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    Hidden Bed
    This is the Hidden Bed. Completely Hidden. Located in Sydney, Australia, the Potts Point...
    SelfMaking Bed by OHEA
    This innovative smart bed by OHEA, a spanish furniture maker is an automated bed that straightens...
    Gingerdead Man Cookie Cutter
    "You can use the cutter to cut your cookie dough and then use the reverse to stamp a skeleton...
    Hush by Freyja Sewell
    "Hush” inspired by the womb, designed by Freyja Sewell, the graduate from University of...
    Natures Platform Guaranteed to support a 300pound man or
    Bath   /   Comments
    Res ipsa loquitur.Bonus: "Can be set up or removed in three seconds, so no one is...
    Toothbrush Features Integrated FountainMaking
    It’s a toothbrush that features a specially shaped tunnel and spout that redirects the flow...
    Pooping Dog Lamps by Whatshisname
    Pooping Dog Lamps by Uk artist Whatshisname. Cool
    Crumpled City Maps
    These Crumpled City Maps made from some sort of special technological material, these soft maps can...
    Chicken Footstool
    Chicken Footstool from thecitygirlfarm."Little Betty is handcrafted in Lyons, Kansas. Her...
    Fiore Sofa Set
    Fiore Sofa Set by B-alance. Look like a flower.
    Private Rocker Chair
    Private Rocker Chair designed by Cranbrook Academy of Art student Kyle Fleet in collaboration with...
    Room   /   Comments
    Bedclothes by Vadim Cherniy.
    Popup Transforming Chair
    Designed by Brussels-based Charlotte Lancelot. Popup is a light and versatile seat designed in...
    Twisted Tongs
    "Cool-lift tongs are designed for maximum versatility, comfort, and safety! They're perfect...
    hand + shovel = HandTrux :)
    The Mixtape Table
    Hand crafted by Jeff Skierka, the Mixtape table is a 12:1 scale replica of the real thing. The...
    iceberg tub
    iceberg tub, cool
    Number Mugs
    Each has a unique colorful reproduction of the numbers 1-9 as the handle on the mug.
    White TeepeeTent
    The Zippered Vents Sleeping Bag
    The sleeping bag($120) with zippered vents that let you cover only as much of your body as you...
    Ice Cream Cone Door Stop
    That's different."This door stop looks just like a classic soft serve cone that took an...
    Horizontal Shower
    Bath   /   Comments
    How about taking your shower while lying down horizontally? Horizontal Shower combines six water...
    FOLD Cutting Board
    Design by Brussels-based Charlotte Lancelot."Fold is a cutting board in polyethylene. Its...
    Fireplace Art
    For $110, Etsy seller JamesBit will custom-paint these awesome Zelda fire to size for...
    Bubbles Soapdish
    Bath   /   Comments
    Finally, bubbles that don't burst.15.7 x 12 x 2.3 cm.$13.50.
    Mama by Paratoner
    This rocking chair is called Mama. By Turkish studio Paratoner.
    fuck you table lamp by Andrea Maestri
    'fuck you! - table lamp' by milan-based designer Andrea Maestri.Made from aluminium, leather,...
    Hold On Tight Shelf
    Store   /   Comments
    Hold On Tight Shelf by Colleen Whiteley, good idea!
    The Drawlamp
    "The Drawlamp is a ceramic lamp where you can write or draw, and erase as many times as you...
    Haiku Fan
    This Haiku Fan(about $1,000) looks pretty. It is minimalism and efficiency. Three sleek and smooth...
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