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    Pooleaf Grass Leaf Pen
    These grass leaf-shaped pens, called the Pooleaf, available in 3 different shade, give you the...
    Beautiful Bryce
    Video   /   Comments
    Bryce Canyon is one of the most beautiful National Parks in the US and I had the pleasure to shoot...
    Anyone Can Scale This Building
    Other   /   Comments
    If you're in East London anytime before August 4, 2013, you can climb these walls without fear of...
    Macro TimeLapse of Flowers Growing and Blooming
    Video   /   Comments
    This is a beautiful time-lapse video of seeds growing into plants and flower blooms! The video...
    Adidas soccer ball by Maxim Bykov
    Sport   /   Comments
    The Adidas soccer ball by Maxim Bykov is simple, but excellent.
    Physical Facebook Fan Counter
    Tech   /   Comments
    Fliike is the first physical Facebook Fan (or "Like") counter specially designed for...
    Cabina peg holder
    Tools   /   Comments
    Keep your laundry pegs within reach and your wash line playful with the cabina peg holder, which is...
    Army Men Erasers
    Other   /   Comments
    Mustard's humorous War on Error is a six-pack of green soldiers erasers look like the...
    How to build a heart researchers are trying to grow new
    Tech   /   Comments
    How do you make a working human heart? Scientists can turn stem cells into beating heart cells, but...
    Madeleine is a Smell Camera That Captures
    Designer Amy Radcliffe has developed an odor-capturing "camera" based on technology...
    Giant Walking Pod Robot has roofmounted solar panel and wind
    Scott Parenteau, a commercial welder, made this mammoth walking pod inspired by his love for...
    Cracked Chiropractor Commercial
    Video   /   Comments
    Rhett and Link made this commercial for Ryan Lee Chiropractic Center. Lord...
    Hyperrealistic Beached Whale
    Pic   /   Comments
    Belgian art collective Captain Boomer has created this art installation - a life-size, 17-meter...
    Cats are liquids
    Pet   /   Comments
    Adorable cats in glass containers and socks.
    Portraits of Men Wearing Their Girlfriends
    Pic   /   Comments
    Spanish photographer Jon Uriarte had a brilliant idea for a photo series. Portraits series of men...
    Midnight Sun
    Video   /   Comments
    Midnight Sun: A natural phenomenon occurring in the summer months north of the Arctic Circle and...
    Pic   /   Comments
    How big is the ocean
    Video   /   Comments
    While the Earth's oceans are known as five separate entities, there is really only one ocean. So,...
    Teacher wears same outfit for 40 years
    Other   /   Comments
    Dale Irby recently retired after 40 years as a physical education teacher at Prestonwood Elementary...
    Champion Oona Kivel  Demonstrating Strength And Flexibility
    Video   /   Comments
    World pole dance champion Oona Kivelä demonstrating strength and flexibility moves on stall...
    Socks Made with Carbonized Coffee that keep your feet
    The Atlas sock is a performance dress sock made from cotton, polyester and carbonized coffee....
    Graeme Obree unveils the Beastie bike
    Bike   /   Comments
    Beastie, made from kevlar and fiberglass, might be the fastest bike ever - 83 miles per hour! The...
    Typewriter parts turned into swallows
    These swallows are made from assembled typewritter parts by artist Jeremy Mayer.
    Gif weird cat
    Pic   /   Comments
    weird cat.
    The Arsehole Gene a genetic mutation that conditions their
    Video   /   Comments
    "After years of investigation, a group of European scientists had discovered that the vulgarly...
    Homemade Remake of Star Wars  Death Star Trench Run
    Video   /   Comments
    Watch homemade the Death Star Trench Run Scene in ‘Star Wars’, starring Chris Hardwick...
    Piggy paper clips from Ruche
    Piggy paper clips from Ruche
    Ultimate Weird Japanese Commercials Compilation
    Video   /   Comments
    A compilation of weird Japanese commercials!
    Robert Gill Arizona Cardinals 25MPH treadmill
    Video   /   Comments
    Rung on the treadmill at an insane 25MP.
    3D latte art
    Pic   /   Comments
    These amazing latte art designs by Japanese artist Kazuki Yamamoto are made on coffee foam, even...
    Recyclable bicycle helmet
    Sport   /   Comments
    Paper Pulp Helmet is a kind of low cost, recyclable, bicycle helmet made from waste newspapers.
    Amputee Prosthetic Leg Made With Lego Bricks
    Toy   /   Comments
    Watch Christina Stephens—a practicing occupational therapist and clinical researcher who lost...
    A Russian Rocket Just Exploded Over Kazakhstan as It
    News   /   Comments
    At the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan a Proton-M rocket with DM-03 upper stage, carrying three...
    Victor Oladipo wears Google Glass to NBA draft
    Video   /   Comments
    Victor Oladipo wears Google Glass to NBA draft.
    Apple iOS 7 Has Already Been Jailbroken
    News   /   Comments
    Apple iOS 7 is currently available as a beta for developers, Apple will release the final version...
    3 hours in a helicopter flying around Southern New Zealand
    Video   /   Comments
    "These are some of the Aerial rushes from a TVC we were shooting in Southern New Zealand....
    Handibot A Portable CNC Machine
    Developed by ShopBot Tools, the HandiBot is a portable CNC machine. Use it to cut, machine,...
    Recycling How a Used Bottle Becomes a New One
    Video   /   Comments
    Go inside a bottle factory to see the technology that turns used glass into new bottles.
    Google Street View Trekker Camera Now Available To
    Video   /   Comments
    The Google Street View Trekker Camera pilot program allows third parties to borrow Google’s...
    Magic Automaton
    Video   /   Comments
    What sorcery is this? Swedish artist Per Helldorff made this cup-and-ball automaton called The...
    3D Printed Cast
    Called the Cortex, the 3D printed cast pictured above is a concept and prototype designed by a...
    Surveillance Cameras Wear Party Hats for George Orwell  s Birthday
    To celebrate the 110th birthday of George Orwell, surveillance cameras in the center of the city of...
    Amazing bead chain experiment in slow motion
    Video   /   Comments
    These beads seem to levitate, defy gravity and jump out of the beaker.
    Gif Peace
    Pic   /   Comments
    Bubble Football Algund  Bubble Sports
    Sport   /   Comments
    Bubble Football looks fun! (Thanks Tip)
    Dress Moves and Glows When Someone  s Looking
    Fashion designer Ying Gao brought in robotics designer Simon Laroche to help create (No)where...
    Humans Are Awesome
    Sport   /   Comments
    People Are Awesome, they are brilliant in comparison to all other living beings.Music: Time by...
    How Aspect Ratios Have Changed Over Time Because of
    Video   /   Comments
    John Hess traces the evolution of the screen shape from the silent film days through the widescreen...
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