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    Bioplastic Rain Poncho
    Other   /   Comments
    This biodegradable rain poncho(€15) is made out of potato starch. It is made out of over 20...
    Manifold Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    The hands of the Manifold Clock are connected by a colorful piece of tyvek, creating a 3D movement...
    Chinese student hatches an egg house
    Dai Haifei, 24, a newly graduated architect, decided to make his own egg-style home after being...
    Cursor Magnets
    Cool Hand Cursor Magnets for your refrigerator. $15
    Blow Sofa
    "Blow Sofa is perfect for people living a nomadic life style", haha! The sofa is made...
    DreiX A Balanced Shelf by Christian Kim
    Store   /   Comments
    The DreiX shelving designed by Christian Kim, features a unique spinning design that allows the...
    Pipe Wrench Coffee Table
    Pipe Wrench Coffee Table by Jonathan Niemuth."Inspired through working in construction, I...
    Emilie Cazis birdhouse
    Designed by Emilie Cazin, she created this Birdhouse to attract birds to her balcony on her...
    Staircase Storage
    Store   /   Comments
    Staircase by Danny Kuo."The most efficient way to build is vertically. Building vertically...
    Sway by Markus Krauss."Sway is a rocking chair with a padded seat and a steel rack. The shape...
    Cut Paste
    Cut & Paste cutting board by Klaus Häckl.
    Gigantic Domed City
    A Russian company has unveiled plans to built a 100,000-person domed city in an abandoned Mir...
    Pillow Remote Control
    The Pillow Remote Control from Brookstone."The sofa pillow with the distinctive difference -...
    wearable tent
    Wearable tent from Japan! Good idea? It looks awesome!
    Clouds and Umbrellas
    These clouds and umbrellas look sweet and beautiful!
    Lost In Sofa chair
    The the Lost In Sofa chair by design studio Daisuke Motogi Architecture. Items(remote, book, iPad,...
    Cloud Chair
    Design by Lisa Widén. This chair looks comfortable! A soft reclining chair that adapts to...
    LessMore Organizers
    Store   /   Comments
    A variety of minimal and modern desk organizers handmade from wood. The different styles can be...
    Bremont B1 Marine Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    Inspired by John Harrison's original Ships Chronometer Bremont is building a marine clock as a...
    Alphabetized Storage System
    Store   /   Comments
    Alphabetized Storage System from Lincoln Kayiwa.
    Note Me Pillow
    "Write and erase all the messages you want on this cushion. To erase remove pillowcase and...
    HOLON Lamp by acme design
    HOLON lamp generate flashes of inspirationsm, using only an ordinary 15 Watt light bulb with...
    Birdhouse roofing tiles by Klaas Kuiken
    Birdhouse roofing tiles by Klaas Kuiken.
    One Perfect Cube
    Clock   /   Comments
    [ video: ]Time lapse video showing the work running for 24 hours. The work "One Perfect...
    Floppy Disk Sticky Notes
    Floppy Disk Sticky Notes, these sticky notes look like the original 3.5″...
    The Slanket Armchair
    The Slanket Armchair from super ette, it looks like the sleep bag, perfect for watching TV at...
    Stowaway Bathtub
    Bath   /   Comments
    Stowaway's bath panel storage system. The opening panels on the sides of the bath create a discreet...
    Where is this house
    Where is this house, cool!
    flower egg
    flower shaped omelette, cool. 
    Arm Chair by Jamie Isenstein
    Crazy arm chair by Jamie Isenstein.
    Time Paper
    Clock   /   Comments
    Time Paper is the wall clock looks like a poster made by D-bros from Japan.
    DUMBO Underwater
    Inspired by issues relating to climate change, DUMBO Underwater imagines what it might feel like if...
    Order in Chaos Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    "Order in Chaos clock" by Jean Cocteau.The "Order in Chaos" clocks - is a vivid...
    Do Not Lose Me
    Do Not Lose Me by Hector Serrano studio."Do not lose" makes sure keys are there when you...
    Beautiful Steps
    Beautiful Steps by Lang Baumann. It looks dangerous while you walking on it.Beautiful steps...
    Moon lamps by inesartdesign
    Moon lamps is a "moon-like" lamp by in-es.artdesign. Happy Chinese Mid-autumn Day!
    Lazy Chair by Fresh West
    Lazy Chair by Fresh West is an experimental concept piece based upon small wooden animals toys held...
    NES Coffee Table
    This Cool NES Coffee Table has a fully functional gigantic controller that's stored in the...
    Samurai Sword Chopstick Sets
    The Samurai Sword Chopstick Sets from thinkgeek, they look like tiny katanas.
    Berry Black WallSticker
    Berry Black Wall Sticker($132.5) from Ferm Living."This intricate, natural design element...
    Cloud Shelves
    Store   /   Comments
    Super cute cloud shelves deisgned by Carl Hagerling. Called Hylla Cumulus.
    Sewing Kit WallSticker
    Arrange sewing seams along borders and corners to create humorous, artful designs nearly anywhere...
    The EarthquakeProof Bed
    A Chinese man named Wang Wenxi has designed an earthquake-proof bed. This high-tech bed can...
    Hand Fork and Hand Spoon
    The hand fork and hand spoon designed by Moe Furuya from mitsubai(Japanese).
    Tapi Turn Your Faucet Into A Water Fountain
    Tapi Tap Squeeze Drink Fountain($5 / each) is a simple device that turns almost any household...
    Disposable Flask
    "Discreetly BYO with this slim, disposable flask($5.5), made of flexible mylar, that's...
    Rain Level
    Good idea! The rain shoes from rain level.
    a walking table
    "Walking Table," as it is cleverly named, is human-powered, incorporating a mechanical...
    The true Stone House
    The ture stone house, in the montains of Fafe, Portugal. Check out watch a video of the house(no...
    Robert Therriens giant furniture
    Robert Therrien's giant furniture.
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