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    Joey Angerone creates a 'One Baby Band' with his adorable 9-month-old son.
    Lego Dance by Annette Jung
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    Michael is doing the Lego dance. Lego animation by Annette Jung, using only LEGO bricks.
    Gif drink 932257501
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    Google Unveils Chromebook Pixel Laptop
    Today Google unveiled its new Chrome OS laptop, the Google Chromebook Pixel. It is designed to...
    One Woman A Cappella Disney Medley
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    Heather Traska, 17 years old in the high school, and make this video in her free time.
    Cartoon characters put into real world
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    The "Paper Children" by Lowra is a series of cut-out cartoon characters put in the real...
    Monkey Kit Flexible Tablet Positioning System
    The Monkey Kit, which includes a MonkeyTail and vacuum dock, is a hands-free tablet stand. The...
    Rollin Safari
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    Rollin' Safari directed by Kyra Buschor tells the story of a crocodile's attempt to attack...
    Bubble Bursting in Extreme Slow Motion
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    The video of high-speed footage of soap bubbles detonating in mid-air. The Slow Mo Guys used...
    A Blonde and a Great White Shark
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    This year on Valentine's Day, celebrate the love we have for the natural world around us. Join...
    Hong Kong Apartments shot from above
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    Human rights organization Society for Community Organization recently commissioned a series of...
    What Is The Universe
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    What Is The Universe? [ Youtube ]
    The Ted Remix
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    This is a remix of the movie Ted."Ted is one of those movies that just doesn't get old. The...
    Circular scooter
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    The cool scooter developed by Swiss Cycon features new geometrical form. Unlike from common...
    Fullytransparent cell phone
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    The Taiwan division of the U.S. Polytron Technologies has claimed to have developed a...
    Odd banknote origami
    Lyon-based photographer Philippe Pétremant has created a series of odd portraits, called...
    Ink Transfer
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    This is a material exploration of a multi-layered process using printer toner, and maps to create...
    Michael Jordan Top 50 All Time Plays
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    Michael Jordan Top 50 All Time Plays, Cool 
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    Cool earth painting! By Erik Olson.
    Riot Simulator stunning pixels
    Video game director Leonard Menchiari  and a small team of Italian developers are working...
    Sandwich Art
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    David Laferriere is a illustrator and an awesome dad. He has been drawing stuff on his kids'...
    Google Glass project
    Google has just released a video which shows off the UI for its Glass project."Want to see how...
    HTC One
    HTC unveiled their new flagship Android smartphone, the HTC One. With a sleek...
    3Doodler World s first 3D printing pen
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    Have you ever just wished you could lift your pen off the paper and see your drawing become a real...
    Dachshund  Retriever Dog Stylus for iPhone iPad
    "Dachshund & Retriever shaped stylus for iPhone and iPad, with the dog's nose being the...
    My Cat s Decision Making Tree
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    My Cat's Decision Making Tree
    Sharetapes are physical cards that contain NFC chips and QR codes so they can play mixtapes on...
    Ubuntu Tablet OS Unveiled
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    Canonical introduces the Ubuntu tablet interface, which will compete with Android, iOS, and Windows...
    A feral cat hunts birds
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    Clip from BBC documentary series Earthflight showing a feral cat, wild descendant of a domestic...
    Epiphany onE Puck can charge your phone
    The onE Puck by Epiphany is a mobile power generator that can be used like a coaster for your hot...
    Surface of the Sun As You ve Never Seen It
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    This extraordinary video looks back on the 3rd year of operation of NASA's Solar Dynamics...
    Flyboard Coolest Water Jet Pack
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    Flyboard is a water-powered jet pack that propels the wearer up to 30 feet in the air. Film made by...
    The Vibrator has Flash Storage
    The Duet by Crave is a waterproof vibrator with up to 16GB of flash storage. Yes, it is a sex toy,...
    Coin Rolling On A Treadmill
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    Here is an hour worth of footage of a coin rolling on a treadmill...
    Name That Space Rock
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    With the recent meteor/meteorite news, illustrator Tim Lillis of Narwhal Creative...
    The Dildo Maker by Francesco Morackini
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    The Dildomaker is a pencil sharpener-esque device that shaves an object into the shape of a...
    Winter Free Running Ice Parkour
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    rofessional free runner Ronnie Shalvis on ice and snow. Cool!
    Super Mario on the Moon
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    Super Mario on the Moon, created by greatskybear.
    Creepy Mannequin Guitar
    "With this, you can perform your guitar skill on the stage with a hot babe holding in your arm....
    Danger of death
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    Heart disease 467/1, All accidents and injuries 1,656/1, Intentional self-harm 8,447/1, Assault by...
    His hair
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    I saw this photo one minute... Haha
    Gif eating
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    Meteorite crash in Russia Video of meteorite explosion that stirred panic in Urals
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    Meteorite explosions in the skies of Russia's Urals region has sparked panic in three major cities....
    Liam Neesons  Bruce Willy
    Video   /   Comments
    Two men grow increasingly excited as they discuss their favorite movie stars, Liam Neesons &...
    Mirror In The Forest
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    To record the reactions of wild animals, photographers Xavier Hubert-Brierre and Michel Guiss...
    Vampire Threat Levels
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    Vampire Threat Levels by illustrator David Soames.
    Huge wave
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    Australian surfer Marti Paradisis rides a wave near Pedra Branca Rock, south of Tasmania in the...
    Group wedding ceremony on Valentine s Day in Lima
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    Group wedding ceremony on Valentine's Day in Lima, Peru on February 14, 2013.
    Moveo electric scooter folds up like a luggage
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    The MOVEO electric scooter is developed by Hungarian non-profit Antro Group. The folding...
    GlowintheDark Bike
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    A couple hours of sunshine and you'll be glowing all night.Adds a whole new layer of meaning to...
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