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    Rain Level
    Good idea! The rain shoes from rain level.
    a walking table
    "Walking Table," as it is cleverly named, is human-powered, incorporating a mechanical...
    The true Stone House
    The ture stone house, in the montains of Fafe, Portugal. Check out watch a video of the house(no...
    Robert Therriens giant furniture
    Robert Therrien's giant furniture.
    Dishrack designed by New York based company DBA."A dense concentration of rods useful for...
    Plate by Entresuelo1a
    Designed by Entresuelo1a. I love these plates!
    AHeirlooms United States cutting boards
    The United States cutting board by etsy seller AHeirloom. The Lone Star state,...
    ANYWAY Spray Bottle Works At Any Angle
    Traditional pump sprays have a problem that they only work upright.  Because the dip tube only...
    Diamond Lights
    Diamond Lights by Eric Therner, a new light bulb in the shape of a diamond, cool, on sale here.
    Suitcase Picnic Table
    A picnic table in a suitcase, Cool! A good idea, you can sit out in the park enjoy your...
    The Dualbrella
    The Dualbrella($40) from hammacher. Closed dimensions: 36" L x 2 3/4" W.
    East Village Studio
    East Village Studio project by Jpda. I love this design!"The East Village Studio renovation...
    lofi sofa
    Lo-Fi Sofa by Christiane Högner.
    Winestein($22) is a glass mug with wine stem on the inside, from zgallerie, I like it!
    Toy Lamp by Ryan McElhinney
    Toy Lamp made of recycled Toys by Ryan McElhinney. Made of recycled Toys which are bonded...
    Beer Savers
    Other   /   Comments
    Beer Savers($8/multi-color set of 6) are the silicone caps for beer bottles designed to keep beer...
    Egg Chair 1
    A 1968 design by Peter Ghyczy. Because you sure don't want to end up with a bad egg. Haha....
    Two Tops Secretary
    Designed in 2004 by Marcel Wanders, the Two Tops Secretary was born of a rather fortunate accident....
    Curly bed
    This curly bed is by Cuban artists Los Carpinteros.
    alteruse by Armin Fischer
    Alteruse by Armin Fischer.
    Plastic Bottle Island
    Guy makes an island out of plastic bottles! It's taken 2.5 years and he lives on the island.
    Saladbunny(£10)  by invotis orange. Cute!"This very cute but hungry bunny loves a...
    Darth Vader and Slave Leia Aprons
    These Darth Vader or Princess Leia aprons($25) available from the StarWarsShop.com starting August...
    Sleepy lamp
    Sleepy lamp by Studio Klass.
    Portable Watermelon Cooler Heater
    The Portable Watermelon Cooler and Heater(JPY 19,950 about $230) from...
    Vinyl Record Clocks RE_VINYL
    Clock   /   Comments
    The Clock made from recycled vinyl records, called RE_VINYL. By Pavel Sidorenko, a designer from...
    Clock for Night Owl
    Clock   /   Comments
    Clock for Night Owl designed by Tiancheng Luo.
    The Drum Light
    Sound Activated Drum Light designed by design studio 326. To turn it on and off, all you have to do...
    Nesting Knives by Mia Schmallenbach
    Designed by Brussels-based Mia Schmallenbach."Meeting is a set of kitchen knives: paring...
    Stanley Lunch Box Cooler Set
    It's your father's lunch box? This Stanley Lunch Box & Cooler Set($79) probably is your...
    PAY SIT Private Park Bench
    insert 0,50 EUR to sit. Created by designer Fabian Brunsing. Normally, it’s covered with...
    Bacon Air Freshener
    What could be better than the smell of sizzling bacon? Check out the Bacon Air Freshener($2.95)...
    We are Family Sofabed by Claus Molgaard
    The 'We are Family' Sofabed is designed by engineer, Claus Molgaard and Ole Jensen.'For the...
    Office Escape Box
    Cool picnic box from boxsal. "Each Boxsal is roomy enough to pack a bottle of wine, some hors...
    Apron Cooking Guide
    The Apron Cooking Guide(coming soon) from SUCK UK. Designed by John Caswel. "Apron full of...
    Wet Circuits Waterproof Power Strip
    Wet Circuits has released a waterproof power strip, that functions even when comes in contact...
    Side Chair
    Side Chair by Loris & Livia"This small chair of solid oak can be used in a hallway, a...
    Buckle Up Key Holder
    The Buckle Up key holder(£15) is made from discontinued car seat buckles, and it is designed...
    Ice Straws
    Other   /   Comments
    The Ice Straws($10) make your drink cooler!This unique food-grade silicone ice tray lets you make...
    Sacrificial Chair
    Sacrificial Chair by Punga & Smith.
    Dyson Releases Two New Air Multiplier Fans
    If you remember Dyson's Air Multiplier fans? They use their Air Multiplier to blow a nice...
    The Front Back Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    The Front & Back Clock designed by The Wrong Objects.The Front & Back Clock is powered by 2...
    Pencil Chair by Judith Delleman
    Pencil Chair by Judith Delleman. She used over 500 Ikea pencils to redesign an old Ikea chair. The...
    Capstan Table
    The Capstan Table designed by British furniture designer David Fletcher, the table is...
    Papervore Coffee Table
    The Papervore Coffee Table($1,950) is made from a single piece of powdercoated aluminum...
    Giant Cushion
    This Giant Cushion(£95) is simply perfect for lounging inside and out.
    Starr X Bottle Opener
    This Starr X Bottle Opener($5.5) mounts on your wall(screws included). Unchanged since 1925....
    Genie Lamp Soap
    Aladdin’s magic lamp soap designed by Chloe Coulson. £7.50
    Sushi Pillows
    Stylish pillows($45-60) look like giant pieces of sushi.
    Minjjoo Childrens Door
    Minjjoo Children's Door, it's basically a small door within a regular door, with its own...
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