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    Fire Kit looks like a Mini Campfire
    Fire Kit is a a lovely table lamp looks like a mini campfire, by 5.5 Designers, available at...
    Charles and Ray Eames Herman Miller DKW chair
    Charles and Ray Eames Herman Miller DKW chair, 1950s. "Black steel wire frame with leather...
    GlowintheDark Toilet Paper
    Bath   /   Comments
    Always popular around this time of year.$8.95.
    Sixties Lamp
    Sixties Lamp by Russia's Maxim Maximov. It is a functional plastic lamp that looks like a bendy...
    eat fit DumbBell Cutlery
    Introducing Dumb-Bell Cutlery, a must for people actively looking to lose weight but not prepared...
    Happy Chopper 747147236
    Who wouldn’t like to chop onions on a cutting board that is smiling at you? Cool
    Iconic Braun Travel Alarm Clock now
    Clock   /   Comments
    A 21st-century redesign of Dietrich Lubs' classic 1990 AB30 clock. From the website:...
    Buttered Pancakes Floor Pillows
    Other   /   Comments
    These stack of pancakes floor pillows designed by Todd von Bastiaans, look like pancakes with pats...
    Split Decision Pie Pan
    Make two sweet halves at once - think apple and blueberry -- to add variety to your dessert...
    Knit Hat With Removable Beard
    Think outside the box that implies it's just for men. Acrylic. $38.
    LimitedEdition Carbon Fiber Bathtub
    Bath   /   Comments
    Handmade in Salzburg, Austria.Edition of 51. Watch the movie, here. Apply to: office@corcel.eu...
    Dyson Hot
    Dyson have unveiled their latest product: the Dyson Hot fan heater, a fan heater. It look like...
    LimitedEdition Demi Assiette Broken Plates
    Created by the artist Arman in 1990. "Manufactured in Limoges by Bernardaud, each buffet plate...
    The Walrus Chair by Maximo Riera
    The Walrus Chair by Maximo Riera.
    Defusable Alarm Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    The Defusable Clock is a fully-functional alarm clock that also lets you practice defusing...
    Roll of Placemat and Napkins
    They($28) are made from 100% cotton and come on rolls of 12. That's right, a roll! The...
    Kniggerich Cheat Sheet Placemat By Llot Llov
    Kniggerich Cheat Sheet Placemat By llot llov, photo from charles & marie
    Rhino Chair by Maximo Riera
    The Rhino Chair by Spanish designer Maximo Riera. It will be exhibited at the 100% Design show in...
    Small Bamboo Scoop
    Handmade Japanese-style scoop or watering plants.Handle: 33cm LScoop: 6cm Ø$14.
    Whale Tissue Box
    Painted wood. Handmade. $39.99.
    Book Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    Book Clock by Shokoofeh Z.Dezfuli. You can buy from amazon, but it has terrible...
    readunread bookshelf by Niko Economids
    Store   /   Comments
    Read-unread bookshelf by Niko Economids.
    Inception Door
    You'll find it at architect Armin Blasbichler's home in South Tyrol in Northern Italy. His house,...
    Weed Spinner
    Does it work well?"Turning your cordless or electric drill into a power weeder, this...
    Garlic Rocker
    "This elegant device makes cooking with fresh garlic an effortless and robust experience....
    Belle Air Bathtub Hardware
    Bath   /   Comments
    Designed by Christo Lefroy Brooks. Apply within.
    Sparrow Key Ring with Birdhouse — Just the thing for the person who can never find their
    "All you have to do is remember to do what sparrows do and go to your house whenever you're in...
    Cactus Pouf
    Designed by Maurizio Galante. $725.
    Mini Bamboo Spoon Set
    Other   /   Comments
    A set of 3 little spoons made of bamboo. 2 flat spoons and one round spoon. • Small spoon 8 cm...
    Survival Cord Belt
    Wear your potentially lifesaving design in plain sight. "Should an emergency survival...
    The Mouse Hole
    The Mouse Hole - "the cutest wall sticker for home and office ever!" Cool!
    Pyrenees Sofa
    Designed by Fredrikson Stallard
    Cuckoo clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    Retro tick-tock chirps modern in asymmetrical white wood composite under hi-gloss burnt orange...
    PAS House Skateboard House
    The PAS House is the project of a private residence, to be built in Malibu, California. In this...
    Curt Deck Chair
    This deck chair called Curt, by Bernhard Burkard. It is simply!"This deck chair is attractive...
    LimitedEdition BathBoat
    Bath   /   Comments
    A 2005 design by Wieki Somers. 77" L x 33" W top/39" W bottom x 24" H....
    Comfy Cargo Chair by Stephan Schulz
    Comfy Cargo Chair by Stephan Schulz."An open structure of hollows that allow the user to fill...
    hardback book lamp
    Hardback book lamps by Philip Hansen(etsy seller).
    The link Kitchen Tool
    It’s a moulded piece of soft silicone with a couple of X-shaped slots that let you insert any...
    Arms Chair
    Arms Chair by Oleksandr Shestakovych."arms chair is always ready to welcome you in its embrace...
    CustomMade Millennium Falcon Bean Bag Chair
    Made by Woouf! measures over 8 1/2 feet long, was created to tie-in to Adidas’ line of Star...
    Giraffe Lamp
    Pixel Time Wall Clock
    Clock   /   Comments
    The Pixel Time clock is really old-school, with monochrome graphics. Probably in a 80’s...
    Coil Lamp
    Craighton Berman’s DIY Coil lamp kit is a light kit includes the laser-cut acrylic frames,...
    BBQ Briefcase
    Fire up a feast with this portable, grill-side case of 20 stainless steel utensils topped with...
    Sewing Kit Wall Sticker
    This way you can place the elements just as you like and create your very own pattern to...
    OnTime Wall Clock 3min
    Clock   /   Comments
    This On-Time Wall clock from Italian clock maker Diamantini & Domeniconi can perpetually give...
    SASAN Magic Carpet
    Sasan Magic Carpet can be folded and contorted into various shapes and configurations of usable...
    long form library
    Store   /   Comments
    If you remember that we have reported a rocking bookshelf design? Today etsy...
    Read your Books Shelf
    Store   /   Comments
    Designed by Eva Alessandrini and Roberto Saporiti for the Italian furniture design firm Saporiti.
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