laptop at chairs, Cool!
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    Tina Pireira Filipe Coffee Table
    Home  |  Design  
    Coffee Table with stroller wheels by Dutch artist Tina Pireira Filipe.
    Human Skull Puzzle
    Home  |  Design  
    Human Skull Puzzle($30) by Noah Scalin as as a part of his Skull-A-Day project. A skull puzzle, I love this design!
    Human skull puzzle - 100% recycled cardboard
    Skull measures: 8 x 5 x 7 inches
    Limited Edition of 500 signed and numbered pieces in either white or brown.
    Design by Noah Scalin as a part of his Skull-A-Day project.
    A Shark In My Soup
    Home  |  Kitchen  
    We have featured a S.O.S. Sinking Bowl design! In that design, we said "Why not design a shark is cruising in the soup!". Now you can buy it, a A Shark in My Soup(EUR 55), by Apostolos Porsanidis. "There's a shark in my soup!!!"
    Pop Pillows By Matt Jones
    Home  |  Accessories  
    Pop Pillows by Spinning Hat. See at the designer Matt Jones. Cute and fun, with pillows silps that you just let your head on the pillow, it will be a funny picture on your bed. Cool! Available in Dead Tired, Angel & Devil or Noise Pollution. Click 2 enlarge!
    Storytime Rocker
    Home  |  Seating  
    If you will tell your child stories at night? Check out this Storytime Rocker($800).
    "Sit comfortably along side your baby or toddler in this wide seated rocker. Perfect for nursing, rocking baby to sleep, cuddling, reading stories, and napping. "
    Home  |  Bath  
    Tlalokc is a reusable water toilet! By Ariel Rojo. A green idea! This design combines modern and green.
    "Do you know that a tap with a leak of 10 drops per minute causes a waste of 2000 liters of water per year and a toilet consumes 4380 liters per year and a sink consumes an average of 3650 liters per person every year. Here's what designer Ariel Rojo has come up with to help you save 83% of water required for a toilet."
    The Hamburger Bed
    Home  |  Furniture  
    The Hamburger bed, fun! I want to sleep on it. From the Burger Bed's Facebook Page.
    Sophia Lamp
    Home  |  Lighting  
    Sophia Lamp designed by BabaAkcja. Sophia - 2in1 - lamp and storage, which is a new way of storing earrings. ¡°Because diamonds are a girl¡¯s best friend!¡±Perforated lamp shade allows you to hang your beautiful earrings. With these earrings, it will turn into a beautiful lamp. This idea inspired by Klementyna's mom, Zosia, who hanged her earring collection on a little, old table lamp. A good idea! This design will be made by Polish company VOX.
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    Chimney Cups
    Home  |  Design  
    The Chimney Cups designed by Trust design. As its name, obviously inspired by chimneys. Remind you environment pollution while you drinking coffee?
    A-Series Storage
    Home  |  Store  
    This shelf includes a series different size storages, called A-Series Storage. Cool!
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    Folding Rooftop
    Home  |  Building  
    This room with a Folding Rooftop, by a Germany based architect - Kalhofer - Korschildgen. Under the skylight, you can open a glass door, desks, a table, shelf... Cool, I love this project! Check out see more pics. Click 2 enlarge!
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    Savings Book
    Home  |  Accessories  
    I love it, you can place Savings Book($40) in the bookshelf, disguise it as a book.
    "Cleverly conceal your savings or anything important with this bank disquised as a book. The top features a slot for bills or coins and slides open for easy access to savings. Made of maple wood with a cloth binding."
    Danese Kada Stool
    Home  |  Design  
    The Kada Stool designed by Yves B¨¦har. A folding Kada that you can use as a stool and side table, I love this design!
    "The KADA is a transforming home product: from stool to side table, and even charging hub, it ships flat as folded panels and becomes structural origami, acquiring strength when folded. Kada is an exploration of our multi-faceted lives, and its flexibility and multiple usages are made to adapt and transform in ways that acknowledge our varied and changing needs. The numerous modes and surfaces contrast the complexity of life against the simplicity of the product's construction and assembly. "
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    K Workstation
    Home  |  Design  
    The K Workstation by New York based MisoSoup Design.
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