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    An Honest Trailer for Kong Skull Island
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    An Honest Trailer for 'Kong: Skull Island'
    German Man Sets New World Record for Carrying 29 Beer
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    A new world record has been set for carrying mugs of beer in southeastern Germany.
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    7 Things You Probably Didn  t Know About 286999144279119750
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    "We’re celebrating another 30th anniversary this week, with SPACEBAAAAAALLLLLLLS! Watch out,...
    Sony s New RXO Action Camera
    Looks like a GoPro, but it isn’t. This is Sony’s RXO, a compact action camera that...
    How to Make the Hors D oeuvres Sandwich from Back to
    Video   /   Comments
    "Rodney Dangerfield made a career on thumbing his nose at social mores, making sexual advances...
    Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7 Explained
    Video   /   Comments
    Game of Thrones S7E07 Explained
    Despacito Calculators Played On Two Calculators
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    Despacito but it's played on two calculators
    Bread Bag Alignment Chart
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    This bread bag alignment chart by Aurelian Rabbit.
    Cellphones Make People Flaky as
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    Cellphones Make People Flaky as #%@*
    Star Wars The Last Jedi Has A New Droid BB9E
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    It looks like we will be seeing a new Droid later this year when the new Star Wars The Last Jedi is...
    HeMan and Skeletor Do a Little Dirty Dancing in a Hilarious TV Commercial for
    Video   /   Comments
    He-Man and Skeletor Do a Little Dirty Dancing in a Hilarious TV Commercial for MoneySuperMarket...
    Good Vibes hooks
    These hooks come with good vibes. Cool design!
    How Missing Title Card Information for Night of the Living Dead Put Zombies Into the Public
    Video   /   Comments
    A quick look at George Romero's feature debut and the copyright issues that shaped the zombie...
    What If We Built a Road Around the World
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    "What if we constructed a road around the world that connected most of Earth's continents? It'd be...
    Nervous Reporter Reluctantly Picks Up a Brown Brain Shaped Blob From a Vancouver
    Video   /   Comments
    Martha Perkins, editor-in-chief of the Vancouver Courier in British Columbia, very tentatively...
    The Sound of Australia
    Video   /   Comments
    Musical world map, the sound of Australia
    Kids Try Frozen Desserts from Around the World
    Video   /   Comments
    Kids Try Frozen Desserts From Around the World
    Tempura Udon Noodles by Jun s Kitchen
    Video   /   Comments
    Jun Yoshizuki of Jun's Kitchen, his latest cooking demonstration, Tempura Udon...
    100 People Share Their Biggest Pet Peeves
    Video   /   Comments
    100 People Shar Their Pet Peeves
    BlackBerry KeyOne Black Edition Lands In The US
    The BlackBerry KEYOne Black Edition was recently launched as an exclusive in India. Now the...
    VR throwback Duck Season arrives September 14th
    Relive the NES classic 'Duck Hunt' with a dash of warped horror.The studio has announced...
    Translucent PS4 Controllers
    Sony has announced a new set of DualShock 4 controllers for the PlayStation 4. They are inspired by...
    Lightning Strike In Canada
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    Extreme Close Call Lightning Strike In Canada
    60YearOld Life Hacks Put To The Test
    Video   /   Comments
    60-Year-Old Life Hacks Put To The Test
    InstaGif Camera A Polaroid Style Camera That Prints Handheld GIF Images
    Coder and designer Abhishek Singh has created the InstaGif Camera, a Polaroid style camera that...
    How to Get Kids to Eat Vegetables
    Video   /   Comments
    New Zealand dad, Jordan Watson, demonstrates how to convice kids to eat vegatables by becoming one...
    Elon Musk Shares Video Of A Hyperloop Pod Speeding Up To 202MPH In NearVacuum
    Video   /   Comments
    This is a first person POV video shared by Elon Musk of a prototype WARR Hyperloop pod speeding up...
    Hilarious Destiny 2 Live Action Trailer
    Video   /   Comments
    Cool live action game trailer. It features guns, explosions, puppies, Nathan Fillion, and oh so...
    Star Wars Stormtrooper Electric Shaver
    That’s why there are Star Wars products EVERYWHERE online today, including this Stormtrooper...
    Timelapse Sculpt the Night King
    Video   /   Comments
    Timelapse Sculpt and Airbrush of the Night King!
    Ridiculous editing
    Video   /   Comments
    Jacksonville Florida WAWS FOX30 news coverage of a carjacking.
    LEGO Unveils 7 541 Piece Millennium Falcon Set
    LEGO has unveiled their largest and most detailed set yet, an incredible 7,541-piece Star Wars...
    How to Draw a Perfect Circle Freehand
    Video   /   Comments
    3 hacks and techniques
    Landing In Strong Winds
    Video   /   Comments
    Storm Doris that impacted Ireland, the UK and the Netherlands on 23 February 2017.
    Simon s Cat in Scratch Post
    Video   /   Comments
    Scratch Post - Simon's Cat
    How to Learn Anything Quickly
    Video   /   Comments
    "My name is Mike Boyd and I make videos documenting my process of learning stuff as quickly as...
    The Targaryen Wolf A Tribute to Jon Snow s
    Video   /   Comments
    Tbilisi, Georgia video editor David Garuchava of The Garo Studios has created “The Targaryen...
    HeatActivated Color Changing Hair Treatment
    Other   /   Comments
    This is an ad for and demonstration of Pranava's new heat-changing hair treatment, Vivid Moods...
    Chernobyl Two Days in the Exclusion Zone
    Video   /   Comments
    Drew spends a few days in one of the most irradiated—and misunderstood—places on Earth.
    A Bull Riding CoreStrengthening Exercise
    Other   /   Comments
    This is the Rodeo Boy, a device that not only looks like an expensive sex toy, but can probably...
    Guy Spends 481 Hours Beating The Super Mario Maker Level He
    Video   /   Comments
    This is a video of Twitch streamer and Youtuber Failstream finally beating the nightmare level he...
    Logitech Craft Keyboard
    Logitech has unveiled a very interesting flagship wireless keyboard that should grab the attention...
    Irish People Taste Test American Pancakes
    Video   /   Comments
    "Stop eating it so I can have the rest."
    The Best Fails of the Week 188657381981404859
    Video   /   Comments
    Fail Army presents a collection of funniest fail videos that hit the Internet during the last week...
    Reporter Left Terrified by Virtual Reality
    Video   /   Comments
    Richard Arnold is left terrified after trying the virtual reality simulator at The Shard in London.
    Timelapse Captures Dramatic Flooding In Houston
    Video   /   Comments
    A timelapse video from Exavier Blanchard captured the impact of flooding that has swept through...
    Apple will unveil the next iPhone on September 12th at its new
    News   /   Comments
    Apple has announced it'll be holding its annual iPhone event on Tuesday, September 12th. It'll be...
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